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Ride your style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX-S950!

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Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 24 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

Bensheim, June 16, 2021 - the brand new Suzuki GSX-S950 offers its driver a new level of sporty driving pleasure. The heart of the aggressively styled Street Fighter is an intensely revised version of the 999 cubic supersport unit with impressive torque development. Thanks to the most modern assistance systems, the GSX-S950 combines sporty performance with the best drivability.

GSX-S950: athletic design

The design of the new GSX-S950 reflects the fascinating power of a high-performance, super-sporty motorcycle and at the same time visualizes the sophistication of the latest technologies that enable playful control. The radical look of the front of the vehicle is characterized by the vertically arranged LED headlight unit and sharp lines. The slim rear section forms a striking contrast to the muscular middle section of the machine. Graphics with a new logo styling and carbon fiber-like textured overlays underline the value of the GSX-S950.

Powerful four-cylinder with super sports DNA

The 1000 cm³ liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder, derived from the unit of the super sports car GSX-R999, has a powerful, even power development and a wide usable speed range in the configuration for the GSX-S950. The optimized torque output can be felt most clearly in the lower to medium engine speed range, which is most frequently used in daily driving. The 35 kW version for A2 driver's license holders delivers an outstanding torque of 76 Nm - and that already at 3.250 revolutions. Owners of the driving license class A can convert the GSX-S950 to 70 kW (95 PS), the maximum torque of 92 Nm is already reached at 6.500 revolutions.

Unmistakable sound

The compact 4-2-1 exhaust system has a layout from the collector that completely repositions the Suzuki Exhaust-Tuning (SET) system and the silencer. Highly efficient catalytic converters and a sophisticated chamber design help to meet the Euro 5 emissions standard. While the distinctive intake noise is retained, the overall sound of the sporty four-cylinder has been further optimized.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 11 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS)

The GSX-S950 has the Suzuki Clutch-Assist-System (SCAS), which is a valuable addition to the slipper clutch. While the slipper clutch reduces the braking torque when downshifting from high engine speeds, which avoids the punching of the rear wheel, the SCAS allows the use of softer clutch springs, which noticeably reduces the operating force on the hand lever.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 23 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

Intelligent equipment

The GSX-S950 has a number of advanced electronic systems. The Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS) offers three modes that adjust the control intensity to the driver's skill level and can be deactivated if necessary. The electronic one Ride-by-wire system In conjunction with the modern injection system with 10-hole nozzles, the four-cylinder engine responds gently, instilling confidence in the driver and allowing powerful and controlled acceleration out of bends. The Suzuki Low RPM Assistwhich, in conjunction with the SCAS, makes starting off from a standstill even smoother and easier. The Suzuki Easy Start System allows the driver to start the engine with just a quick press of the starter button without having to pull the clutch lever.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 16 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

Super handy chassis

The compact, lightweight double spar frame made of aluminum gives the GSX-S950 in conjunction with a stiff light metal swing arm, which was derived from the GSX-R1000, an agile and fun-oriented character. The perfect synthesis of playful handling and good roadholding does justice to all everyday motorcycle situations - from racing on the racetrack to sporty country road laps to riding in the city.

Precise spring elements

A 43 mm upside-down fork from Kayaba is used as the front wheel control, which combines a gentle response with sporty firmness. In the rear, a lever-linked central spring strut works with adjustable spring preload and compression damping.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 13 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

Sporty six-spoke wheels

Light six-spoke wheels made of cast aluminum contribute to the agile handling and sporty appearance of the GSX-S950. The standard Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport2 tires support agile, predictable handling and at the same time offer excellent grip for a sporty driving style.

Powerful braking system

On the front wheel, four-piston monoblock brake calipers from Tokico in conjunction with floating 310 brake discs ensure powerful, reliable deceleration. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) adapts the braking force to the available traction.

Upright sitting position

The geometry of the chassis, the design of the seat and the wide superbike handlebars allow the rider to sit in an upright, confident sitting position that allows him to have perfect control of the motorcycle. The knee joint is sporty tight despite the fuel supply increased to 19 liters.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 8 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

LED lighting

The vertically arranged LED headlights use advanced mono focus technology. The light from the lamp shines directly through the lens without a reflector and is bundled there. This results in excellent road illumination even under difficult visibility conditions. The flat rear light is also made with LED technology. The turn signals on their graceful arms fit perfectly with the slim rear end.

High-end instrument cluster

The full-LCD instrument cluster bundles a large number of functions in a compact layout. The high-quality appearance of the information center corresponds to the excellent readability of all displays. In addition to the standards of speed and engine speed, lap time, time, current and average fuel consumption, battery voltage, kilometers driven (A, B), traction control mode, service reminder, gear position, fuel level, coolant temperature and range can be visualized.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 6 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

Extensive customization options

A well thought-out range of accessories ensures that the GSX-S950 can be designed to be even sportier, more valuable or more suitable for long journeys, according to the wishes of its owner.

Color variants - price - availability

The Suzuki GSX-S950 is available in two colors, Metallic Triton Blue and Metallic Mat Black No. 2 Available. In addition to the 70 kW version, a 35 kW version is also available, which is the perfect introduction to the Hyper-Naked world. The Street Fighter Bike will be available from authorized dealers in Germany from mid-September. The RRP of Suzuki Deutschland GmbH is EUR 10.400, plus transfer costs.

Suzuki 2021 GSX S950 15 Ride your Style: Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX S950!

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Suzuki presents the 2021 GSX-S950!
Photo credit: Suzuki

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