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How To: Tuning E-Bike - Tutorial from!

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Which e-bike model do I have? Which engine is installed? Which is the right tuning module and how do i build it? We will clarify these and other questions in the course of this article in order to give you the best possible information about the topic E-bike tuning to inform. With a modified e-bike, of course NOT be allowed to participate in road trafficthat should go without saying!

Which engine is installed?

At first glance, this question seems relatively simple. The name of the manufacturer is finally present on the motor housing, for example on the Performance Line CX from Bosch. From this there is then different generationswhich can be found out relatively easily using the date of purchase of your e-bike. Since the different engines also have visual differences, the model can also be found out on the manufacturer's website. Let's take the 4th generation Bosch motor, allegedly impracticable, was already four weeks after release der erste Tuning chip on the market.

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How do I find the right tuning module?

When it comes to e-bike tuning it plays der Motor the much more important role than the bike itself. We just have to know which engine is installed, because in the end there is for well-known manufacturer a suitable tuning chip. If Giant, Bafang, Brose or as in our example Bosch engine, each tuning chip is tailored to a specific generation of engines. Means that you need exactly the right chip for your engine type and that you are sure to find it. For our example, the fourth generation Bosch Performance Line CX, there are several modules. As a high-quality variant, these even have Bluetooth connectivity. Important: A good tuning module comes with all connections, operating instructions and, in addition, an operating manual for an eventual App.

How do I mount the e-bike tuning module?

First of all Motor housing be opened. There are for the most part three connections available, the width / size is almost always for the battery and two more Plug. The colors are usually foolproof given by the tuning module. So Mark out, infect and the system is ready for use again and integrated into the electrical circuit. Before everything is put back together, the module has to be stowed in a suitable place and you are done.

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Activation of the tuning module

How do I activate my e-bike tuning module? Let's start with a common module well-known manufacturer out. Switch on the display and you can usually use the Walk button can be switched back and forth. If you press the Walk button once, that's it Tuning activated. Pressing the walk button again sets the e-bike back to normal, cordoned off at 25 km / h, Mode. So you can easily switch back and forth between tuning and normal mode. Depending on the bike and tuning module, the method can of course vary. Often a speed limit can also be switched on. This happens either directly on the display or by turning the rear wheel. What if it should be a module with bluetooth? Then you have to set up the corresponding app on the smartphone.

Set up the app!

The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store, Google Play or directly on the manufacturer's website. After the app has been downloaded and installed you have to take the bike activate. The exact instructions are also available from many providers displayed in the app. A previously assigned Pin can be entered. After entering the pin, several screens are available. As a rule, you can see the driver data from the classic bike display (Average speed, maximum speed, distance, cadence, engine power and other data) and also various top features like that Switching the tuning on and off and Make tuning invisible (on the display it then looks as if the e-bike has not been tuned) or that Lock the engine.

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This then no longer starts and delivers no step assistancewhat also as additional antitheft can be seen. Of course, a potential thief can still take the e-bike with them Muscle strength drive away, but he will not receive any additional support and will probably not get far. More settings like a speed limit, which regulates up to how much km / h the motor should support, one Speed ​​warning And diverse Information about the battery are often part of it.

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Of course, that was far from it. Our tuning magazine has countless other tuning reports for two-wheelers in stock. We regularly deal with the subject of e-bikes, pedelecs and ATV tuning. Do you want to see all articles on the subject of e-scooters, e-bikes, UTV, ATV / quad tuning? Just click HERE and look around. Or is a small extract enough? Then take a look at the following three articles.

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