Cool Wunderlich Parts - Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

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Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 9 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

Wunderlich exclusive: components for customizing! The spirit, the inventive spirit and the enthusiasm for innovation of the Wunderlich developers know no bounds! The motto of the specialists for high-quality accessories for BMW motorcycles is clear: “We are motorcyclists. And we step on the gas! ”And the number of hits at Wunderlich is enormous. The Ringen-based company has just presented the first components for the BMWs of the "Edition 40 Years GS" to the public, now the remarkable, model-specific starter portfolio for the BMW R 18 follows.

Rock'n'Roll for the BMW R 18!

Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 4 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

A portfolio of eye-catching products that BMW R 18 owners can use to customize their cruiser. Wunderlich relies on the tried and tested principle of perfectly integrating the products with a feel. This applies to the exterior, the external values ​​of the components that determine the design. The inner values ​​result from the tried and tested development and construction principles of the specialists, so that the best application-oriented functionality, dimensioning and the huge pool of BMW-specific know-how always flow into the products. And the passion.

The quintessence: high quality equipment, high quality conversion and customization - individuality out of the box - now also for the BMW R 18

Anyone who combines Wunderlich's “Rock'n'Roll” cladding with the other high-quality components, i.e. engine protection bars, sissy bars and license plate holders, sets differentiated accents and thus clearly sets their individual R 18 apart from the standard version. The sissy bar and engine protection bar can optionally be selected in black or chrome. Further components will follow shortly - so there are many possible combinations, so that nothing to be desired.

Rock'n'Roll for the handlebars - hand-painted and hand-lined

With the Rock'n'Roll lamp mask, Wunderlich is introducing an unusually designed, handlebar-proof fairing that is instantly recognizable. It combines a noble appearance with sportiness in a balanced way. The noblesse results from taking up and continuing the white double line of the R 18 on the matching, deep black (Blackstorm metallic) surface. The two lines of different widths have the Ringener hand-applied by an expert in his field who has mastered the art of using brush brushes perfectly. The painting itself is also done in a manual manner. The exceptionally narrow, elongated shape and shape, which is inclined towards the driver, in conjunction with the smoke-gray tinted windshield provide the sporty note.

Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 3 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

The whole thing fits naturally into the high-quality design of the Bayern-Cruiser and emphasizes the same thing, not only in the front and side silhouette of the Big Boxer. In addition to the design, the qualitative aspects are not neglected at Wunderlich, on the contrary. The lamp mask, which encloses the headlight exactly and with a small gap, is deep-drawn. The shape is then precisely manufactured on a CNC milling machine. The discreet holder consists of matching powder-coated precision steel tube. Its three-dimensional shape ensures precise connections and the necessary rigidity of the base for the lamp mask.

An engine protection bar made of decent 32 mm precision steel tubing!

This is the first protection bar made of 32 mm tube from Wunderlich! The designers opted for this pipe dimension for two reasons: for reasons of strength, to optimally protect the R 18 and for aesthetic reasons. Because only the 32 mm pipe looks formally balanced on the imposing R 18 and around the mighty manifold pipes. In addition, the closed, one-piece shape of the protective bar was deliberately chosen, which, in addition to the dimensioning, contributes additional structural rigidity. The optionally high-quality chrome-plated or black powder-coated and clear-lacquered protective bar fits into the overall style of the R 18. According to Wunderlich, it is no coincidence that the spade-shaped shape is reminiscent of the protective bars of the classic air-cooled BMW boxers.

Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 6 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

Nice rear thanks to the sissy bar!

Thanks to the comfortable upholstery, the sissy bar by Wunderlich for the BMW R 18 not only makes it safer, more comfortable and more relaxed to travel, it also emphasizes the attractive rear end of the R 18 with its high-quality design. The design follows the style of the R 18 perfectly and sets a coordinated accent. With an eye for detail, Wunderlich has the same high-quality cover material processed as the original seat bench. In doing so, the saddler joined the individual sections with the appropriate seam pattern that was matched to the seat. Discreet, selected and - regardless of whether black or chrome-plated - perfectly matched to the R 18!

Get rid of the baking tray: R 18 license plate holder on the side

The Wunderlich license plate holder allows an unobstructed view of the magnificent rear wheel of the BMW R 18. In addition, the skilfully designed construction fits discreetly into the line of the cruiser. To match the elegant frame of the R 18, the Ringen company has powder-coated the license plate holder in black and refined it with clear varnish. The simple assembly is done concealed at the existing mounting points on the swing arm. The cable routing for the license plate lighting is - as is often the case with Wunderlich - ingenious and invisible within the tubes of the license plate holder. The LED license plate light in the milled housing can be mounted either on top or on the side.

Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 8 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

At the end...

The nice thing about Wunderlich is that the assembly of the components, i.e. the conversion of your own motorcycle, is easy to do with a little manual skill and technical affinity. Standard at Wunderlich: Wunderlich gives a 5-year guarantee on the components and, where necessary, ABE or reports ensure approval for road traffic.

Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 6 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

Photo / s: Wunderlich

Wunderlich Tuning BMW R 18 7 Cool Wunderlich Parts Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

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Cool Wunderlich Parts - Rock´n´Roll for the BMW R 18!

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