Color in play: The Rock'n'Roll lamp mask!

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Csm 01 Wunderlich R18 First Edition 84c67e9193

Hand-lacquered and - on request - hand-lined: The Rock'n'Roll lamp mask is now available in other original colors. With the Rock'n'Roll lamp mask, Wunderlich presented an extraordinarily designed, handlebar-mounted fairing for the market launch of the BMW R 18, which has a high recognition value at first glance. It combines a noble appearance with sportiness in a balanced way. The painting is done in a manual manner. The extraordinarily narrow, stretched shape, which is inclined towards the driver, in conjunction with the choice of SPORT or TOURING discs, ensure the sporty touch. The whole thing fits naturally into the high-quality design and emphasizes it in particular in the front and side silhouette of the Big Boxer. In addition to the design, the qualitative aspects are not neglected at Wunderlich, as is well known, on the contrary.

Lamp mask rock'n'roll

The lamp mask, which encloses the headlight precisely and with a small gap, is deep-drawn. The mold is then precisely manufactured on a CNC milling machine. The unobtrusive bracket is made of matching powder-coated precision steel tubing. Its three-dimensional shape ensures precise connections and the necessary rigidity of the base for the lamp mask. Wunderlich now offers the lamp mask in three colors to match the original paintwork Blackstorm metallic, Marsrot metallic and Manhattan metallic matt and in a total of five variants. There is also a sixth unpainted version for customizing. Combined with the SPORT or TOURING windscreens, nothing stands in the way of customizing the BMW R 18! Photo credit: Wunderlich

Csm 18000 002 Wunderlich Lamp Mask R18 02 Eb224404e2


  • 18000-002 Wunderlich Rock'n'Roll lamp mask – black storm metallic
  • 18000-012 Wunderlich rock'n'roll lamp mask – black storm metallic – white hand-lined
  • 18000-004 Wunderlich Rock'n'Roll lamp mask – Mars red metallic
  • 18000-014 Wunderlich Rock'n'Roll lamp mask – Mars red metallic – white hand-lined
  • 18000-005 Wunderlich Rock'n'Roll lamp mask – Manhattan metallic matt
  • 18000-000 Wunderlich Rock'n'Roll lamp mask - unpainted

Note: The Rock'n'Roll lamp masks can be individually combined with the matching Wunderlich discs. The Grafschaft-Ringener offer a sporty and a touring disc in different versions:

  • 18000-021 Wunderlich windscreen SPORT – transparent
  • 18000-022 Wunderlich windshield SPORT – smoke gray tinted
  • 18000-023 Wunderlich windscreen SPORT – black
  • 18000-031 Wunderlich fairing screen TOURING – transparent
  • 18000-032 Wunderlich windshield TOURING – smoke gray tinted


  • Extraordinarily designed, striking, handlebar-mounted fairing with an extraordinarily high recognition value, which sets its own accents in the front and side silhouette of the Big Boxer
  • Combines noble appearance with sportiness in a balanced way
  • A sporty note thanks to the exceptionally narrow, long shape that is inclined towards the driver
  • The painting and the hand lining were done in a manual manner
  • Encloses the headlight with a small gap
  • Discreet bracket made of precision steel tubing - the perfect base for the lamp mask
  • Including all necessary mounting materials
  • With detailed assembly instructions

Technical data

  • Material: High-quality ABS plastic, manufactured using a deep-drawing process and then precisely shaped on a CNC milling machine, hand-painted
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 340 mm
    • Height: 430 mm
    • Depth: 340mm
  • Component thickness 5 mm
  • ABE in preparation

Wonderful advantages

  • Wunderlich premium product.
  • Small series. Made by hand.
  • Whimsical design. Functional and integrated.
  • 60 days refund policy
  • 5 years warranty
  • Made in Germany

Der Preis

  • The price of the hand-lacquered and lined Rock'n'Roll lamp masks is €699,00. Wunderlich is asking €599,00 for the hand-painted versions without lines. The unpainted version is available for €449,00.

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