Quiet tones: The GONZZOO for the sports silencer

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Exhaust deflector GONZZOO sports silencer Akrapovic 1

The GONZZOO, which the Wunderlich developers designed to reduce the droning of the standard exhaust that many drivers find unpleasant when driving with the suitcases, has become a bestseller among BMW specialists. The BMW specialists in Grafschaft-Ringen have taken the changing awareness of noise, which plays a role for a constantly growing number of motorcyclists, into account with the exhaust deflector. And many riders of the BMW R 1250 GS appreciate the GONZZOO because of its noise-reducing effect and the discreet appearance. Now Wunderlich is following suit and – because many customers have expressed their desire – has launched a second GONZZOO, specifically for the Akrapovic sports silencer that can be supplied ex works. Due to the design of the Akrapovic exhaust, it differs only slightly from the exhaust deflector for the standard exhaust.

GONZZOO for the sports silencer

Its noise-reducing effect and roar reduction is just as effective. Less noise ensures relaxed and safe driving. The GONZZOO also shields the heat radiation from the exhaust gas flow from the case and reduces the heating of the contents. With the deflector made of stainless steel in Germany, the Wunderlich developers paid particular attention to ensuring that the GONZZOO does not affect engine performance, especially not negatively. It is delivered with ABE. When not in use, the compact design can be easily stowed away in the included high-quality storage bag. With the slip-on assembly - Wunderlich includes a suitable assembly tool - the GONZZOO can be attached or removed in no time at all.

Exhaust deflector GONZZOO sports silencer Akrapovic 2


20881-100 – Wunderlich exhaust deflector GONZZOO for sports silencer Akrapovic – stainless steel


  • The GONZZOO exhaust deflector minimizes the roar of the GS at driver and passenger head height, which is often perceived as unpleasant when driving with suitcases
  • Less noise ensures relaxed and safe driving
  • No loss of performance
  • Subjectively, there is a significant reduction in noise when the GS drives past, depending on the free field conditions
  • Shields the cases from the radiant heat of the exhaust flow and reduces the heating of the contents
  • Compact, effective construction
  • Easy to stow
  • Simple slip-on assembly on the Akrapovic sports silencer of the GS
  • Incl. assembly tool
  • With ABE


  • Material: stainless steel, precision and high-quality processing

Wonderful advantages

  • Wunderlich premium product.
  • Small series. Made by hand
  • Design. Functional and integrated.
  • 60 days refund policy
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 years warranty

Der Preis

  • Wunderlich offers the GONZZOO at a price of €89,90 incl. VAT.

Exhaust deflector GONZZOO sports silencer Akrapovic 1

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