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Spin brings remote controlled three-wheeled e-scooters to Europe!

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Spin three-wheeled e-scooter Europe Spin brings remote-controlled three-wheeled e-scooters to Europe!

Spin today announced an exclusive partnership with software company Tortoise to bring remote controllable e-scooters to North American and European cities from 2021. The company's new "Spin Valet" platform enables Spin's innovative e-scooters to be operated remotely and parked in suitable places so that pedestrians or other road users are not impaired. Spin combines Tortoise's software with the front cameras on its S-200 models. The new technology will also enable users to call an e-scooter to a desired location using an app, for example to get from the parking lot to the actual destination.

The new S-200 scooter: more safety, less work

The first S-200 fleet will be piloted in Boise, Idaho (USA) this spring. The city will receive up to 300 copies of the S-200 e-scooter. For the first time, the technology will come onto the market in the form of a robust, three-wheeled e-scooter, which is suitable for different road conditions thanks to its improved suspension. Three independently acting brakes (regenerative brakes, front and rear brakes) as well as easily recognizable indicators on the handlebars and on the rear wheel ensure a safe journey.

"Until now, remote-controllable e-scooters were a dream of the future. This collaboration marks a real turning point with operational plans to actually get this technology on the road, ”said Ben Bear, chief business officer at Spin, an independent subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. “The advantages of such centrally controllable e-scooters include their reliability, more order on sidewalks and reduced CO2-Emissions and less effort for maintenance and commissioning".

Reparking, charging, requesting: S-200 technology offers many possibilities

After users have finished driving the e-scooter, the operating staff can use the remote control to reposition the scooter at a low speed of up to 5 km / h if, for example, it blocks the sidewalk. A remote-controlled changeover can also take place if the e-scooter has been parked in a place where further use is unlikely. Over the course of the year, Spin will also offer an in-app function with which customers can request an e-scooter in advance or in real time. The operating personnel guide the S-200 remotely to the desired location.

Spin three-wheel e-scooter Europe 1 Spin brings remote-controlled three-wheel e-scooters to Europe!

Over the course of the next year, Spin will explore real possibilities to bring the remote-controlled S-200 to North American and European cities interested in the pioneering e-scooter model.

"We're excited to see our software come to life with Spin, ”said Dmitry Shevelenko, co-founder and president of Tortoise. “Spin has worked tirelessly to build trust with communities around the world. We hope that we can optimize and expand this technology together with cities and transport providers".

The S-200 developed by Spin and Segway-Ninebot has been equipped with the latest machine learning and robotics technologies as well as an advanced navigation system.

"The remote-controllable S-200 e-scooters are based on Segway's robotics technology"Said Tony Ho, Vice President Global Business Development at Segway,"We believe this is the beginning of a significant development that can unlock the full potential of micromobility in practical use. We look forward to this pilot program and a later implementation in the real world".

Spin three-wheel e-scooter Europe 2 Spin brings remote-controlled three-wheel e-scooters to Europe!

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