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With tuning, the e-bike drives 50 km / h without any problems!

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e bike tuning chip computer e1610287596544 With tuning, the e bike travels 50 km / h without any problems!

E-bikes that run at speeds of 50 km / h or more are on the way correspond neither the standard nor the statutory regulations. You have no doubt been tuned and with it illegal. Everything you need to know about tuning e-bikes and what the legal consequences are illegal tuning can have, learn from this article. Yes, first that Key - the legality!

How does it look like? Tuning legal or illegal?

Basically, that is Sales from Tuning sets or Components for the manipulation of electric bicycles in Germany not forbidden. It's like with radar Detectors or the Speed ​​camera app for the car! Also a Tuning itself is not prohibited by law if you pay close attention to where you are get around with the tuned e-bike. While you're on a Private property Being able to travel as fast as you want with your tuned e-bike is in traffic not the case. Tuned e-bikes are legally allowed on public roads or in traffic not participate. Do it anyway, make yourself up punishable and must with high Fines expected.

e bike tuning chip Computer 1 With tuning, the e bike can travel 50 km / h without any problems!

What fines do you have to expect if you take part in road traffic with a tuned e-bike?

Basically, you have to expect substantial penaltiesif you are caught by the police with a tuned e-bike on a public street. You also lose that insurance cover and with that you are traveling without. Even this offense can high fines or imprisonment from up to 1 year have as a consequence. But loss of insurance can also cause financial damage. If you have an accident with a tuned e-bike, you are liable Your private wealth for all damage caused by the accident.

Also keep in mind that you have to drive a two-wheeler which faster and 45 km / h is on the way, another Driving license category need. While for a two-wheeler, what speeds up to 45 km / h reached, a driving license of AM class is enough, you need to drive a two-wheeler which schneller als 45 km / h drives a driving license of Class A1, since according to the law these are already Light motorcycles counting.

What if the police stop me?

If you were told by the police with a tuned e-bike on a public road you may even have to stop with it 2-3 points in Flensburg zusätzlich to a high fine or a imprisonment calculate. In addition, tuned e-bikes lose theirs approval. What the next punishment threatens. Then driving without a valid operating permit usually costs around that 70 Euros and brings you too a point in Flensburg. Then there is also an accident with personal injury real trouble preprogrammed. Yes, now we come to the subject of tuning!

Police E Bike Tuning With tuning, the e bike can travel 50 km / h without any problems!

50 km / h - impossible without tuning

Due to the increasing popularity, there is now a large selection E-Bikes on the market. The so-called pedelecs are the most common variant that occurs in road traffic. Such pedelecs can reach speeds of up to 35 km / h to reach. With the Speed ​​pedelec (S-Pedelec) there is one more faster Variant. These electric bikes reach through that engine support when pedaling Speeds of up to 45 km/h. But pedelecs or S-Pedelecs are none classic electric bikes, because with these models the pedaling power is only provided by the motor supports.

Police e-bike tuning speedometer With tuning, the e-bike drives 50 km / h without any problems!

Real e-bikes, on the other hand, come completely without pedaling power and rather remind us of Mopeds than on bicycles. These models can too without the use of muscle power drive. The driver can Accelerate using the handlebars and the e-bike drives by itself. Just like a moped. There are now 3 types of these e-bikes on the market. These differ mainly in the top speedwhich they can achieve. The models start with one Top speed of up to 20 km / h, the faster variant can drive up to 25 km / h and the fastest e-bikes on the market achieve a Top speed of 45 km / h. E-bikes which are standard 50 km/h or drive even faster there is not anyas these speeds are for e-bikes are not allowed. E-bikes the faster than 50 km / h are on the way, are definitely tuned.

E-bike tuning is made easier than it sounds

Even if you don't know much about e-bikes, you can do them very easily and without much expertise tune. In the trade are already finished Tuning sets available through which the speed of e-bikes can be increased. But how do these systems work? Very easily: With e-bikes, the speed is usually constantly measured and to one controller transmitted. However, once a certain speed has been reached, tuning only results in half the speed measured and the falsified value then to the Controller transmitted. This allows the computer and motor to be outwitted, as the motor believes that it is traveling at a speed of 25 km / h, even though the e-bike is actually already 50 km/h or faster moves. This possibility of E-bike tunings can simply installed and just as easy and quick removed again.

e bike tuning chip computer e1610287596544 With tuning, the e bike travels 50 km / h without any problems!

In addition to this rather simple tuning variant, there is also other options tuning an e-bike. For all other options, however, it is clear more expertise required. Another option would be to make changes directly to the engine by installing special components in order to increase power and torque. Also a complete replacement of the engine is possible, for example against a stronger one.

cb no thumbnail With tuning, the e-bike can travel 50 km / h without any problems!

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