BMW R 18 M / R 18 Aurora at Verona Motor Bike Expo!

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BMW R 18 M Tuning 2022 10 BMW R 18 M / R 18 Aurora at the Verona Motor Bike Expo!

On the occasion of the Verona Motor Bike Expo from January 13th to 16th, 2022, two exclusive custom bike projects based on the iconic BMW R 18 will be presented. They are the result of the collaboration between BMW Motorrad Italy and its BMW Motorrad dealer network with two well-known customizers from around the world. The R 18 M is a project developed by the editorial team of the Italian magazine LowRide and implemented by American Dreams. The R 18 Aurora, on the other hand, was developed by Garage 221 on behalf of BMW Motorrad Roma.

BMW R 18 M

M is the letter that characterizes the sports versions of BMW automobiles and today also includes motorcycles. The source of inspiration for the LowRide editorial team in the R 18 M project: The BMW Motorrad Cruiser should appear more streamlined and sporty, without exaggerations and, above all, it should still refer to the classic lines of the BMW R 18.

“Stability, a long wheelbase and the acceleration of the 1800 ccm Big Boxer ensure lightning-fast starts and, in our opinion, deserve a sporty retro look. In the design of the R 18 M, we find inspiration from the BMW Motorrad tradition and borrowings from automobiles: M stands for motorsport," says Giuseppe Ronce, Director of LowRide and an expert in the field of special conversions, describing the BMW R 18 M project.

BMW R 18 M Tuning 2022 12 BMW R 18 M / R 18 Aurora at the Verona Motor Bike Expo!

The work focused on the chassis, chassis tuning, body and accessories. Mechanics and electronics have remained the same as the R 18. Lighter and with a different seating position, the BMW R 18 M promises even more driving pleasure: “We are excited to experience this potential. The motorcycle should be even easier to control, not least because of its more compact and forward-facing riding position, but without overdoing it.”

Built by many hands - from the designer to the experienced craftsman.

The R 18 M project, made possible by BMW Italy, was born from the emotions that this motorcycle can convey: a cruiser for lots of driving pleasure, powerful and lively, with a big heart and infinite torque. LowRide has involved some of the best Italian artisans and companies specialized in this field. The realization of the sketches was entrusted to the designer Oberdan Bezzi, who was already a partner of LowRide in the past. He has managed to turn it into an exciting power cruiser without sacrificing the essence of the BMW R 18.

American Dreams did the assembly and coordinated the work. Elaboratorio, specializing in prototyping and modeling, created new components from scratch, such as the rear, front and fiberglass windshield. Carbon Italy took care of the cylinder head covers, intake ports and other carbon fiber details. The short exhaust pipe, which ensures a more compact line and allows greater lean angles, bears the signature of ER Exhaust Revolution. The short tailpipes also highlight the gorgeous open-running shaft drive – an atmospheric detail that deserves emphasis. LR Leder upholstered the seat with leather, while the paintwork was carried over by the Dox Art Factory. Rizoma supplied accessory components such as mirrors, handlebar grips and indicators to match the character of the bike.

BMW R18 Aurora.

Garage 221's idea and desire to create a custom bike based on the BMW R 18 found its origin some time ago when the bike was presented at EICMA 2019. According to Pier Francesco Marchio of Garage 221, the innovative deserved and at the same time traditional lines of the new BMW cruiser "complementary elements and an even more emphasized heritage spirit, starting from the soft lines of the tank to the characteristic shapes of the boxer."

The project initially focused on the study of the different assemblies of the bike, taking into account the need to connect the new elements in a unique harmony of lines. Inspired by the cruisers of the 1970s, which have always captivated Pier Francesco with their impressive aesthetic flow. Distinctive elements of the BMW R 221 Aurora created by Garage 18 are the surrounding "Batwing" fenders, which cling to the wheel like bat wings, in order to emphasize the central area of ​​the bike.

Customizing with BMW tradition as the focus.

The modifications that eventually led to the R 18 Aurora stem from Garage 221's experience with the BMW Motorrad world and so all the elements used come from other BMW Motorrad models. The seat was taken from a BMW R 1200 C from 2005, while the "Batwing" brackets were made from the indicator brackets of a BMW R 100 from 1982 and part of the rear frame of a BMW K 75 from 1991. For the painting of the body parts, the color code of a BMW R 100 RT from 1983 was used and the graphics were adjusted in color tones and intensity. The front and rear fender struts, seat posts and license plate brackets, on the other hand, are completely handcrafted.

The exhaust system was made in collaboration with Leo Vince, paying particular attention to the sound to make it even more voluminous and captivating. Its design was specially developed to give the R 18's midsection a very personal and muscular line. The oil radiator grille of the R 1960 Aurora, inspired by the radiator grilles of BMW automobiles of the 18s, gives it a noble, natural touch. “It was a lot of hard work,” says Pier Francesco, “but the result is really stunning. The textured paintwork of the cylinder head covers, the injection housing, the crankcase and our oil radiator grill make everything look homogeneous and together with the cylinder block and the shaft drive create a unique effect.”

BMW R 18 Aurora Tuning 2022 1 BMW R 18 M / R 18 Aurora at the Verona Motor Bike Expo!

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the BMW R18 Aurora
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