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What is important for car insurance in winter!

de Worauf es im Winter bei der KFZ Versicherung ankommt! German

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Will the tire change overrated? Lots of drivers don't take the issue that seriously, but in winter you should exclusively be on the road with winter tires in time. If you don't convert your car for winter, you run the risk of problems with your insurance, protection is no longer guaranteed and that can be really expensive! Tires that do not match the road conditions in the cold season have an effect negative on insurance out. If the cold snap did not come out of the blue, but has been cold and icy for some time, it can be assumed that there may be complications from snow and slush. Of course, the policyholder's liability insurance steps in and regulates the damage suffered by the victim, but it cannot be ruled out that the driver who consciously drove without winter tires could pay 5000 euros (to ) has to pay.

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Furthermore, the comprehensive insurance may only partially cover damage and damage to your own vehicle. Also at Accident victims Inadequate, illegal tires could be problematic. If it can be proven that the victim's tires favored the accident, for example because it increased the braking distance enormously, the victim must expect to be part of the costs. The damage is no longer completely reimbursed by the motor vehicle liability insurance, but only a certain percentage of it. What is uncomfortable is that this can be noticeable in the case of personal injury, namely when it comes to the topics "loss of earnings","Pension payments"And"damages“Goes.

You can expect points and fines!

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There is in Germany no generally applicable winter tire requirement for a defined period during the cold season. However, the road traffic regulations dictate how cars should be covered with frost on slippery roads, slush and black ice, as well as ice and frost. This corresponds to a winter tire requirement, according to the situation in winter. If you don't follow these rules, you have to go a point in Flensburg and of course one fine the rechner. If the police catch a driver who drives with summer tires in winter, he must pay at least 60 euros. Who then endangers the traffic by using the wrong tires or even just hampers them and an accident is the result, then the fine will be even higher, up to 120 Euro! In addition, a fine of 75 Euroswhen the Holder he accepts that his car will be moved without winter tires on black ice or snow.

Take a look at the tire labeling!

Tire labeling Explanation Numbers What is important for car insurance in winter!

All-season tires and winter tires with the well-known M + S (stands for mud and snow) met the requirements of the legislature until a few years ago. But after a long transition period that has changed: Tires with a production year from 01.01.2018 are considered winter-compliant if they have the M + S marking have, but also that Alpine symbol. The reason for this is that only tires with the Alpine symbol meet the American standard for winter tires. It is a globally recognized test procedure. Now applies: Tires that were manufactured by the end of 2017 and that only have the M + S marking can still be driven until the 30.09.24 deadline, in winter conditions. However, there are only a few all-season tires and winter tires omnipresent in traffic that only bear this mark. Both markings have been on the tire sidewalls for years.

Also note the speed index!

The maximum speed that is allowed when driving with winter tires also has high priority. This corresponds namely not always the top speed of a car. Here you have to know that winter tires are softer than summer tires. If you drive faster than allowed, you accept that the carcass (= the supporting structure) will heat up and the tires may burst as a result. Therefore, even the insurance company is active and recommends that its members ensure that when changing tires in the workshop that the maximum speed is noted on a slip on the dashboard or that the electronic display of a car is set accordingly and warns the driver. It goes without saying that in this regard the size of the tires corresponds to the size as defined by the vehicle manufacturer.

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