Insurance: the annual mileage exceeded! What is happening?

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Insurance additional kilometers

Buying new car insurance or switching to another provider is often a stressful process. The various insurance companies would like to collect details from you regarding the vehicle, driver, place of residence, garage, marital status, age of all drivers and also the annual mileage. Compared to the other points, the last one is one the mostimportant. If you drive a lot, you naturally pay a higher premium because of the risk of accidents higher is. Depending on the provider, people who rarely drive a car can save money with liability insurance or fully comprehensive insurance. But don't be tempted to give false information in this regard.

Car insurance: What are the consequences if I drive more kilometers than stated?

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If you cause an accident in the course of this, with an expert inspecting the car and noticing the incorrect information, reaching into your wallet will be all the more expensive. Since you are underinsured at this point in time, the provider can even pay out the damage amount as part of the fully comprehensive insurance refuse or at least reduce it. And the insurance company can reclaim part of the sum insured if it has to pay for the damage caused to the other party in the accident as part of its liability. But don't worry, a few hundred kilometers are usually not a problem. In the four-digit kilometer range, however, you can be sued for incorrect information.

Auto Insurance: Does a Few Hundred Miles Make the Difference?

Certainly, a few hundred kilometers can slightly affect the price of the policy. However, you should always keep in mind that you are always obliged to provide honest information. And since the insurance companies do not calculate exactly one hundred percent, but to a certain extent mileage, it is also not worth choosing the cheapest tariff. Usually it is information like 10.000, 15.000 or 20.000 kilometers a year. In such a case, it doesn't play a significant role whether someone reports/drives 16.000 or 19.000 kilometers. And if you already have one No-claims discount owns, then the difference between two kilometer classes is almost irrelevant. Car insurance - information on the change in your mileage: You are required to take out insurance moving or changing jobs report if this changes the mileage. This can then become more expensive or cheaper for you.

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Car insurance termination due date money

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