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Surprised by the storm - hail damage to the vehicle

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hail damage car bump in storms Surprised by the storm, hail damage to the vehicle

Storm are just as much a part of it in summer as the outdoor pool and barbecue But unfortunately there are always heavy thunderstorms or even thunderstorms with storms, heavy rain and also Hagel. Such storms are increasingly causing severe damage. In addition to the house and garden, your own car is also at risk of damage from hail. If it happens once and the hail shower has hit the car, it is particularly annoying at first. However, damage from hail will usually occur covered by the insurance. The following guide explains how you should behave if your vehicle is caught in a storm with hail.

Hailstorm - what now?

If you have experienced a thunderstorm with hail, in addition to the special fascination of the natural spectacle, this is usually a danger for your own car. Even if it initially looks as if the hail did not have any dents, you should first wait for the car's paintwork to appear has dried up after the thunderstorm. Some hail damage is quick at first glance, especially for laypeople overlooked. That will be at a later date vehicle sales or at the Lease return especially annoying and yourself negative to make noticable. Therefore, to be on the safe side, take the car after a hailstorm from an expert or a workshop (paint shop) to get a check up.

hail damage car thunderstorm bulging 3 Hail damage to the vehicle surprised by the thunderstorm

Appraisal appointment after hail damage

If there is an appointment for a vehicle appraisal due to hail damage, the vehicle should be checked before the appraisal gewaschen werden. Because it is special on a dirty vehicle difficultto discover the smallest dents and bumps. In addition, the vehicle documents must be kept ready. In this way, the vehicle value and the costs can be compared directly. If the hailstorm has hit an entire region, it is usually through insurers Collective appointments offered for assessment. In order to shorten long waiting times, some insurers offer a so-called Hail scanner at. The vehicles are driven one after the other through a large scanner, similar to a car wash. The vehicles are measured by the scanner and the data is evaluated directly. Usually the repair is commissioned directly on the spot.

hail damage car dents in storms expert Surprised by the storm, hail damage to the vehicle

Repair of damage caused by hail

The cost of a repair after hail damage depends on the type and extent of the damage. If the paint is not damaged, it comes Press or glue technology for use. In the Printing technique the dent is simply pressed from the inside out, in Adhesive technology a dent is covered by adhesive pads and pulled out. Has the paint been damaged, but it is paintwork necessary. If the windows have been damaged, one or more windows on the vehicle may need to be replaced. However, minor damage to the windscreen can usually be repaired without replacing it.

Hail damage - when is the danger?

Damage from hail usually occurs in early summer. If warm and cold air masses meet. Most of the hail days have always occurred in the past June or July. The most expensive hailstorm to date in the history of motor insurance also raged on a July day. In 1984, every third car in Munich was damaged by hailstones the size of a tennis ball. Strong hailstorms from history:

  • Munich hailstorm (July 1984): Balance: 230.000 damaged vehicles and approx. 1300 million euros in damage
  • Cologne hail storm (July 1994): 140.000 cars damaged, 450 million euros in damage
  • Tief Hilal near Krefeld (June 2008): 215.000 cars affected, a pity: 600 million euros
  • Tiefs Manni and Norbert (June 2013) in the Hagen area: 190.000 vehicles, approx. 400 million euros in damage

And a look at the long-term statistics shows that the number of hail damage to vehicles is increasing. The forecast of the GDV even says an increase due to storm damage to vehicles Up to 7% up to the year 2040. From 2041 to 2070, experts even calculate an increase of around 28 percent.

Provision in case of risk of storms

In order to avoid hail damage in the first place if possible, the vehicle should if possible when a thunderstorm lifts subordinated become. Garages, underground garages or carports offer protection. Canopies, underpasses or bridges also offer protection from hailstorms. If all of this cannot be achieved quickly or is not available, special Hail protection mats To remedy the situation. These prevent severe dents by slowing down the hailstones. Ceilings over the vehicle have also prevented or at least prevented some damage from hail weakened. It is also a good idea to use weather apps to keep an eye on the weather. In addition to hail, storms also pose further dangers to the vehicle, house or even your own life.

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