Leasing, buying, subscribing in Switzerland: which solution is the best?

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Buying a car is one expensive investment. If you do not have the necessary equity, you have the option of leasing a car or renting it for a few months subscribe to. While the deals on Car subscriptions the more things around it also improve. A subscription today offers a increased cost transparency and more Flexibility than a few years ago. Both the Car subscriptions as well as the long-term oriented Leasing or the cash purchase each car have their own First Name and Disadvantages .

Swiss Leasing Association: The subscription model is growing in popularity

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In Switzerland recorded the private auto leasing market significant growth, even if this growth is due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic was braked. That's why the online bank Swissquote announced at the beginning of December that they will also be in the future Leasing business will get in. One is planned Cooperation with the American company Tesla Motors. The Swiss Leasing Association (SLV) according to the increase in the volume of consumer leasing fell in 2019 especially high out. In relation to new vehicles, there was an increase in the credit volume by 9 percent detected. The average loan amount in 2019 was thus 34.500 francs per car, based on newly leased cars. The general rule is that between 30 to 75 percent of all new cars in Switzerland Leasing contracts financed. The proportion depends on Car brand and Model.

The cheapest option is the cash purchase

Will a car be in Bought cash, the cash payer usually receives a clear Discount. However, this variant is only worthwhile from one Holding period from above six years. This is due to the enormous depreciation of the new car within the first three years. From a financial and ecological perspective, the sale is worthwhile two until three years under no circumstances.

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An old saying goes: "If you drive from the yard, the car is only worth half". And that's not entirely wrong. That's why efficient companies rely on the Cash purchase instead of leasing. This is also confirmed by the SLV figures: Around 80 percent of 2019 leases be of Individual Data Protection claimed. The remaining 20 Prozent fall under the category Commercial property.

Regarding availability and fleet size
there are big differences

Depending on Subscription provider the selection of vehicle models and their availability differ significantly. So some providers are only on few locations settled and have a small fleet. Others, however, are more often represented. Most providers stand out short notice periods from that often just one month be. A big advantage is that Cost transparency. Because here fall no additional costs apart from Treibstoff or Current. Everything else is already included in the subscription price. The monthly Flat fees vary depending on Car subscription, provider and vehicle model. On average they are between 300 and 2.000 francs per month.

According to TCS are Car subscriptions useful for people with one regular incomeeither for a limited period of time on a car reliant are or every now and then another car Want to drive. This is how the dream of the Convertibles for the summer without long term Commitments realize.

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According to the TCS, an average of 15.200 kilometers are covered annually in Switzerland. So this compared Autoscout24 online portal the cost between Leasing and Car SUBSCRIPTION. This comparison found for one VW Polo with 15.000 kilometers per year. While the lease payment 208 francs at first glance günstiger works, they can interest with a short one Holding period higher the Ausfall. In effect, this is a total 600 francs a month the Leasingwhile it was Car subscription CHF 570 for 12 months are.

However, the comparison should be treated with caution. Because the Road traffic tax, insurance premium and administrative costs differ depending on the holder canton. The car subscriptions seem more expensive because they are expensive Additional expenses not are included. Therefore must when comparing lens be compared. Otherwise, it's like comparing apples and pears. Therefore offers Autoscout24 since summer 2020 one "Beta" comparison for Car subscriptions at. Nevertheless, this comparison currently enables no hard cost comparison.

Hire purchase car financing

More expensive than that Leasing, as well as that Subscription model, is the buying a car mittels Personal loans. The interest on such a personal loan is at Migros Bank 4,7 percent annually - for a good debtor. Means Crowdlending leads over Lend.ch is a interest rate 3,5 Prozent possible annually. However, they are Personal loans in the present Phase of low interest rates expensive and therefore for the buying a car not to recommend.

Leasing should support technological change

Business with the expensive ones Electric Cars from Tesla is for Swissquote very promising. The most striking change in sales of new cars in 2019 was in the Electrical and Hybrid vehicles recorded. The Leasing offers one in this area special advantage for the customer: through leasing first experience be collected with the new technology. Because development does not stand still, which is among other things in the improved battery technology manifests.

Leasing car financing return

This can be especially true for electric cars Leasing be useful. Older electric cars have already lost a lot of their value. It's because of the fast technological advancement like the battery power and the Reach. In Germany the electric car is due high premiums and his environmental friendliness an appealing alternative. So when you buy one you have to new electric cars possibly with one high discount count on the Resale accrues. It is different with Leasing contract. Here is that Resale Risk the Lessor.

Although that Leasing technically particularly attractive is, it is often that most expensive variant. Because in leasing, the Disadvantages rental fee and property. Monthly must the Debt interest be settled while at the same time the Maintenance of the car. In addition, the car must have the Lease period away fully comprehensive be insured. You can also return the vehicle additional costs for Additional kilometers or repairs attack. Ultimately, only then is there a right of first refusal on the car if this contractually stipulated at a hunt.

Lease return end of lease

At first glance, they are particularly attractive low monthly leasing costs. However, they are effective Leasing costs in the end mostly three times as high like the specified conditions. Because Taxes, Insurance and Maintenance are in Lease interest selten contain. However, there is also Full leasing offers like amag. The as Leasing plus designated service is since Beginning of June 2020 offered. In this "Starter" leasing package are all Service- and Upkeep for the period of the leasing contain.

Car subscriptions are particularly popular

The Car SUBSCRIPTION bridges a gap between Short-term rental and long term Leasing. At the same time, more and more providers are vying for the customers' favor. Carvolution, Clyde, Clarify and Flatdrive from Swissbility AG are well-known providers of such car subscriptions in Switzerland. Especially carvolution emphasizes that the car subscription is a Alternatives zu buying a car and Leasing should represent.

The companies that Car subscriptions offer, are therefore not in competition with Short term rental like mobility. Instead, both the Maintenance as well as the Insurance already included. Unlike the Mobility solution it is necessary to find a parking space yourself. Car rental companies are now showing how Hertz and Sixt Interest in Auto subscription market.

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The way food is SSB now offers a subscription that is a combination of Public transport subscription and Auto represents. It is about that SBB Green Class subscription. With this subscription, customers have access to all means of transportthat relates to the current situation necessary are. This is a Fixed price raised that different depending on the term fails. In this fixed price are Service, vignette, tire change and Taxes as well as the Insurance already included. Additionally also have insurance like that Axa expressed their interest in their own offers and that Upto offer set up. In addition, the Furniture insurance of the Carvolution AG an amount of 50 million francs made available to expand the fleet.

At the end...

The subscription model is particularly worthwhile in three cases:

  • If only the car a few months should be driven.
  • When every two years I want a new car.
  • When it comes to yourself as possible little care to have to.

Car subscription, leasing, cash purchase - the comparison

Car SUBSCRIPTIONLeasingcash purchase
with you?
Service / Repair
with you?
Transfer Taxes
with you?
Admission costs
with you?
tire change
with you?
Refueling / charging
with you?
Liquidity buyer /
The tenant remains
Contract terms?1-36 months12-60 months-
Model change
Fully comprehensive
Selection from
stay free
stay free
Kilometer limits
/ Additional costs
✓ / ✓✓ / ✓X

¹ purchase option possible; ² A free service may be included at the beginning. Source: nzz.ch

Should the car, however be individually designed and gefahren will be until it Lebens career reached has, then it is cash purchase the cheapest Option. In order to get around ecologically, above all, is a combination of Velo, public transport and Carsharing the best approach.

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