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Insuring an electric car - you have to consider that!

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2021 Lunaz Bentley S1 Elektromod 10 insure electric car you have to pay attention!

In contrast to the classic combustion engine, electric cars are designed completely differently. For this reason, the insurance companies have also switched to special ones E-car tariffs to create, because the battery alone does more than one third the vehicle value. In order to adapt to these circumstances, the tariffs are sometimes difficult to understand. tuningblog tries to help you and answers the most important questions!

E-car -> special insurance?

For the Liability insurance is what drives the car irrelevant, as there is only liability for damage to other vehicles. In addition, comprehensive insurance makes a difference at first can not be between gasoline, diesel or electric drive. But you should take a closer look at the included insurance benefits, because additional benefits that are important for e-cars can either included in the basic tariff be or as bookable Extras to be available. The structure of the offer is sometimes difficult to understand, which makes it much more difficult to compare tariffs.

VW ID.4 GTX electric SUV tuning 3 electric car insure you have to pay attention to this!

What must be included in the insurance tariff for an e-car in any case?

The most serious damage to an e-car usually affects the Accumulator or the complete powertrainbecause the battery alone represents a third of the vehicle's value. Because of this, are Short circuit damage or Consequential damage from marten bites particularly expensive. Until a few years ago, this damage was usually capped at a sum of 5.000 euros, which meant that the car owner was largely left with the damage. Fortunately, many insurers have made improvements and are bidding 10.000-20.000 euros as the maximum for short circuit and marten damage in their tariffs.

Marten protection Antimarder spray Marten shock Marderschreck 4 Insure an electric car You have to pay attention to this!

Another important insurance factor should be protection against damage caused by overvoltage be. A lightning strike in the vehicle, for example, can do this. Therefore, that should also be part of the service. The Charging stations and cables Be insured against theft and damage in order to exclude this cost factor as well. In principle, therefore, the tariff offer must be read carefully and missing insurance elements booked in addition.

All-Risk Coverage for the Battery?

With some insurance companies, a All-risk or all-risk coverage for battery damage can be booked. However, the basic tariff should be read carefully, as many components of the all-risk cover are often already covered there. It only really makes sense to book if many components are missing. Because damage caused by design errors, chemical reactions and wear and tear is also ensured by the all-risk cover can not be from. In addition, premature battery wear and tear and decreasing battery performance are almost always covered by the manufacturer's guarantee.

One benefit of all-risk coverage is insurance against damage caused by it incorrect operation, for example the Deep discharge of the battery, which can cause serious consequential damage. However, many manufacturers claim that their battery management systems make such an operator error almost impossible. In any case, they should Costs such additional protection and its scope must be observed. If you have an increased need for security and are considering all-risk coverage, then you should not pay more than 20-40 euros in addition, because these inexpensive covers contain all the important and required elements.

A cover letter should be booked

Especially that tow away e-cars is much more difficult than it is the case with vehicles with combustion engines, since electricity is produced in an e-car via the drive axle. In the event of improper towing, this can lead to short circuits that can permanently or completely destroy the battery. The towing costs are therefore significantly higher for an e-car due to the facts to be considered. If you don't want to bear these costs yourself, you should get one Schutzbrief to be booked in the scope of insurance.

towing e auto insuring an electric car you have to pay attention to this!

Is the vehicle's expensive battery automatically included in the insurance?

Except for a very few providers this protection in the basic tariff. Sometimes, however, a Supplementary insurance get booked. You are also against damage from fire, theft, short circuit and storm damage without additional booking covered by partial coverage. With fully comprehensive coverage you would also be against Vandalism and self-inflicted accident damage secured. But as already mentioned, the comprehensive insurance should be high enough to cover all possible battery damage. In any case, this must be taken into account.

Can I also take out used car insurance for used e-cars?

It exists so far no Offer on the insurance market that insures the battery of a used electric car. So far, only Engine, transmission and electrics selectable. However, it can be assumed that such insurance cover will appear in the near future, especially for used e-cars.

Sell ​​a car sale car 2 Insure an electric car You have to pay attention to this!

Which factors influence the insurance price?

  • Type class and regional class
  • No claims class
  • Mileage per year
  • The amount of the deductible (also no deductible possible)
  • Circle of drivers
  • Age of the driver
  • Job
  • Vehicle age (especially important for used car insurance)
  • Value of the car (current value)

An e-car insurance is a must can not be compellingly be more expensive than a combustion engine. Because there are many factors of the insurance price that not related to the drivebut rather look at the driver and the vehicle's value. Besides, the Type class classification a very relevant factor, because if a few drivers cause damage with the corresponding vehicle of the class, the insurance is automatically cheaper. Since the group of e-car drivers usually does not include novice drivers, low prices are to be expected here, so that sums below the insurance level of combustion engines are possible.

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