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Tuning the Bosch Performance CX drive system?

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Bosch Performance CX drive system tuning e1610630327203 Tuning on the Bosch Performance CX drive system?

In this article you will learn everything about tuning Bosch Performance CX motors. We not only explain to you how you can get more power from the engines and which ones Benefits that involves tuning, but also explain them all to you risks and possible penalties. Therefore, first our advice on what can happen.

E-bike tuning: possible consequences / penalties

e bike tuning chip computer e1610287596544 Tuning on the Bosch Performance CX drive system?

For pedelecs and E-Bikes there is an individual approval. You are exclusively then from Insurance and License plates freed when the engines only up to 250 watts Perform and a maximum speed from 25 km/h enable. The engines can of course get more performance. According to the road traffic regulations, they must provide their assistance from a speed of 25 km / h on public roads but cancel. Will the engine manipulated, can do that with Fines or Free heating withdrawal be punished. There is also a loss of license or barrier as a punishment permitted. S-Pedelec drivers are allowed up to 45 km / h to drive fast. To use the S-Pedelec on the road, you also need a valid one Driver's license, one Insurance and one Helmet.

What happens in the event of an accident?

Cause one with a tuned e-bike Accident, comes none Insurance for the damage and you stick with yours private Capital. You should also note that conventional e-bikes can not be for these extremely high speeds designed are and become one increased wear and tear can come.

E bike tuning Accident tuning on the Bosch Performance CX drive system?

Performance-Line-CX vs. Performance-Line

Despite their dynamic, they are classic Performance line drives rather on the requirements of Commuters, Trekking- and Touring riders designed. The Performance Line CX was made specifically for mountain bikers developed. The engine of the Performance Line still impresses with one minimal resistance over 25 km / h and can as required 65 Newton meters also one 300 percent Provide support, whereby slopes can be easily mastered. And now it starts, what can you do with? Tuning am Performance Line CX to reach?

The Performance Line CX

Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of E-bike motors. The special one geared towards the needs of mountain bikers Performance Line CX drive system is considered to be the company's flagship. The system has a so-called Drive unitwhich specifically for fast accelerations was developed in the field and on climbs. In addition, the Performance Line CX Components such as motor, battery and controls fit together perfectly Voted. Compared to the previous model, the torque increased by 25 percent 75 Newton meter can be increased. With the "Trail Control“Another new feature has also been integrated which, according to Bosch, allows you to master any mountain, no matter how high. This works because the "Trail Control" already supports the driver at low speeds supported. As for the new model, that too Drive housing has been revised, there is more ground clearance available, which means that even impassable stretches can be traveled.

Tuning tools for the Bosch Performance Line CX

Bosch Performance CX drive system tuning 1 Tuning on the Bosch Performance CX drive system?

You can find numerous online Modules, dongle or Boxing for tuning the Bosch Performance Line CX drive system. The tuning tools from RedPed or Speed ​​chip, can be the maximum speed of the motor assistance individual to adjust, without delivering incorrect speed values. This is a clear one Advantage compared to many other systems, which can mostly only outsmart the drive system by pretending to be lower speeds. At Wiesel, ASA Speed or Star TEC is that partly the case. RedPed and Speed ​​chip just recommend an adjustment over 30 km / h around a Deploy of the Tuning detection to bypass. However, there are also providers on the market that offer an increase in support of up to 99 km / h with actual display advertise.

How compatible are tuning tools with different generations of engines?

In principle, the Performance line developed Tuning tools with the new one Bosch Performance Line CX compatible. However, the reverse is true not always the case. Therefore, you should use the compatibility always check carefully.

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