Friday 22nd October 2021

Emission-free: Spin expands sustainable pilot project!

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Spin 1 emission-free: Spin expands sustainable pilot project!

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Since the beginning of the year, only e-scooters with exchangeable batteries have been in use at the Herne location. Spin has now expanded the pilot project: the entire vehicle fleet has been upgraded and is now fully electric. The batteries are stored in battery containers and transported by cargo bike. This makes Herne the first completely emission-free location for the e-scooter provider in Germany.

Spin expands pilot project!

The micromobility company Spin is taking the next step towards more sustainability - and is setting up its entire operations in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia, to be even more environmentally friendly: As part of a pilot project, all the city's existing e-scooters were replaced with new models with replaceable batteries a few weeks ago . From now on, as soon as they need to be replaced, these batteries will be picked up using e-cargo bikes. The empty batteries are then brought to a battery container on the e-cargo bikes from the Berlin company citkar, where they are recharged with green electricity. As a result, the operation in Herne is now completely emission-free.

SPin 2 emission-free: Spin expands sustainable pilot project!

This is a real milestone for the e-scooter provider: “In Herne we wanted to know whether it is possible to make our service even more environmentally friendly,” explains Hendrik Büchner, Country Manager Germany at Spin, “we really wanted one hundred percent Become emission-free and at the same time make the entire operational process much more effective. We did that - also thanks to the great partners that we have by our side. ”No emissions and more effective operating processes

Cooperation with several partners

Spin is working with several partners on this project - for example with the company citkar, whose cargo bikes are used to transport the batteries to the e-scooters and then replace them there. Gasoline or diesel powered vehicles are therefore no longer used, making operation more ecological and efficient. "We are very pleased that we can support Spin with this project," says Jonas Kremer, CEO of citkar, "we think the idea behind it is great and our cargo bikes fit in perfectly with the concept."

Spin 250 E Scooter 4 Emission-free: Spin expands sustainable pilot project!

In addition, Spin is also cooperating with the local municipal utilities in Herne on this project. Stadtwerke is renting a site to Spin that has been prepared by the mobility provider. In addition, they supply the green electricity with which the batteries of the e-scooters are charged. “We were immediately enthusiastic about the idea. Sustainability also plays a central role for us, so we didn't have to think twice when the request came. I am delighted that we were able to contribute our part to the success of the project, ”says Dr. Jürgen Bock, Technical Director of the Stadtwerke in Herne.

is charged with green electricity

Battery containers were installed on the specially set up area, in which the batteries of the e-scooters can be stored and charged with green electricity. Citkar's cargo bike, the Loadster, also finds its place there as long as it is not needed - that saves additional logistical effort. “Our model project has proven to be very beneficial in many ways,” says Hendrik Büchner from Spin. This is precisely why the concept is to be expanded to include other locations in the future: "In the long term, of course, it is our goal to convert all of our locations and thus operate the entire operation with zero emissions," concluded Büchner.

Spin three-wheeled E Scooter Europe emission-free: Spin expands sustainable pilot project!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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