Scratches on the lease car? No obligation to pay!

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There are now a number of options that come into question when purchasing a new car. A cash purchase, Car SUBSCRIPTION, the Financing or the Leasing are the most common models. Anyone who leases a car usually returns it to the lessor after the contractually agreed lease term. Here, however, it can happen that the customer subsequently has to bear more costs than expected - for example, if the lessor wants to have the damage paid to the car. The question then arises which assumption of costs for the customer compulsory is. Generally speaking, a leased vehicle is appropriate Signs of wear and tear may have. The vehicle no longer needs to look as good as it did when the lease was signed.

Scratches on the lease car

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But which signs of use are acceptable? Minor quirks on the fuel filler cap or on the door handles and minor marks from stone chips are examples of this. Signs of using a car wash or minimal dents on the doors and rear side panels are also acceptable. That's why one protector to avoid these flaws is not mandatory. However, has one disproportionately high wear and tear of the vehicle has taken place, the situation is different. This means traces and defects that would not have occurred in the context of normal vehicle use. The relationship between the age of the vehicle and the mileage, which are decisive for the condition of a car, can be used as a guideline.

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It must be emphasized at this point that the lessee in such cases not for repair has to pay. Rather, he must Depreciation of the vehicle because of the above-average wear. The shortcomings are seen here as a whole - it is to record and assert the defects individually. However, the lessor is in the assessment of damage in terms of average or excessive wear and tear in the obligation to provide evidence. In this case, he must have a substantiated expert opinion drawn up, which shows the lessee the existing defects in connection with a Overuse clarified. Simply naming the lessor's expert as a witness in the assessment is not sufficient.

Opportunity for an independent assessment!

Lessees also have the opportunity to register in advance independent assessment obtain from experts. This allows them to rule out risk factors to avoid surprises. Specialists who are familiar with leasing redemptions are particularly suitable for this. If necessary, such a professional can also take over the return of the vehicle to the lessor. There is also additional assistance that can be used to avoid unexpected cost claims. If defects actually exist as a result of above-average use, these must be recorded in the return protocol, which must also be signed by the lessee. At best, they are supplemented with image material.

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