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Euro 5 and pillion seat: the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

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2022 Honda Super Cub 125 13 Euro 5 and pillion seat: the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

After 60 years of success around the world, Honda offered the Super Cub 125 for the first time in Germany for the 2018 season. For the 2022 model year, the world's best-selling motorized vehicle now meets the Euro 5 emissions standard. For this, the air-cooled 125 single-cylinder engine was revised and received a new stroke-to-bore ratio. Another novelty is the possibility of two-person operation, for which the light motorcycle is equipped with a double seat bench and additional footrests. The front / rear suspension has also been re-tuned to match the increased payload potential.

2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

The first Super Cub C100 rolled off the production lines in Japan in 1958, and Honda as the vehicle manufacturer was just 10 years old. The easily drivable 50 cubic four-stroke machine with step-through frame, leg shields and semi-automatic gearshift was developed by the technically focused company founder Soichiro Honda at the suggestion of his commercially brilliant manager Takeo Fujisawa. The declared goal was to combine useful mobility properties in everyday life with ease of use, and to be inexpensive, reliable and economical in order to be able to play a useful role in people's lives.

Success should exceed all expectations. In engine variants with 50, 65, 70, 90, 100, 110 and 125 cubic centimeters, the Super Cub has been manufactured and sold for decades in Japan, Asia and China as well as most parts of the world. In many regions, the inexpensive, practical and reliable runabouts determine the street scene and are essential for people's mobility. In 2017, after 60 years, believe it or not, 100 million copies were produced. The Honda Super Cub is the most successful motorized vehicle in the world.

with 125 single-cylinder engine

In 2018, Honda presented a carefully modernized and further developed variant in a retro look and with a 125 cc single-cylinder engine. In addition to economical and practice-oriented customers, this Super Cub also successfully addressed well-off users of all ages to solve individual transport tasks in urban areas. The world's largest manufacturer opened another chapter in the history of the Super Cub, because this modernized and more fashionable variant was also brought into the range in European markets that earlier Super Cup models had not offered.

The Super Cub 125, model year 2022, has been further developed and improved with a view to the European markets. The typical look was retained, but the drive now fulfills the current Euro 5 approval regulations, and further innovations increase the range of applications and thus its attractiveness.

Model overview 2022 Super Cub 125

The Honda developers have specifically revised the air-cooled SOHC single-cylinder four-stroke engine and given it a different stroke-to-bore ratio. Thanks to further changes in the inlet and outlet areas as well as a modified ECU electronic control unit, the 2022 Super Cub 125 complies with Euro 5 emissions regulations. With a slight increase in performance, the consumption remains exemplary. In WMTC measurement mode, the eight-liter Honda consumes just 100 liters of fuel per 1,5 kilometers. The ACG alternator performance has also been improved.

The sympathetic styling with a retro touch remained untouched. New to this are the double seat bench and the footrests for the front passenger. In order to continue to ensure practical driving comfort, the front suspension and the stereo struts have been given an adapted and optimized set-up.

Equipment features 2022 Super Cub 125

  • Newly revised engine, complies with Euro 5, particularly economical.
  • ECU control electronics modified, intake and exhaust areas revised.
  • ACG alternator performance further improved.

The new single-cylinder engine with 124 cm3 The displacement is still air-cooled and designed for efficiency and reliability. It combines the crank drive of the Super Cub C 110 sold in Japan (with a revised engine housing) with the two-valve SOHC cylinder head and the power units of the current MSX Grom. The bore measures 50 mm, the stroke 63,1 mm, the compression ratio is designed for 10.0: 1. The maximum power is 7,2 kW (corresponds to an increase of 0,1 kW) or 10 hp at 7.500 tours, the maximum torque is 10,4 Nm at 6.250 rpm.

2022 Honda Super Cub 125 11 Euro 5 and pillion seat: the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

A more compact airbox optimizes the incoming air for the combustion process. The PGM-FI injection precisely doses the required amount of fuel. A new manifold on the exhaust side and a repositioned injection nozzle contribute to harmonious power delivery and the best drivability.

The external shape of the rear silencer remained the same, despite the modified innards. Two catalytic converters were installed in the previous model; With the increased combustion efficiency for Euro 5 conformity, a single catalytic converter now cleans the exhaust gases. A software update of the ECU control unit contributes to maximized engine performance, and the performance of the ACG alternator has also been increased.

The foot-operated four-speed gearbox completes a centrifugal clutch, so that moving off and changing gears is possible without using a clutch lever. Thanks to its modern design, the four-stroke single works pleasantly balanced and mechanically quiet, a helical primary drive in the housing reduces the noise development.

