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Spin sets up 250 e-scooters in the Cologne-Bonn area!

de Spin stellt 250 E Scooter im Köln Bonner Umland auf! German

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Spin 250 E Scooter Spin sets up 250 E Scooters in the Cologne Bonn area!

Spin is kicking off the new year with verve: From now on you can get around in Frechen and Lohmar sustainably and individually with the e-scooters of the Ford subsidiary. The micromobility company is rolling out its offer in Lohmar and Frechen on January 14th and 15th respectively. The cooperation with the cities starts with needs-based fleet sizes: 150 e-scooters are available in Frechen, 100 in Lohmar. "After the North Rhine-Westphalian metropolises, we are increasingly concentrating on the smaller cities. Because here, too, the turnaround in traffic must arrive and offer people alternative mobility solutions“, Says Hendrik Büchner, Country Manager Germany.

250 e-scooters in the Cologne-Bonn area

Spin 250 E Scooter 1 Spin sets up 250 E Scooters in the Cologne Bonn area!

In Frechen, the e-scooters will be available in the Zentrum, Buschbell, Hüelte and Bachem districts. In Lohmar, the Zentrum, Pützrath, Heppenberg, Donrath and Weegen areas will be equipped with e-scooters. When defining the business areas, the cities and the mobility providers agreed that these could potentially be expanded. Of course, always with a view to user demand and the respective traffic concept of the cities.

Alternative mobility offer - with a sense of proportion

Spin pays special attention to clear regulations and framework conditions for an individually adapted mobility offer. In order to achieve this, the company has voluntarily committed to cooperation agreements with the cities. E-scooters should only be brought onto the street where there is really a need. “Our aim is to integrate our micromobility offers into urban traffic in a regulated, conflict-free and user-friendly manner. Our mobility offer should represent a useful addition to local public transport and not an alternative, ”emphasizes Büchner. For this purpose, Spin has drawn up its own regulatory paper with a six-point plan that the company published at the end of 2020.

More flexibility with the "Spin Pass"

During the second half of January, selected cities will receive a new flat rate offer with the “Spin Pass”. Spin ensures even more flexibility when driving a scooter: Users book the desired period in which they want to move around with the e-scooter. You can choose between periods of one hour, 24 hours or even 30 days. After purchasing the “Spin Pass”, any e-scooter in the Spin fleet can be activated and driven an unlimited number of times for the duration of the selected period. The new model offers even more options for getting around safely and individually with the e-scooter in times of the corona pandemic.

Spin 250 E Scooter 2 Spin sets up 250 E Scooters in the Cologne Bonn area!

Aside from the new Spin Pass, which will be available in some cities in the second half of January, Spin is also making the use of its e-scooters in Lohmar and Frechen attractive. There is no unlocking fee in these two cities. The e-scooters can be conveniently borrowed via the smartphone (Android and iOS) in the Spin app. Available scooters nearby are shown on the digital city map. Then the QR code of the selected model is simply scanned and the journey can begin.

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 Spin sets up 250 E Scooter in the Cologne Bonn area!

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