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The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

With the limited James Bond edition based on the Tiger 900 Rally Pro, TRIUMPH is celebrating two British icons. The motorcycle is one of the stars in the upcoming James Bond film "No Time To Die" and convinces here in breathtaking stunt scenes. Just like the titular hero created by Ian Fleming, TRIUMPH Motorcycles also has its very own British character that has constantly evolved.
TRIUMPH is the ideal partner for the stunt team of the new James Bond film: The decades of experience in the design, development and manufacture of premium motorcycles with an exceptional level of performance and handling speak for themselves. Both the Tiger 900 and the Scrambler 1200, with their top performance, are perfect for the demanding action scenes in the latest 007 ™ blockbuster.

Tiger 900 - James Bond Limited Edition

This is also confirmed by the stunt coordinator of “No Time To Die” Lee Morrison: “The Tiger 900 is an extremely trustworthy motorcycle. With it, we were able to perfectly implement all driving actions - such as standing drifts in third gear, slow wheelies or slides in supermoto style - and go to the limit in a controlled manner. I think this is one of the best bikes I've ever ridden, it's fantastic. "

In a class of its own - strictly limited

The Bond Edition of the Tiger 250 Rally Pro, limited to only 900 copies worldwide, scores with its impressive paintwork in Matt Sapphire Black. Exclusive 007 ™ graphics and details make it a unique bike that will not only delight Bond fans. Every single motorcycle is delivered with a high-quality, milled handlebar mount on which the individual number within the limited edition can be read. In addition, a signed certificate of authenticity from TRIUMPH is supplied with every motorcycle. The design of the Bond Edition is rounded off by numerous black style elements: the frame, the surrounds of the headlights, the side panels, the oil pan protection, the holders for the pillion footrests and the covers for the additional headlights and the engine guard are gentlemanly designed in a high-quality black finish.

The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

Premium in terms of details and equipment

The exclusive start screen animation of the instrument panel in the 007 ™ look and the heated driver and pillion seats with bond branding also ensure a real agent feeling. In addition to the extensive equipment of the Tiger 900 Rally Pro, the new limited edition comes with an additional pair of Michelin Anakee Wild off-road tires. As with the standard model, Bridgestone Battlax tires are factory-fitted. Another highlight is the premium silencer from Arrow with its lightweight housing made of brushed stainless steel. The end cap and holder are made of high quality carbon.

The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

The prices in Germany are at 18.450 euros (plus additional costs), in Austria at 20.600 euros (incl. Including additional costs and NOVA). The Bond Edition of the Tiger 900 will be available from TRIUMPH dealers from June 2022.

The partnership

The TRIUMPH design workshop team worked closely with the No Time To Die stunt team to configure several motorcycles for the film, including the special preparation of the Tiger 900 and Scrambler 1200 models for extreme, particularly dynamic action sequences.

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The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

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The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

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The name is 900, Tiger 900 - now as a James Bond Limited Edition

Tiger 900 - James Bond Limited Edition
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