Information about car insurance: the benefits and what to look out for!

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Your vehicle can be used without a motor vehicle liability insurance not be admitted. Yes, the range of liability insurance is huge. Fully comprehensive, Partial coverage, Liability insurance, No claims classes - Anyone who owns a car or wants to buy one should be familiar with these terms. They play an important role when deciding how to insure your own car. The car has to at least liability insurance so that it gets approval. In the following we introduce the most important terms:

Liability Insurance:

In the event of damage, liability insurance (as the name suggests) mandatory. She pays for the damage caused by the caused accident at a other wagons, on people, on objects, on animals, etc. originated. Because the liability insurance is compulsory, the legislator wants to guarantee that the repair costs not from the opposing driver must be borne who is not to blame for the damage incurred.

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Full and partial coverage:

The Full and partial coverage is an additional component of motor vehicle liability insurance. Here's the damage on your own car even in the event of an accident for which you are responsible, taken. With fully comprehensive insurance, however, the entire damage to your own vehicle is covered, even if it was your own fault. In the case of partial comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, only certain damages (Glass damage, for example) taken over on your own vehicle.

Accident scratch report Cost estimate Information on car insurance: The benefits and what to look out for!

No claims class:

In the no-claims class, the amount of vehicle insurance depends on how length You have driven your vehicle without an accident. Here you have the opportunity to be upgraded to a better no-claims class for every year that you accident free have driven. Accordingly, you pay one lower amount for car insurance. If you have an accident, you will go to a higher level and pay a higher amount. In order to keep the cheaper level, it is worth paying the damage yourself in the event of a minor accident. There are also insurance companies that a Damage or similarno upgrade let go.

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Take out car insurance - the only liability insurance!

The insurance companies have accept every customer as every vehicle owner needs liability insurance. An exception is given if the customer has paid contributions in the past owes, general financial difficulties has, is the insurance for a specific occupational group or has a place of residence outside of the business area. Incidentally, only very few car owners in Germany have simple liability insurance. The reason for this is that liability insurance only makes sense for cheap and old cars. This is especially the case with vehicles that already have defects or no longer look beautiful on the outside.

Partial and fully comprehensive insurance: what is important?

While through liability insurance Damage caused by the driver to other vehicles, property and people are covered, in the case of partial coverage also to the own vehicle for damage through no fault of one's own, the costs taken. These include storm damage (such as hail), vehicle theft, floods and storms (Here, however, the damage is only taken over from wind force 8), Broken glass, marten bites, accidents caused by wildlife or fire and short-circuit damage. Compared to fully comprehensive and liability insurance, there is here no no-claims class. It means that no gradation occurs when accidents have occurred and no upgradeif the driver remains accident-free.

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A fully comprehensive insurance is a All-round package, in which a partial comprehensive and liability insurance already contain are. Furthermore, the policyholder does not pay the repair costs for their own car, even in the event of an accident for which they are responsible. exceptions form gross negligence such as drunk driving. In the case of fully comprehensive insurance, damage caused by vandalism is also borne by the insurance company or even if it was the cause of the accident Hit and run committed. Comprehensive insurance is particularly worthwhile for expensive vehicles. In Germany, the majority of insured vehicles have a value of more than 15.000 euros and many have one on it Comprehensive insurance completed.

Car insurance: what to look out for?

Below are some tips on vehicle insurance and which services are particularly beneficial here:

  • Liability insurance: For a small surcharge, it is recommended that the Coverage to increase. This can be increased to 50 or even 100 million euros. Damage to this extent is rare, but not excluded. If there is still a major damage and the insurance does not pay, you are left with the costs. Liability insurance includes extras that can include a rental car or international protection. This can save nerves and money.
  • Liability and fully comprehensive: With the clause,Loss repurchase“The insured person has the option of repaying the corresponding sum up to twelve months later after a claim has been settled by the insurance and thus reversing or preventing the downgrading of the no-claims class.
  • Partial coverage: If you have a excess then you save on the annual contribution amount. The contribution can be significantly cheaper if you only pay an amount of 150 euros out of your own pocket.
  • Partial and fully comprehensive: In the event of gross negligence, the insurance companies offer one Featureto waive a cancellation or reduction of the sum insured. This is very important, because otherwise it can happen if, for example, you drive at a red light and cause an accident and get less money.
  • Partial and fully comprehensive: Just a few weeks after purchasing a new or used car, the value of the vehicle is massively minimized. If an accident happens, there is less money. The ,,New value compensation“Ensures for about 12 months that the damage is covered by the insurance based on the purchase price will be paid.
  • No claims class: After many accident-free years, you can only pay part of the original sum insured with a high no-claims class. It is therefore worthwhile to calculate what will be more expensive after the accident. Either you pay for the current damage and can continue to benefit from the better no-claims class, or you activate the insurance and, if necessary, accept multiple downgrading of the SF classes. There is for this on the Internet various computerswho can calculate exactly what will be more expensive for them. If you had to accept a downgrading of the no-claims class at the end of the year.
  • Supplementary insurance: In the event of personal injury, liability insurance only pays the accident victim's damage, such as Loss of work or compensation for pain and suffering. The additional insurance “driver protection” for the person who caused the accident will cover any additional costs.

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