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What you can tune on the e-bike and what it can cost!

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Cycling continues to be a huge pleasure popularity. This is less thanks to the classic bicycle than to the booming one E-bike market. An e-bike that works with a Electric motor is equipped, and on a maximum speed speeds of up to 25 km / h is currently popular. And the speed should be at maximum 25 km / h not enough, there is still that E-bike tuning, right? But what do you have to consider? Yes, really first Important!

When converting using a tuning kit, you have to use the legal . note

Verboten is a remodeling can not be , but such an e-bike is allowed not in public traffic move. The tuned e-bike can only be used on one private land possible. But if you want your tuned e-bike in public road transport you have to use it Tuning set either completely dismantle or permanently deactivate. Regardless of that, you always lose that Warranty by the manufacturer if one Tuning undertakes.

Police E Bike Tuning What you can tune on your E Bike and what it can cost!

These are the risks involved in tuning e-bikes!

Although it is many possibilities the E-bike tuning there are these too with just as many risks connected. That is a risk Loss of guarantee in the event of any damage. Straight through that Increase in speed can it on Electric motor, to the brakes or at the Circuit damage. And if there is damage, the owner has to bear the costs yourself. In addition, one should not neglect the risk that it is due to the high level of wear and tear come to an accident can. In connection with accidents there is also the risk of insurance refuses any protection and you with the own assets adheres.

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Another risk looms on the part of the police in the human body and facts about the Authorities. One becomes with one unauthorized e-bike tuning caught, threaten fines and sometimes even Prison sentences (in an accident with personal injury, for example.). Surely there are ways how to get that tuning disguise can, for example by means of a shortcut or more USB sticks, but the police and any authorized experts can still do almost everyone irregularities detect. For example, via the higher energy consumption or the atypical ones Charging cycles from the battery. Here you always have to be aware, not without a reason S-Pedelecs because of their speed authorized and insured before you are allowed to move in public transport.

The e-bike tuning!

With regard to the function of a pedelec, you have to know that the Electric motor and improve at To reach a speed of 25 km/h, turns off. This is possible through a Monitoring of the Geschwindigkeiton the rear wheel by means of a magnet Number of revolutions determined. But despite a really decent speed of 25 km / h, users often want to faster to drive. With older pedelecs in particular, there were simple tricks like removing from the magnet. But there have been various here in recent years technical changesso that the Tuning trick does not work anymore. The speed is now also on Bottom bracket measured.

Police E Bike Tuning Speedometer What you can tune on your E Bike and what it can cost!

One would like more speedso there's still the way across that Electronics. You can get into the Measurement results and thus ultimately by means of manipulation also in the Geschwindigkeit intervention. That's how the engine works too over 25 km / h with E-support continue. The procedure allows you to quickly 50 km/h and do more in the hour. Just with one Tuning Kitwhat at a cost of only 30 to 300 Euro (depending on the type and bike) connected can be a normal pedelec quickly to one S-pedelec be made.

E-bike tuning and how it works

When it comes to E-bike tuning there are different variants. The procedure is done quickly on Sensor für die Geschwindigkeit. Here you have to find a suitable one Chip in electronics place between sensor and board. The measured speed is usually determined by the sensor halved and you therefore have a longer motor support. The system of the e-bike thinks at 25 km / h that the e-bike only 12,5 km / drives. This gives you more speed than the data halved are and the engine is now up to the wrong 25 km / h supported. However, they are already good 50 real things. When it comes to chips, by the way Differences. Depending on the chip, there is the possibility that you can use the chip if necessary A- and Turn off can. Of course, these technical possibilities have an advantage especially if you are from the police controlled becomes. That's how it is proof from tuning  not easy.

Find the right e-bike tuning chip!

Are you looking for one E-bike tuning, for example on various portals, you will find a large number of Chips. These differ depending on the type of engines as for Shimano, Brose, Ansmann, Yamaha or for Bosch. But you have to be careful here, because not every chip for each Electric motor works. Here you should first checkwhat kind of chip is suitable for the motor. If you do not do that, it may be the case that the chip is not recognized. Depending on the electric motor of the e-bike, it can also be the case that this is too new and it accordingly no chip yet for the e-bike there. Basically there are chips, also for unmanipulable Systems. This also applies to them, for example Performance Line CX from Bosch.

Bosch Performance CX drive system tuning e1610630327203 What can be tuned on an e bike and what it can cost!

Conclusion on chip tuning on the e-bike:

Especially with regard to the risks E-bike tuning is worthwhile can not be . If you want to go faster, you should go directly S-pedelec buy or a moped. With it you can legally drive speeds of up to 45 km/h to reach without risk. Tuning an e-bike is usually not a problem. But risks like that Loss of the InsuranceVarious Liability claims and fines threaten. Precisely for this reason you should focus on the E-bike tuning renounce and prefer one S-pedelec with higher top speed decide.

Of course that had not happened yet!

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