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New: Suzuki Address 125 and Avenis 125 Scooter!

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New: Suzuki Address 125 and Avenis 125 Scooter!

Suzuki Germany is expanding its scooter portfolio with the Suzuki Address 125 and the Suzuki Avenis 125. The new models are ideal for anyone who values ​​practical and efficient mobility. The motor of the two scooters already delivers high torque in the low to medium speed range and thus enables rapid acceleration. The efficiency of the Euro 5 models is reflected in their low emissions and low fuel consumption.

Address 125 & Avenis 125

  • Consistent expansion of the scooter portfolio
  • Efficient and low-emission drive, modern design
  • Both models available from autumn 2022

"With our two new scooters, we will be offering two more impressive scooters on the German market from autumn, which fit seamlessly into our range of products. In addition to an attractive design, the Address 125 and the Avenis 125 offer a modern, low-emission drive. In doing so, we are stepping up our efforts to gradually make individual mobility in urban environments more efficient,” says Daniel Schnell, Deputy Managing Director of Suzuki Deutschland GmbH.

Suzuki Address 125: the stylish scooter

The Suzuki Address 125 has sold more than four million units since its launch in India and is the most desirable model in its class there.

  • The design is characterized by a curved shape, which is interrupted by distinctive body lines and chrome accents.
  • The air-cooled 124cc single-cylinder engine features Suzuki Eco Performance (SEP) technology, which optimizes all aspects of engine efficiency. This results in an appealing performance with a very low fuel consumption of 3 liters per 1,9 kilometers according to the WMTC standard.
  • The bright LED headlight and the vertical LED parking light not only improve visibility, they also emphasize the characteristically classic look of the city scooter. The analogue speedometer was combined with a digital display and the Suzuki Eco Drive gauge. This visually supports the driver in driving efficiently.
  • The driver and front passenger have a comfortable seating position on the long, flat and well-padded bench. The storage space of the scooter is also convenient. A storage compartment is located under the seat, another with a USB port is located in the front area. Two practical universal hooks can also be used.

 Suzuki Avenis 125: the sporty scooter, light and manoeuvrable

Launched in India earlier this year, the Suzuki Avenis 125 is already making impressive sales in the world's largest scooter market.
  • The Suzuki Avenis 125 shares the high-torque and efficient engine (1,9 L/100km according to WMTC) with the Suzuki Address 125.
  • The wedge-shaped rear, the raised muffler, the LED headlight integrated in the fairing, the LED combination rear lights at the rear and the two-tone graphics underline the sporty appearance of the Suzuki Avenis 125.
  • The model is characterized by its light chassis and its short wheelbase - a combination that enables very agile and dynamic handling.
  • The clear, digital instrument display with LCD screen can be operated intuitively. The Suzuki Eco Drive display can also be found here, which lights up when driving efficiently.
  • Like the Address 125, the Suzuki Avenis 125 also has a storage compartment under the seat, universal hooks and a storage compartment with a USB port on the front left. The vehicle also has additional, practical front compartments.
The prices for the Suzuki Address 125 and the Suzuki Avenis 125 will be announced in good time before the market launch in Germany. Photo credit: Suzuki

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