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Car purchase, car subscription & leasing in direct comparison!

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Up until now, there have only been a few options for owning a new car. On the one hand there is the classic one Purchase of a new car that Car leasing or the Purchase of a used car, which is the most widespread variant today. Recently, however, another option has turned out to be an interesting offer, the Car SUBSCRIPTION. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this variant and for whom is it suitable? Here is some useful information on this topic.

Acquire a car

Statistics show that more and more cars are being registered in Germany every year. However, very few have the necessary capital to buy a new car. However, this lack of capital is necessary in order to be able to buy a new or used car. A purchase has the advantage that the purchased vehicle is in your own possession transforms and none further costs are incurred by the buyer in relation to the acquisition. The disadvantage of direct acquisition is that the capital employed is tied directly to the new vehicle and can therefore no longer be spent on other consumer goods.

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In addition, private investments can usually no longer be made immediately. And after a certain time, the workshop costs and the susceptibility to possible damage also increase. This can of course be circumvented by using the vehicle again after a while verkauft will. In this way, part of the money paid can be recovered. The problem with a sale, however, is this depreciation of the vehicle. Every year, every kilometer driven and every little quirk ensures a lower sales price.

Take out a car subscription!

The car subscription has not been on the German market for that long, but it is already enjoying a large one popularity. The concept behind this is that a customer subscribes to a car for a certain period of time rent can and in addition to the fee for use, has no further running costs. At the beginning the customer has the choice between different terms. The most common variants are 6 and 12 months. Depending on the provider, a Free mileage package can be selected and added. Almost all costs for the vehicle are already included in the subscription fee containwhich is one of the great advantages of the model. Thus, the customer must none Think more about insurance or taxes. The loss of value, the maintenance and repair costs and the registration of the car are also no longer a headache. The vehicles are also modern, always up to date and in line with the latest trends.

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And the car subscription also includes all-electric models, because the trend in Germany is of course of increasing importance. Thus, the user of a car subscription has the greatest possible flexibility when it comes to the choice of vehicles. After the desired period of use, the car becomes simple returned and another can be selected. A long term bond is should not necessary. Thanks to the car subscription model, the dream of a new car will also be affordable for people who do not have a large budget.

Sign a lease

The leasing contract for a car represents a kind of rental contract for vehicles. However, this variant has some special features. One of these special features is the one to be performed Special payment / deposit. Also often have to Transfer or freight costs to be paid by the customer. The leasing installments are paid monthly over the entire duration of the lease. When it comes to runtime, however, there is a big difference to the car subscription. When leasing, the terms are usually between 36 and 48 months, whereas the runtimes for the car subscription are with 6 to 12 months, lie significantly shorter. This gives users of the subscription model greater flexibility, including when it comes to financial planning. Leasing is particularly interesting for the self-employed, as these leasing costs can be made taxable.

Borrow a car and drive on Sale and Rent back Sale and Lease Back Financing Rent-back sales Car purchase, car subscription & leasing in direct comparison!

There are also various options for leasing Payment. There is about one Kilometer leasing, for which the kilometers ultimately driven are billed. A driver who drives more kilometers than contractually stipulated in advance will be charged a certain amount in retrospect count have to. On the other hand, the driver is usually rewarded for having driven less than previously agreed and in this case receives a certain amount back. Another type of billing is that Residual value leasing. However, there is a risk here that the residual value of the vehicle at the end of the contract is lower than originally agreed. This also leads to additional costs at the end of use.

Every user has different preferences

Each offer has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is not possible to give a general answer to the question of which model is ultimately the best for the respective user. The various models have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages Car purchase:

  1. The vehicle becomes personal property
  2. No ongoing financing costs
  3. Tuning / modifications are possible

Disadvantages buying a car

  1. high, one-time exposure
  2. Loss of value must be taken into account
  3. Repairs costs
  4. low flexibility


  1. manageable, flat-rate costs
  2. Start-up capital is not necessary
  3. short and flexible terms
  4. modern vehicles
  5. no costs for taxes, insurance, etc.
  6. capped maintenance costs

Disadvantages Car SUBSCRIPTION

  1. no transfer of ownership
  2. financial risk if you lose your job
  3. sometimes high total costs
  4. hardly any tuning / modifications possible

Advantages Leasing

  1. monthly, calculable load
  2. Possibility of purchasing the vehicle at the end of the term
  3. wide range of modern vehicles

Disadvantages Leasing

  1. Depending on the leasing model, the loss in value must be taken into account
  2. much longer binding than with a car subscription
  3. financial risk if you lose your job
  4. hardly any tuning / modifications possible

What future prospects does the car subscription model have?

For many young people, the trend is moving away from owning their own vehicle. This is mostly due to the fact that ever greater flexibility is desired in life, which also includes the car market. If you sell your purchased car again one day, this is usually always accompanied by a loss in value. Because young people in particular do not want to be tied to a car for long Car sharing Offers, especially in big cities, are becoming increasingly popular. A Car subscription is car sharing very similar, as there is no hourly or daily use, but rather via one Period of 6 to 12 months.

Leasing Car Financing Return Car purchase, car subscription & leasing in direct comparison!

The advantage of a subscription over leasing is that no deposit must be made and the running times are shorter. Since the vehicle can already be exchanged for a newer model after a term of six months, the subscription model is particularly suitable for flexible drivers. Such a vehicle change is with leasing, in such a short time, not possible and in car sales, even after six months, major losses can be expected. At the end... Ultimately, everyone has to weigh up which model is right for them. All costs of the acquisition and the running costs should be weighed against each other in order to see in the end which is the cheapest option.

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