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Guide to buying a used motorcycle!

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Guide to buying a used motorcycle!

With the beginning of spring and summer also starts the biker season. So it is quite clear that there are now many offers for used motorcycles. There is a large selection of offers that quickly becomes confusing. It is therefore important to be clear about the desired requirements for the new motorcycle. In this way, the weak points in interesting offers can be checked in a targeted manner. In the following text, helpful tips have been compiled to help when buying a used motorcycle support.

Whoever plans is halfway done!

Guide to buying a used motorcycle!

Next the actual search for suitable offers, the buyer should have thought about some basic information. Which model appeals to him? Respectively, what will it be used for later? Do you drive off-road or only in the city? Do you drive short distances every day or make long journeys? These criteria must be considered when choosing the model. This is best done by making a list of all the desired machine requirements. In a second step, models are sought that largely meet the criteria on the wish list. An expert should also be asked for the day of the inspection (an acquaintance with a lot of knowledge or the mechanic you trust), who provides advice and points out any defects.

Where is the best place to buy?

Cheap bargains can be found both with private individuals and with dealers. An advantage that cannot be denied when purchasing through a commercial seller the protection of the buyer, which, however, does not automatically promise more quality. In most cases, however, the price is lower if it is a private sale. In the case of a private purchase, however, there are usually no warranty claims, but a stroke of luck can still succeed here. In this case, it is important to draw up a purchase contract that contains all important data and protects the buyer. Even if you buy from friends, you should refer to this document not be waived.

Guide to buying a used motorcycle!


After all the criteria have been dealt with, there is no getting around the question of price. What's in the budget? Further offers are filtered according to this criterion. Important aspect: This is not just about the purchase price, necessary conversions or repair work on the machine should also be considered.

Costs to be borne by the buyer are:

  • Taxes, insurance, repair and conversion costs, purchase price, registration and license plate costs as well as the one to be put aside nest egg for any later repairs.

There are several types of funding. For example, you can pay cash and directly. If you don't have that much money immediately or whose dream bike is beyond the budget, you can Personal loans use for financing. The repayment amount is made up individually for the borrower.

Protection when buying

However, one should never enter a used business blindly, especially when the price reaches a high sum. An offer that is too good can also turn out to be a Amounted to turn out It is therefore important to critically question the seller and his statements. The trusted person with expert knowledge that you take with you to the purchase can be important here and at the same time have a positive effect on the price negotiations. Beware of mean tricks and dubious offers. In the best case, one's own interest is not expressed too loudly and a viewing appointment is made when the weather is good. So the motorcycle can at a test drive (ideally with a test drive contract) are tested and possible weaknesses are identified.

Guide to buying a used motorcycle!

Review of the important components

A checklist that you take with you to the viewing appointment will help ensure that you don't forget any of the important points. This controls all things that should be checked. The focus is primarily on the parts that are noticeable through rapid wear. Our checklist for the visits:

  • The exhaust volume should match the type of machine.
  • Scratches on the frame, seat and handles indicate accidents or falls.
  • Check the oil level and also check for leaks in the engine.
  • Check the chain teeth for evenness.
  • Check how far the chain can be lifted and thus has sufficient play.
  • The warning light should come on briefly when the ignition is switched on and then go off.
  • If there is no weight on the front wheel, you shouldn't feel a locking point when steering.
  • The brake fluid should be filled up sufficiently and be clear.
  • Check the minimum thickness of the brake discs and brake pads.
  • The battery should have an open circuit voltage of over 12,5 volts.
  • The steering stop should not be bent. This can be an indication of falls.
  • Calipers and hoses should not be damp, cracked or porous as this indicates a leak.
  • The tire profile should have a depth of at least 1,6 millimeters (preferably more).
  • When the rear wheel is moved sideways, there should be no noticeable play in the swing arm bearing when the wheel is on the stand.

Attention: This checklist is not complete. It must be adapted and supplemented depending on the model!

The be-all and end-all of buying a used car – the test drive

Buying a used vehicle without a test drive is not advisable. Because when driving, defects can be recognized and felt more quickly. It also gives you a feel for the machine, which makes it easier to assess "whether it fits". A good test ride lasts at least five kilometers and takes place on terrain suitable for the machine in order to create the best possible conditions. The motorcycle is thoroughly inspected before, after and if possible during the ride. When driving is on Uncommon noises paid attention to how the machine feels. This is a reliable way to detect leaks or wear.

If discrepancies are discovered, these should be discussed with the seller after the test drive. The sizing can also be done during a test drive. The driver should touch the ground with both feet at the same time while standing at a traffic light. Even with a full steering lock, the steering handles must be reached with both hands. The interested party quickly notices when driving whether the machine meets his needs or not. Before starting the journey, you should find out about the insurance status of the machine. Driving with an uninsured machine should be avoided. As a rule, the test driver is only liable for damage caused by gross negligence.

However, it shouldn't Comprehensive insurance are present, the driver may be held liable for damage. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, a written agreement written about the liability. An inspection of the vehicle can take place directly, during which existing damage is documented. This prevents later disputes about alleged damage.

Check the authenticity!

The machine has been checked and the prospective buyer agrees. In a further step should the papers checked, which are decisive for the care and previous accidents. With properly completed papers, the buyer can see whether everything is as serious as it seems. If the condition does not match the papers, you should definitely ask. All data on the papers should also be checked. For this they have to Frame and engine number as well as the chassis number (to be found in the vehicle registration document) match those on the motorcycle.

Guide to buying a used motorcycle!

All title and registration documents that the seller uses to prove ownership of the bike, and repair and insurance endorsements should be reviewed and, if in doubt, consulted. Especially in relation to anything Tuning a second look should be invested. Changes and upgrades are absolutely fine as long as they are clearly stated in the papers. They also require additional entries or certificates in the vehicle registration document as well as the resulting recorded TÜV appointments, inspections and workshop visits.

Buying a used product – Good preparation is half the battle

There are enough arguments in favor of one Motorbike used for sale. Nevertheless, the above tips should be observed beforehand. First of all, you should deal with your own requirements, which limit the selection of the model. Before buying the motorcycle, it should be thoroughly inspected - a test ride is very helpful here and a second pair of eyes from a confidant supports the sighting and price negotiations. If everything up to this point matches what you want, the carefully managed paperwork of the machine remains the deciding factor. If everything is in order here, a purchase contract can be signed and the new owner can be happy.

Guide to buying a used motorcycle!

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