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Which e-bike insurance is worthwhile? Our comparison!

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Also in 2021 are happy E-bikes and pedelecs great popularity. However, as the owner of an e-bike, it is advisable to have a Insurance complete that in the event of a Incorrect operation, one theft or a Fall Provides protection. A large number of providers now offer e-bike insurance. However, the insurance companies often differ greatly in terms of the Scope of services as well as prices. Accordingly, it is advisable to have insurance companies with one another Compare.

E-bike insurance - which one?

Long-lasting, safe and therefore high-quality pedelecs and e-bikes are in the process of being purchased expensive. Such electrified bicycles can easily be used by them 4.000 Euros oder sogar even more costs. Of course, it is annoying if the e-bike is damaged by a fall, the pedelec is stolen or the battery no longer works.

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For these reasons, it makes sense to use a E-bike insurance complete. It is important to know, however, that this is the case can not be is a liability insurance. Liability insurance is for pedelecsthat work with pedal assistance, can not be prescribed, but count E-bikes and S-Pedelecs than motorcycles and have liability insurance .

Pedelecs, S-Pedelecs and E-Bikes - what makes the difference?

Liability insurance is only necessary if it is a S-pedelec acts, since an e-bike is counted as a moped and has motor assistance from up to 45 km / h disposes. Accordingly, for a pedelec with one power up to 250 watts and a support bis 25 km/h none Insurance needed. There is also one with these vehicles no helmet requirement and a driver's license will too can not be second hand. Of course, a helmet is still recommended!

e bike insurance pedelec tuning compulsory Which e bike insurance is worthwhile? Our comparison!

For an S-Pedelec, however, a Insurance indicator, a driver's license of class B or AM, Helmet, a general operating permit and Liability insurance needed. In addition, riding on cycle paths with S-Pedelecs is a must prohibited. E-bikes, well Electric bikes, have no pedal assistance. They work by means of a motor so that the driver no muscle strength must spend. The speed of these vehicles is regulated using the accelerator or accelerator lever. E-bikes are driven at a speed of up to 45 km / h, 25 km/h and 20 km/h offered. According to their maximum speed, the e-bikes are called Small motorcycle, moped or light moped classified. One applies to these e-bikes helmets are mandatory. Also required by law are here a Insurance indicator and approval.

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Driving an e-bike at a maximum speed of a maximum of 25 or 20 km / h implies the presence of a driver's license AM class and may be used from 15 years. A driver's license from class B is for driving an e-bike at a speed of up to 45 km / h necessary. The minimum age for these e-bikes is 16 years.

E-bikes and pedelecs - what features do comprehensive insurance include?

From a conventional one E-bike comprehensive insurance is the talk when it comes to a voluntary or optional Insurance for pedelecs and e-bikes. If an e-bike insured in this way is stolen, costs will be covered or reimbursed in the event of damage or theft. E-bike insurance is offered by a lot of insurance companies these days. The best known are the insurers Ammerländer, Deutsche-Familienversicherung,, Hepster, Getsafe and The scope of services and the tariff determine the protection Burglary, theft or robbery. Are also insured in the Usually also transport, fall and accident damage. Some insurance companies also have insurance coverage for in their scope of services Accessories and Wear damage.

If you want to take out pedelec insurance, it is worth taking a look at Deductible amount and on the Age restriction. It is just as important whether the vehicle is merely national is secured or whether the hedge is also on a international Use of the pedelec. Many insurers also offer insurance cover for explosion, fire, improper handling and battery damage. It is also important to yourself and before an insurance for an e-bike gives an overview of the maturities To provide. Often the insurers offer tariffs with different notice periods. Annual or monthly subscriptions are particularly popular. However, depending on the insurance provider, there are also Short term tariffs possible.

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    I've been driving scooters for a while now and I noticed one thing:
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    • I don't understand either ...
      but after doing some research on my part, I came across this blog entry that explains the whole thing really well:

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