Special features of the insurance of an electric vehicle!

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insurance electric car e vehicle fire accident Special features of the insurance of an electric vehicle!

Most of them are breaking new ground with the purchase of an electric car. This also applies to the Featuresto consider when insuring such a vehicle. One Motor vehicle liability insurance is also absolutely necessary here. With factors like Type and regional class, The No claims discount and the annual mileage is there though no differences and the no-claims discount can, as usual, also when changing the insurer "taken away" will. When concluding an insurance contract, however, it is crucial that the Accumulator and the rest Electronics are also insured. After all, the battery is one of the most important components in an electric vehicle and it requires special insurance because of its enormous value.

An e-car without a battery is worthless!

insurance electric car e vehicle fire accident battery e1637824117426 Special features when insuring an electric vehicle!

You prefer a Comprehensive insurance completes, which has automatically included the battery. However, it should be noted whether the Current or new value the battery is replaced in the event that it is used. We strongly recommend fully comprehensive insurance, as electric cars are usually younger and more expensive than a comparable vehicle with a petrol or diesel engine. Some insurers also offer that Disposal costs to take over the battery in case of damage. Normally, the vehicle owner is responsible for properly disposing of a damaged battery. T. is associated with considerable costs.

Up to 20.000 euros for consequential damage!

The vehicle owner should also be aware of which damage to the battery is covered by the insurance and which does not. Some damage, such as B. a marten bite, a fire or overvoltage can result in consequential damage with insured should be. Anyone who has insured consequential damage up to an amount of 20.000 euros should be on the safe side.

insurance electric car e vehicle brand e1637823975444 Special features when insuring an electric vehicle!

Electric cars burn no more often than conventional cars, however, the fire fighting may turn out to be significant more difficult. In particular, if the battery is damaged or affected by fire, it can reignite itself over a certain period of time and thus requires extensive storage of the battery - or even the whole vehicle - for cooling in a water bath. It is reassuring when the extinguishing process and the subsequent storage as well as the disposal of the contaminated water are covered by the insurance.

Do you need further insurance?

No less important than the insurance of the battery is the insurance of the charging infrastructure. Charging cables and in-house wall boxes should be insured against theft, vandalism and operating errors. After all, a new wallbox can easily cost over 1.000 euros, depending on the type and properties.

insurance electric car e vehicle Special features when insuring an electric vehicle!

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