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New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

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Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar 2 New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

What is worthwhile for me? New car lease or im Sub to order? What are the differences between the well-known car leasing and the new subscription models? When is which model worthwhile? We all have Advantages and disadvantages at a glance! As an alternative to the classic buying a car that offers itself Leasing or the Subscription model on. Because: not everyone wants to buy a new car or the young used one directly. But what is one anyway Car SUBSCRIPTION and what is the difference to leasing? With the Auto Abo, a new way of attending a new car or young used cars to come without having to buy the vehicle right away.

All-inclusive flat rate for the car

You can use the car subscription like a All-inclusive flat rate see. You pay one fixed monthly amount, which except for the Fuel costs covers everything. Insurance, taxes and also the maintenance of the vehicle are included in the monthly rate the eingeschloss. The subscription can be concluded quickly and easily on the Internet, whereby the amount of the monthly amount to be paid depends on the vehicle model, equipment and mileage, varies.

Car subscription 3 New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

Just like with leasing, the vehicle user has one monthly set mileage available, with the difference that they are also available in the subscription model put it down or up can be, according to your needs. However, you should plan at least 160 euros per month for the car with a subscription. Tip: Keep an eye on the equipment. Almost every car can be huge in price distinguish, depending on the chosen Motorization and equipment.

more equipment = more costs

If you don't value a lot of horsepower and a lot of technical helpers, you can do this here saved a lot of money will. In contrast to leasing, the period of use for a car subscription is clear Kurzer, depending on the provider, this can be between one and six months lie. Also a Change of vehicle within the usage period is possible with many providers. The car subscription can commercial or private be used. An individual configuration is not possible, this is what the selected vehicle usually stands for rinse are available.

BMW X5 Timeless Edition G05 Tuning Alcantara 7 New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

How does car leasing work?

The Leasing of a vehicle represents a Alternative to buying or financing on a loan. For the use of the car on a agreed period the lessee pays one Monthly Rate. Maintenance, care and any repairs are the responsibility of the lessee to carry yourself. In most cases the leasing period is between two and five years. Advantages are the low acquisition costs and that the user will switch to a new model at the end of the term can switch.

Leasing Car Financing Return New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

So the driver only pays for them use and must also have the Do not bear loss of value. Kilometers leasing and residual value leasing are the two variants of car leasing. The name already gives it away, with kilometer leasing it becomes one Mileage set. Too many kilometers driven will end up being be invoiced and too few kilometers are driven credited.

Back payments are the rule with residual value leasing

The Residual value leasing sets the value of the vehicle at the beginning that it should have at the end of the leasing period. If the car is returned, an appraiser determines the value. If this is above the value agreed at the beginning, the lessee also receives here money back. In most cases, however, the value determined by the appraiser is under the previously establishedso that the difference from the lessee to pay back . Important: The lessee is allowed to drive his vehicle just visit contractually stipulated workshops and no structural changes on the vehicle. A premature termination The leasing contract is very difficult to enforce, usually high Compensation or compensation.

The car subscription - advantages and disadvantages


  • Full cost control (everything except fuel is included in the monthly rate)
  • No high acquisition costs
  • Large selection of new vehicles
  • Maximum flexibility through short running times and change options
  • No long waiting times, vehicles are usually available immediately
  • Quick and easy subscription, mostly fully digital
  • Possibility to test which car is the right one for you
  • Depreciation does not matter
  • Possible purchase option after the end of the term


  • Possible starting or registration fee
  • Low free mileage allowance
  • No vehicle ownership, only rental
  • Possible minimum age
  • The vehicle cannot be configured
  • Closing with a negative Schufa is usually not possible

Car Financing Leasing Difference 2 New Vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

Car leasing - advantages and disadvantages


  • Hardly any repairs needed
  • Vehicle change after the end of the term
  • Always a modern car
  • Little or no prepayment
  • Conservation of equity
  • Leasing installments are tax deductible for commercial businesses


  • The car remains the property of the leasing company
  • Possible special payment at the beginning or at the end
  • Restriction of use through limitation of kilometers
  • Possible additional payment upon return
  • The scope of insurance can vary
  • Cannot be terminated early
  • Maintenance and care must be observed

For whom is a subscription-based car worthwhile?

If you set no It is important to own a vehicle, but instead prefers flexibility and mobility, it pays off Car subscription. There is no need to worry about registration, insurance or taxes, or about maintenance and repairs. With the monthly amount are all costs, except fuel, are covered and you don't have to fear expensive surprises. Anyone who only needs a vehicle for a certain period of time for professional or private reasons is with one Sub well advised. Another advantage is that you can also opt for a higher-priced vehicle or new drive technologies to test them out.

Rent a car subscription tuning e1590142123862 New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

Those who like to change the car and try new things can clearly use the car with the subscription more often and uncomplicated Change than when buying or leasing. That too Rent of vehicles that have been converted to meet the needs of the disabled is possible if you are temporarily dependent on a wheelchair.

For whom is car leasing worthwhile?

Thanks Planning security and fixed monthly rates, leasing is worthwhile for private individuals who do not plan to use the vehicle for more than three years. With different terms, such as 12, 24 or 36 months, you are flexible. If you opt for kilometer leasing, the value of the vehicle on return is the same not significant. The leasing company bears unforeseeable risks. Since only the use of the vehicle is paid for, the rates are often günstiger than in finance. But then you also own the vehicle can not be .

Auto subscription tuning blog logo New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

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Car subscription from Renault and Vivelacar 310x165 New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

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Auto ABO 2 310x165 New vehicle? Lease or do you prefer the car subscription?

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