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The Wunderlich cardan shaft lighting for the BMW R 18 and the Classic! One of the fascinating highlights of the BMW R 18 is the open rotating shaft of the cardan drive. It is even more fascinating to perfectly stage the nickel-plated shaft in the twilight and in the dark: With the LED white light of the Wunderlich cardan shaft lighting, the nickel surface and the rotating rear cardan joint come into their own and provide an unexpected wow effect!

Wunderlich cardan shaft lighting

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With the Quick Connect cable set pre-assembled by the BMW specialists, the lighting is smartly integrated into the power supply of the R 18's on-board network. The integrated button is discreetly hidden in front of the right-hand side cover. This makes it easily accessible for the driver. The lighting itself is installed inconspicuously above the gimbal. Photo credit: Wunderlich

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  • 18520-002 Wunderlich cardan shaft lighting - black


  • LED cardan shaft lighting
  • The rotating shaft of the cardan drive is effectively staged by the lighting
  • Discreetly hidden, easily accessible button for switching on and off
  • When the ignition is switched off, the power supply to the lighting is automatically interrupted so that the battery cannot discharge unnoticed

Technical data

  • Plug and play cable set for smart integration into the vehicle electrical system
  • The power supply is secured by connecting to the DIN socket via the vehicle electrical system, so no additional fuse is required
  • Buttons and lighting are supplied with vehicle-specific holders and are unobtrusively integrated into the vehicle

Wonderful advantages

  • Made by Wunderlich
  • 60 days refund policy
  • 5 years warranty

Der Preis

  • Wunderlich offers this extraordinary extra at a price of €119,90 incl. VAT.

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