Wunderlich pannier protection bar for the BMW R 18 Transcontinental & Bagger

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CSM 18120 000 R18 006 9b3e204edc

The cases of the BMW R 18 Transcontinental and those of the Bagger have a high-gloss finish and a perfect finish. But the danger of damaging these sensitive surfaces is great. Expensive damage does not even need a fall, because it can easily occur when maneuvering in your own garage or on public parking lots by careless people. For preventive protection, Wunderlich therefore recommends the right case protection bar, which is designed in such a way that it meets the two basic requirements of aesthetics and functional protection. The shape of the protective bar follows the lines of the case and is integrated discreetly into the design without sacrificing a solid, comprehensive protective function. The freedom of movement of the passenger is not restricted. In the event of a fall or tipping over, the forces are distributed and dissipated via three mounting points on the safety bar structure, which consists of precision steel tubing with a diameter of 25 mm. The punctiform stress caused by force or moment peaks and the risk of damage are significantly reduced in this way. Wunderlich offers the case protection bar either with a high-quality chrome finish or black powder-coated and finished with a clear coat.

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At a glance:

  • Item Numbers:
    – 18120-000 Wunderlich pannier protection bar – chrome-plated
    – 18120-002 Wunderlich pannier protection bar – black
  • feature
    – Solid, comprehensive protection of the rear side and the panniers
    – Reduces the risk of damage
    – Aesthetic and functional design integration
    – The well thought-out 3-point attachment on each side reduces force and moment peaks
    - The freedom of movement of the passenger is not restricted
  • Specifications
    – Material: Precision steel tube, precisely formed on CNC tube bending machines and then welded with a clean seam pattern, either high-quality chrome-plated or black powder-coated and finished with clear lacquer
    - Dimensions
    • Tube diameter: 25 mm
    • Wall thickness: 2 mm
  • Wonderful advantages
    - Whimsical product. Small series. Made by hand.
    - Whimsical. Integrated, functional design.
    - Made in Germany
    – 60 days right of return
    - 5 year guarantee
  • Der Preis
    – Wunderlich offers the high-quality black suitcase protection bar for €399,00 and the chrome-plated version for €499,00.

CSM 18120 000 R18 006 9b3e204edc

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