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How do I tune my e-bike? We made ourselves smart!

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10-speed cassettes E Bike Tuning 1 e1610713893943 How do I tune my E Bike? We made ourselves smart!

What types of e-bikes are there? Anyone who speaks of an e-bike today usually means a so-called one Pedelec 25, which the driver with a Step assistance supported by an electric motor up to a speed of 25 km / h. The most widespread group of e-bikes has neither Helmet, registration and driver's license requirement. Even if it is not mandatory, it is still advisable to have one Put on helmet and Take out insurance. In addition to the Pedelec 25, there is also the S-PedelecsAlso Pedelec 45 called. These e-bikes are treated in a similar way to mopeds, the AM driving license class is a prerequisite Helmet and insurance are compulsory. That too! And now for the Tuning.

What is the tuner about?

The E-bike tuning in most cases it is about the Removal of the pedal assistance limit at 25 km / h for a Pedelec 25. According to various public media, are already over a third of all e-bikes illegally tuned, even if they are used on public roads is therefore prohibited. In addition, the manufacturer's guarantee for the engine or the whole bike be affected.

Police E Bike Tuning Speedometer How do I tune my E Bike? We made ourselves smart!

E-bike tuning - how does it work?

Are for driving on private property modified e-bikes but allowed. But how do you go about it? When the specified limit of 25 km/h, switches the motor assistance on a Pedelec 25 ab. Of course, the e-bike can reach even higher speeds with muscle power, but the rider then has to compete against both the higher weight and the motor resistance. Compared to a normal bike, this is much more strenuous. And then there would be that anyway higher dead weight. If the motor drives the e-bike too beyond 25 km / h should support the system played slower pace than is actually being driven.

e bike tuning chip computer 1 How do I tune my e bike? We made ourselves smart!

Here they come Tuning modules in the game. Between the one on the impeller magnetic sensor and a small electronic device is built into the motor control. The controller becomes one suggests slower pace and the step assistance switches on does not start at 25 km / h. This means that even with the Pedelec 25, speeds of over 50 km / h be achieved.

Differences between the tuning modules

Anyone who wants to tune their e-bike basically has two different Opportunities to intervene in the step assistance. The first option is tuning with a so-called Dongle. From a value of approx. 20 km / h, the speed becomes halved. This is how the motor drive switches itself does not start at 25 km / h, but supports the driver up to a speed of 50 km/h. As a direct consequence, however, the speedometer only shows the halved values ​​in most cases. This type of manipulation can only be reversed by removing the dongle and is also quickly discovered. For these reasons, most tuners now use chips, such as those from the manufacturer Speedbox, Polini, Citomerx, VOLspeed & Co.

e bike tuning chip computer e1610287596544 How do I tune my e bike? We made ourselves smart!

Such a chip is installed under the engine cover and invisible between speed sensor and controller clamped. If the system is of high quality, the module can even be controlled via the bike display and switched on and off with a specific key combination. The e-bike can thus be quickly restored to its original condition. In modern modules, even a Bluetooth control is integrated, which is the control via an app enabled on the smartphone.

Which tuning module for my e-bike?

The question of all questions for tuners is which module fits your own e-bike. Most e-bikes are now Mid-engines installed, front-wheel or rear-wheel drives are rarely found. Most of the tuning modules are therefore designed for use with mid-engined engines. In addition to the market leader Bosch among the engine manufacturers are primarily the companies Giant, Brose, Bafang and Yamaha significant. To find the right module, the Manufacturer, type and year of construction from the engine and preferably also the Display type be known. This information can usually be found in the documentation for the e-bike. In many web shops, the e-bike modules are categorized and easy to find by entering the motor type.

The features: For the most common types of engines mostly stand several tuning modules to select. It is up to the user to decide which features are particularly important.

What is important information about the tuning module? What is often stated in the online shops?

  • Real values: The module shows the actual driven speed on and no halved values.
  • Steuerung: How the module is controlled. For example via the display, manually via a magnet or to top it off with an app
  • Display suitable: Specifies the display types for which the model is suitable
  • App control: Indicates that the tuning module can be connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Other possible functions: Storage and display of driving data, tuning control, hide tuning, engine diagnosis, engine lock

Can every engine be tuned, or are there engines with a tuning lock?

With the launch of the new Bosch generation 4 motors, the shock in 2020 was great. Allegedly, this engine technology should be "impracticable". Similar to the engine of the new Corvette C8! A real race broke out between engine manufacturers and tuning manufacturers, which so far the tuning manufacturers have always won. That goes for the Vette but also for the Bosch Gen 4 motors in e-bikes. Depending on the chip and motor, however, different points must be observed. A recommendation provides before switching off always the automated one first System check to be carried out and not to switch off beforehand. The manufacturer's operating instructions must be read carefully here.

Bosch Performance CX drive system tuning e1610630327203 How do I tune my e-bike? We made ourselves smart!

Can I do the installation myself?

In most cases the assembly is easy to do yourself. If you want to install a tuning module from a well-known manufacturer on a common Bosch engine, you have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Removing the crank, Crank puller do not forget
  2. Remove the motor housing cover
  3. Pull out the plug
  4. Clamp the tuning module between
  5. Screw the housing back on, mount the crank and off you go

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