The Super Cub 125 engine shines with its economical fuel consumption: 1,5 liters per 100 km, measured in WMTC mode. The tank under the seat holds 3,7 liters of fuel, which means the range is approx. 250 km.

Styling & Chassis 2022 Super Cub 125

  • Standard double seat bench and passenger footrests, newly tuned suspension.
  • Classic appearance combined with modern retro design.
  • LED lighting technology, front disc brakes, cast light metal rims, smart key system

A practical innovation for 2022 is the standard two-man bench that allows a passenger to ride. Passenger footrests are also part of the equipment. When designing and styling the Super Cub 125, the focus was on user-friendliness; the machine is particularly easy to use and easy to control. The large step-through, which makes it easier to get on and off, is an essential part of the timeless concept. Likewise the leg shield, which is made of stable plastic. With the Super Cub 125, young and old get along straight away, a motorized two-wheeler cannot be controlled more easily or without problems.

2022 Honda Super Cub 125 12 Euro 5 and pillion seat: the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

A characteristic element of the Super Cub is the front area, where the fork, handlebar and leg shield are harmoniously combined. On early examples, the handlebar halves should look like birds' wings in order to suggest the impression that they are easier to control. To continue this approach, the Super Cup 125 is equipped with forged handlebars and the instruments and switches are elegantly embedded in the cockpit environment.

The ergonomically ideal handlebar complements the upright comfortable riding position, which enables an excellent view to the front and all around. A comfortably padded seat supports the comfort that the spring elements offer when driving. The narrow cut in the front area makes it easier to reach the ground with your feet at traffic lights or when maneuvering, which further supports vehicle control.

Headlights, taillights and indicators shine modern and clear thanks to LED technology. The display instrument is nicely divided in two by chrome rings. The inner area provides information with digital displays, the outer area with an analog speedometer and several warning lights.

2022 Honda Super Cub 125 6 Euro 5 and pillion seat: the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

A smart key system with an »answer-back function«, which lights up the indicators when activated, completes the equipment. When the remote control key is carried, the system recognizes its owner so that the ignition can be activated and the engine started using the rotary switch on the right-hand side of the Bodywork. The steering wheel lock is also locked using the rotary knob (with an attractive blue illuminated outer ring), and the electronic anti-theft device is also activated.

Practical mobility, easy handling and a lot of driving fun remain the strengths of the Super Cub. The steel frame with sturdy steering head section was carefully designed for balanced driving behavior; new engine mounts were also required for the modified engine housing. The handlebars and seat are rubber-mounted, and there are also rubber pads on the footrests to increase comfort.

The chassis data are designed for safe driving behavior. The steering head angle is 26,5 degrees, the caster 71 mm and the wheelbase 1.245 mm. The weight with a full tank is 110 kg. The telescopic front fork has 100 mm suspension travel and newly tuned springs; the rear shock absorbers are provided with new coil springs and new rubber stops for driving on poor road surfaces with a view to two-person operation.

2022 Honda Super Cub 125 7 Euro 5 and pillion seat: the 2022 Honda Super Cub 125!

Elegant and easy-care 17-inch cast aluminum wheels ensure stability and steering precision. Tubeless tires are fitted, size 70 / 90-17 at the front and 80 / 90-17 at the rear. The front wheel is decelerated by a hydraulically operated 220 mm disc brake with a single-piston brake calliper, and a drum brake with a diameter of 110 mm at the rear.

Useful additional information 2022 Super Cub 125

Honda has been producing the Super Cub for over 60 years. No wonder that many interesting facts and anecdotes have accumulated. Here are 15 of them:

