The new ALCAR SENSOR Motorbike. Security that simply works.

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ALCAR is now offering the first tire pressure monitoring sensor for motorcycles that can be cloned and is also freely programmable in the European aftermarket. The ALCAR SENSOR Motorbike is a universal sensor and is available in three versions. All specialist workshops can therefore offer an additional service in good time before the motorcycle season. When it comes to the fascination of motorcycles, most bikers focus on one thing: passion. Wind, curves, speed, technology and the interaction of man and machine have always had a very special appeal. There is a consensus across the industry that motorcyclists have an above-average safety awareness compared to many other road users. This is also proven by a study by the German Institute for Two-wheeler Safety (ifz), which shows that motorcyclists are extremely safety-conscious and, above all, have a very positive attitude towards modern assistance systems.


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With the new ALCAR SENSOR MB, One universal sensor for motorcycles, ALCAR is the first and only one to offer a cloneable and programmable TPMS sensor for motorcycles in the European aftermarket. The universal sensor is installed either as a valve-based model (two valve hole designs: 8,5 mm and 11,5 mm) or as a so-called bolt-in variant that can be screwed directly to the inside of the motorcycle rim. The new ALCAR sensor MB is a universal sensor and can be freely programmed on any motorcycle model. The current coverage is fully comprehensive on the models from BMW, KTM, Triumph, MV Agusta, Indian and Harley-Davidson and is constantly being expanded.

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ALCAR is now offering an update for the existing ones for programming the sensors devices ALCAR TECH600 & ALCAR VT56 at. This allows programming or creating a clone (recommended) of the existing OE sensor. The ALCAR SENSOR MB supports all OE functionalities. The battery life corresponds to the OE sensor with around five years.

Sven Müller, Sales Director TPMS, ALCAR WHEELS GmbH: “By cloning the OE sensor, it is no longer necessary to carry out what can sometimes be a very time-consuming and difficult teach-in procedure for the sensors. In addition, it is the simplest solution from the 'OBD trap', since every motorcycle manufacturer offers different systems. By cloning the sensors, the job is done in no time at all and the entire contribution margin remains with the specialist workshop or tire dealer, and the end customer can still receive professional and cost-effective service!"

TPMS on motorcycles

In general, a tire pressure monitoring system is mainly useful for touring riders. If you cover long distances on your motorcycle, you can significantly increase driving safety with an appropriate TPMS. Even adventure bike riders, who often ride off the beaten track, can use tire pressure measurements to constantly check whether the tires are losing air on off-road sections and are therefore becoming a safety risk. In contrast to the passenger car sector, there is no legislation, but TPMS is no longer a novelty in the motorcycle sector and manufacturers have been installing tire pressure monitoring systems for some time. BMW Motorrad has been supplying permanently installed motorcycles since 2008 RDK systems on models like the GS, F-Series, HP-Series, K-Series, R-Series, Heritage-R. Other brands include KTM, Triumph and since 2015 Harley-Davidson.

The TPMS world from ALCAR

With the market launch of the motorcycle sensors, ALCAR completes its product range in the TPMS area. Everything that rolls and is on wheels can be made TPMS-fit by ALCAR: Cars, regardless of whether they are petrol or battery-powered, light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, special vehicles of all kinds and now also motorcycles.

ALCAR online TPMS configurator

  • In the web shop, ALCAR offers its customers up-to-date sensor assignments and the new TPMS configurator at. All information is quickly available and important comments on vehicles or OE sensors are clearly displayed. In addition, customers receive information on service kits, replacement valves and vehicle-related training procedures.

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