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A rental car on vacation? Watch out for the cost trap!

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Rent a car abroad Cost traps 1 A rental car on vacation? Watch out for the cost trap!

Many vacationers use one on vacation Rental car. As with many other things, you can also do this here avoid unnecessary costs. When vacationers want to see more of the people and the country, they often need a rental car. But caution is advised, because if the rental car is booked on site, it can be quite good expensive become. For example, this is currently the case in Spain, where rental car prices are very high. Here tourists often get caught in one Cost trap. Because there can be high costs for that Exceeding inclusive kilometers that you have not considered. Find out how you can save money on a rental car here.

Rental car on vacation

Rent a car abroad Costs 2 e1625040251191 A rental car on vacation? Watch out for the cost trap!

The first step is that you have your rental car already before the vacation rent. If a vehicle is booked with a German rental company or agent, there is no need to struggle through contract terms in another language. If something goes unplanned during the rental, the German landlord or agent can take care of it. Next, you should look at the Rental periods to be flexible. One day rental for a vehicle is 24 hours. If you are a little flexible about this, you may be able to save the cost of a full day.

Pick up with a full tank, return with a full tank!

And you should be customer friendly Fuel regulation respect, think highly of. It is best to always “full-to-full”. That is the optimal tank regulation. So you get a full tank at the beginning of the rental period and have to return the car with a full tank. So you can get high lump sums by filling up with the landlord saved become. In addition, there is no need to reach a specific tank level on return.

Reserve fuel gauge fuel needle fuel A rental car on vacation? Watch out for the cost trap!

It is best to fill up the car before dropping it off and, if in doubt, lay it down the receipt in front. And they need insurance for rims, tires and glass in order to be protected against accidents large and small. Preferably one Fully comprehensive insurance with theft protection without excess. The buzz of liability insurance should at least 1 million EUR. Since windows, rims and tires are most often damaged, you should definitely insure them.

Unlimited kilometers?

It is also important to make sure that the usable kilometers unlimited are. This is usually the standard abroad, but if this is not the case, make a rough estimate beforehand how many kilometers you will drive. This is difficult in advance, but exceeding the included kilometers is often billed at high costs.

Leasing Return End of car mileage A rental car on vacation? Watch out for the cost trap!

Extras for the rental car should also if possible previously get booked. Extras are about Child seats. Provider costs can vary widely. In Mallorca, for example, these cost 50 euros to 80 euros per week. It can happen that the cheapest provider with the desired extras suddenly becomes more expensive than the previously second or third cheapest provider. The same applies navigation devices. Many holidaymakers feel safer in an unfamiliar area, but landlords always ask for one for GPS surcharge. But thanks to the end of roaming charges within the EU, your own smartphone can use Google Maps & Co. to free Become a navigation device.

Total must be broken down!

At the end of the booking process, the Total Price, i.e. the price for the car, all extras and insurance. You should pay attention to this when booking, otherwise high prices on site Additional Costs can threaten. Watch out for hidden costs in an upgrade to a higher vehicle class. When booking, it often happens that the desired vehicle is no longer available and the provider offers a free upgrade to one higher vehicle class suggests.

Rent a car abroad Cost traps 3 A rental car on vacation? Watch out for the cost trap!

Before you take on such an offer, you should pay close attention to whether there are any additional costs. The last thing you should do before receiving the rental car pay attention to existing damage. While it does take some time, it's worth it as damage not previously noted can fall back on you. She should insist that undetected damage to be entered by the landlord. You should also insist that all damage is noted when it is returned.

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