  • The first draft was not drawn on paper, but instead modeled with clay. Soichiro Honda was able to implement his idea directly on the object after taking a study trip to Europe in 1956 in order to be inspired for future projects.
  • The company founder, who focused on technology, would have preferred to build a full-fledged motorcycle or a racing machine to demonstrate the capabilities of his ambitious company. However, Takeo Fujisawa, the manager responsible for sales and later vice president, convinced him to develop a light and practical means of transport beforehand. Honda paid tribute to the important role in the success of the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer in its memoirs by pointing out that the double name Honda-Fujiwara should have been justified on the tanks of the machines.
  • The pioneering Super Cub first edition from 1958 was characterized by a step-through frame made of pressed sheet metal and a plastic leg shield for wind and weather protection. The motor partly disappeared under a cover in order not to impose an overly technical impression on the ladies, who should also be addressed, the chain drive was also encapsulated. A select comfortable handlebar position was also offered, as well as a heavenly-inspired paintwork in light blue / dark blue and a red bench seat as a splash of color.
  • The size of the wheels for the front and rear was an impressive 17 inches, so that the best possible and comfortable rolling behavior should be achieved even on less perfect Japanese roads and still numerous dirt roads.
  • The drive was supposed to be quiet, economical and efficient, which is why only a newly developed four-stroke engine came into question, initially with a displacement of 50 cubic meters. Further requirements: No clutch lever and easy operation. That is why Soichiro Honda designed a foot-shifted three-speed gearbox with an automatic centrifugal clutch for the engine. The needs of suppliers and delivery service drivers for noodle houses and all kinds of shops that whiz through the cities of Japan in enormous numbers were also taken into account. Back then it was customary to carry everything to the customer on one's shoulders and hold it with one arm; to do this, the Super Cub had to be operated with one hand.
  • The Honda plant in Suzuka, a flexible manufacturing facility of stately size, was also built in 1960 to meet the Super Cub demand, which exceeded all expectations from the start.
  • The Super Cub has been built in 16 Honda factories in 15 countries and sold in 160 countries around the world.
  • In America, the Super Cub began selling in 1959. The initial retail price was $ 295. As a mobility miracle, the small Honda not only conquered younger generations. The Super Cub opened the market for motorized two-wheelers to buyers of all ages and across all social classes and was undoubtedly also a pioneer for the successes that the Japanese manufacturer was later able to achieve with motorcycles of ever larger displacement in the USA.
  • The first European production facility for the Super Cub was opened in Belgium in 1963. The Honda plant in Aalst was Honda's second overseas production facility.
  • The legendary Honda advertising campaign 'You meet the nicest people on a Honda' advertised the Super Cub widely in America and contributed to putting the image of two-wheelers in a new light and making it more socially acceptable, which was the starting point for viewing motorcycles as a hobby and leisure activity. Before that, motorcyclists were more likely to be associated with rockers, seedy biker gangs and outlaws.
  • The Beach Boys song "Little Honda" was a hit in 1964 and helped raise awareness of the Honda brand in all US households.
  • In 1964 the Super Cub began to be exported to Southeast Asia. The sustained success still shapes the transport and traffic system in all areas and numerous countries - as a mobility solution for millions of people.
  • In 2014, the Japanese Patent Office awarded Honda the so-called "3D trademark registration" for the Super Cub, a certificate of authenticity that recognizes the product idea and the design in terms of copyright, an absolute novelty for a motor vehicle.
  • When the Super Cub began production in 1958, it was estimated at 30.000 units per month, which was an astonishing number. Because at that time the production of the entire Japanese motorcycle industry amounted to 40.000 units per month. Nevertheless, the Super Cub production had to be increased again and again over the years and adapted to the enormous demand.
  • On October 29, 2017, the anniversary number of 100 million Super-Cubs manufactured worldwide was reached at the central Honda motorcycle plant in Kumamoto in Japan. The success of the most built motor vehicle in the world, which has long surpassed legends such as the Ford T or VW Beetle, was appropriately recognized with a small celebration.

Technical data for the 2022 Super Cub 125

Typeair-cooled, SOHC, four-stroke, 2 valves
capacity124 cm3
Bore x stroke50 x 63,1 mm
Maximum power10 hp (7,2 kW) @ 7,500 rpm
Max. Torque10.4 Nm @ 6,250 rpm
Engine oil quantity1,1 liter
mixture preparationPGM-FI fuel injection
Tankinhalt3,7 liter
Consumption1,5 liters per 100 km (WMTC measuring mode)
Battery12 volts / 3,5 Ah
ClutchMulti-disc centrifugal clutch in an oil bath
gear4 gears
TypeMono backbone steel
Dimensions (LxWxH)1.915 x 720 x 1.000 mm
wheelbase1.245 mm
Steering head angle26.5 °
trailing71 mm
seat height780 mm
ground clearance125 mm
Weight with a full tank110 kg
ahead26 mm Ø telescopic fork
behindTwo shock absorbers
Front / rear rimsCast aluminum
Front tire70 / 90-17M / C 38P
Tire behind80 / 90-17M / C 50P
ABS constructionSingle-channel ABS
Front brakeOne disc, 220 mm Ø, hydraulically operated
rear brake110 mm drum brake

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2022 Honda Super Cub 125!
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