Wunderlich shift lever for reverse gear on the BMW R 18

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The original lever on the BMW R 18 for engaging reverse gear is completely concealed and therefore difficult to access. That's why you always reach into the void. The developers at Wunderlich have now designed a decent shift lever that protrudes significantly further from the side of the vehicle without getting in the way of anything else. The control lever itself is placed in an easily accessible, comfortable position so that you can find it almost "blind".

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Csm 03 Wunderlich R18 shift lever reverse gear 802dab247d

It is therefore typically Wunderlich perfectly designed and arranged in terms of ergonomic grip. The shift lever replaces the original component and makes it noticeably easier to engage reverse gear. This increases operating safety and safety when maneuvering the BMW R 420, which weighs up to 18 kg. Thanks to its harmonious shape, the shift lever is integrated discreetly into the vehicle design. It is provided with a discreet Wunderlich logo. It is made in Germany from high-strength tubular steel, which is powder-coated in three coats of glossy black.

Csm 05 Wunderlich R18 Shift Lever Reverse Beac6126fc

At a glance:

  • item number
    – 18210-002 Wunderlich shift lever for reverse gear R 18
  • feature
    – The Wunderlich shift lever makes it easier to engage reverse gear and replaces the original lever
    – It is conveniently placed and ergonomically designed and arranged
    – Using the lever increases safety when maneuvering the heavy BMW R 18
    – With a discreet Wunderlich brand logo
  • Technical data
    – Material: Steel, high-strength, precisely formed and cleanly welded, powder-coated in three layers of glossy black
    – Dimensions: tube diameter: 12 mm / lever length: 115 mm
  • Wonderful advantages
    Whimsical product. Small series. Made by hand
    - Whimsical design. Functional and integrated.
    - Made in Germany
    – 60 days right of return – test without risk
    - 5 year guarantee
  • Der Preis
    – Wunderlich offers the shifter made in Germany for €99,90.

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