So the leasing bargain is still expensive!

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Brabus Smart EQ Fortwo Racing Green Edition 2021 Tuning 1 This is how the leasing bargain is still expensive!

Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are currently quite cheap and easy leased will. However, the supposed leasing bargain can also be expensive, as there are actually always hidden costs. Looking at the various portals for Car leasing once around, you discover, for example, a Smart EQ for just 24,99 Euro per month or an Opel Mokka E for 39,99 Euro per month. The best bargains are available for commercial customers and the self-employed. Of course, as a private person, you can also find suitable bargains that are only slightly more expensive and are of particular interest to customers who have previously bought or financed their car.

Hidden costs!

Leasing Car Financing Return This is how the leasing bargain becomes even more expensive!

The base price is often very low and therefore very tempting. It must be noted, however, that there are also costs for EXTRAS and an often high fee for the provision of the car. Furthermore, the state share of the environmental premium must first of all out of pocket get paid. In general, however, the overall cost is still attractive. At least if not at the end of the leasing period the rude awakening is coming. Those who lease a car on a regular basis probably know what's going on. Namely a car dealer or a leasing company that looks very carefully.

Small damage suddenly becomes expensive!

The car is a commodity and naturally also has minor signs of wear after use, such as a small scratch on the bumper or a tiny stone chip on the fender. These normal signs of wear can suddenly become expensive. Sure, it is a matter of discretion for the car dealer, but in principle any damage, no matter how small, is more likely to be interpreted to the detriment of the customer. Especially when it also becomes apparent that you are not planning a follow-up contract.

Consult a lawyer in the worst-case scenario!

Often at the end of the lease one will be three-, if not one four-digit amount requested. This amount can possibly rise even more if, for example, one more kilometers when it was agreed. You can now accept or discuss this, but if the worst comes to the worst, a lawyer should be consulted. Note, however, that this is done again Costs caused.

Tips from ADAC for returns!

Before the car is returned, it is advisable one Gutachten to have created. However, if the car dealer does not agree with this report, he may also have an appraisal drawn up. But there will always be independent reviewers the same result come. Another tip is that you can get one or more Witnesses to the date of return. In advance should also Photos be made by the car. Both from the outside and from the inside. Before signing the defect report, you should take your time and read everything carefully. It is also worth making verbal agreements holds on.

Is one in the lease Residual value clause should be checked whether the fair value has not been made beforehand was set too high. If this is the case, this part of the leasing contract becomes inadmissible. So in case of doubt, one Lawyer or expert consult. If a new car is used as a means of pressure, it should be made clear from the outset that the dealer cannot demand any dubious additional claims for the return.

Leasing return end of leasing return car This is how the leasing bargain becomes still expensive!

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Leasing Return End of leasing This is how the leasing bargain becomes even more expensive!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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