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"TOURING" windshield for the BMW R 18!

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PM 2021 09 DE Windshield TOURING R 18 01 Windshield »TOURING« for the BMW R 18!

Photos by Wunderlich

The Wunderlich portfolio of high-quality components for BMW motorcycles, which is tailored to customer requirements, is always perfectly coordinated. A good example is the Rock'n'Roll lamp mask, which was specially developed for the imposing BMW Cruiser R 18. For this lamp mask, the Ringen-based BMW specialists have been offering a sports screen since the end of last year, which gives the R 18 a sporty, cool and characteristic touch that is not only a source of joy in the area of ​​America's drag strips. For fans of Highway One, Route 66 or the Stuart Highway, Wunderlich now presents a suitable disc version called TOURING.

Windshield »TOURING«

With the TOURING windshield - in combination with the rock 'n' roll headlight mask - the touring and long-distance suitability of the R 18 can be noticeably improved without affecting the cruiser's stylistic lines - quite the opposite. The ingeniously cut, aerodynamic shape of the compact disc, which is inclined towards the driver, directs the flow of the airstream upwards, thereby relieving the driver of wind pressure. This already applies from medium speeds. The integrated pane, together with the Wunderlich lamp mask, ensures an overall optimized, laminar flow of air onto the R 18. The result: Significantly more comfort on long journeys! Wunderlich combines noticeably better ergonomics and protection with a functional, yet absolutely stylish design.

PM 2021 09 DE Windshield TOURING R 18 02 Windshield »TOURING« for the BMW R 18!

Just the thing for cruising!

Just the thing for cruising the highways of this world in a relaxed way on a road trip. A solid five millimeter thick pane stands for mechanical and aerodynamic stability even at the highest speeds. The same typical, high-quality workmanship applies to the Wunderlich TOURING lens as to the SPORT version. Both are made of scratch-resistant and break-proof PMMA material and their value and quality can be seen when looking through them: a clear view, without distorting optical errors that are irritating. Another trademark: hand-polished, rounded edges that make separate edge protection superfluous. Wunderlich offers the TOURING windshield in either transparent or smoky gray tinted at a price of € 139,90, including a 5-year guarantee!

PM 2021 09 DE Windshield TOURING R 18 04 Windshield »TOURING« for the BMW R 18!

At a glance:

  • feature
    • Touring lens matched to the rock 'n' roll lamp mask
    • Optimized aerodynamics for the R 18
    • Combines improved ergonomics and protection with functional, absolute
    stylish design
    • Integrated compact disc inclined towards the driver
    • Optionally tinted smoke gray or transparent
    • Clear view, without distorting optical errors
    • Polished / rounded edge (no edge protection, etc. necessary)
    • Easily manageable cultivation
    • Including assembly material and installation instructions
  • Specifications
    • Material: Very high quality, optically pure, heavy-duty, scratch-resistant, UV and
    petrol-resistant PMMA plastic for an optimal view
    • Dimensions:
    • Width: 326 mm
    • Height: 355 mm
    • Depth: 139 mm
    • Component thickness: 5 mm
  • Features
    • Wunderlich premium product.
    • Small series. Made by hand.
    • Whimsical design. Integrated and functional.
    • 60 days right of return
    • 5 years warranty
    • Made in Europe
  • Wunderlich product categories
    • ergonomics
    • Protection
    • Design

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