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Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

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Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 38 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

The flagship of the Neo Sports Café range from Honda goes into the next round - tighter, more compact and with an even more aggressive stance. A new, colored TFT display with an integrated Honda smartphone voice control system connects the driver with his smartphone. There is now a USB charging socket under the seat. In addition to the standard CB1000R, the Black Edition offers the following features: flyscreen, passenger cover and quickshifter. It is also as black as a motorcycle can be; apart from a few aluminum highlights. The motor receives a revised PGM-FI setup and meets the EURO5 standard.

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 49 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

Customer expectations of their motorcycles - what they do, how they look and how they feel - have changed a lot over the past decade. That's why Honda applies its technology, engineering and creativity to create motorcycles that create new segments and conquer markets. The CB1000R is a milestone. Introduced with a major model change in 2018, Honda's development team has completely reinterpreted the design of the previous model and brought it to the streets in accordance with a modern, retro-industrial minimalism. The result is a machine that sums up the concept of “Neo Sports Cafés”; a sporty, compact naked bike with elements of a timeless café racer.

CB1000R with naked bike formula

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 45 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

The CB1000R is immediately noticeable because it does not follow the standard naked bike formula derived from super athletes. It is an innovative composition of radical power paired with breathtaking aesthetics on two wheels. The CB1000R combines minimalism with the maximum and offers plenty of usable engine power with the precision of a super sports machine and the look of a naked bike. Piloting the CB1000R is an exciting event. On winding roads, it effortlessly follows apparently sportier machines. Regardless of the way you approach it - aesthetics, emotion, performance or technology - the CB1000R is a motorcycle that is hard to beat. Minor cosmetic changes in 2020 already increased the premium appeal. In 2021 the CB1000R really hits the gas, especially when it comes to styling.

aggressive even while standing

Visually, the 2021 CB1000R looks more aggressive and even more fast forward even when it is stationary. New details such as the exposed aluminum subframe, the radiator panels and the airbox cover blend dramatically into the overall picture. The headlight shines in a further developed form and is now inclined a little more backwards. The Honda engineers are rightly proud of the lavishly crafted new wheels. The engine gets a revised PGM-FI setup and a smoother power output, while the chassis remains unchanged. The engine now meets the EURO5 standard. A new, full-color TFT display with an integrated Honda smartphone voice control system connects the driver and smartphone. The USB charging socket under the seat is also new.

The CB1000R will be available in the following colors in 2021:

  • Candy Chromosphere Red
  • Matt Ballistic Black Metallic
  • Matt Beta Silver Metallic

The Black Edition

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 31 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

If the new CB1000R is already a real eye-catcher, the Black Edition goes one step further. Thanks to additional, lovingly styled accessories, it shines in a real "hand-built-custom" look. The technology remains the same. Apart from high-quality, milled aluminum highlights - wheel spokes, swing arm plates, engine covers and handlebar clamps - the machine is completely black: headlight cover, flyscreen, triple clamps, radiator covers, airbox covers, exhaust and mufflers. The color Deep Graphite Black adorns the tank and passenger cover. A quickshifter is part of the standard equipment of the Black Edition. A milled "CB" logo gives the machine the finishing touch.

 Styling & equipment

  • Aggressive, fast forward look with sleek styling and new cast aluminum wheels
  • 5-inch TFT color display with integrated Honda smartphone voice control system to connect the driver and smartphone via Bluetooth
  • USB charging socket under the seat

 The design language of the Honda “Neo Sports Cafés” not only takes reminiscences of times long past, but interprets them into the future. There is plenty of scope for variations on the theme. For 2021, the CB1000R will take the already impressive styling of the 2018 version as a springboard and turn it up again. The unique "Neo-Sports-Café" look is unmistakable. The special design language is enhanced by a more aggressive styling around the striking, black engine and the crouched, muscular posture of the machine. The new, elaborately designed 7-spoke wheels made of cast aluminum set additional accents and are another highlight.

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 22 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

The lines of the CB follow the harmony of a clear concept, from the front to the rear. The round headlight is immediately noticeable. It is now sitting in a teardrop-shaped enclosure further back between the fork; the aluminum radiator trims are much more compact and inclined in the direction of travel. This design continues with the cladding of the airbox. The newly designed, curved aluminum subframe is now aluminum-colored (instead of black), which underlines the consistent minimalism of the rear. Another detail is the reduced license plate holder.

With the new, breathtaking look, the CB1000R arouses desire while it is still standing. But there is also a lot going on in terms of everyday suitability. The cockpit now has a clearly visible 5-inch TFT color display. The driver can choose between four layouts for displaying speed and engine speed as well as further options for fuel and consumption, driving mode and engine settings as well as a shift-up display. It is controlled via switches on the left side of the handlebar.

Also integrated in the cockpit is the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control (HSVC) system, which connects the driver to his smartphone and enables voice control of phone calls, e-mails, music and navigation, even while driving. A headset is required for use; the smartphone must also be connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth. The HSVC can also be controlled using the buttons on the left switch unit. There is now a USB socket under the seat for charging the smartphone.

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 48 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

The rear turn signals of the CB1000R have an emergency stop signal function (ESS). In the event of emergency braking, the hazard warning lights flash to warn other road users of an emergency braking. Instead of using a simple timer, the system compares the speed difference between the front and rear wheels and, depending on the situation, calculates the point in time at which the hazard warning lights are deactivated again.


Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 45 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

  • Four-cylinder engine with Throttle By Wire derived from the CBR1000RR
  • Revised PGM-FI settings for perfect throttle response
  • The engine now complies with the EURO5 standard

The CB998R's 1000 cc DOHC four-cylinder engine offers a powerful mix of power and torque: 145 hp (107 kW) at 10.500 rpm and 104 Nm of torque at 8.250 rpm. Bore and stroke are set at 75 mm x 56,5 mm with a compression ratio of 11,6: 1. The red speed range starts at 11.500 rpm and the rev limiter kicks in at 12.000 rpm. Changes for 2021 concern the optimized setup of the PGM-FI fuel injection for improved power output and sharper response, as well as compliance with the EURO5 standard.

The engine is tuned so that it delivers its maximum torque between 6.000 and 8.000 tours. In this speed range, it offers an abundance of power at all times and provides an exciting and promising driving experience. The robust engine characteristics are particularly positive when accelerating quickly from standstill and when overtaking.

The airbox, the entire supply line system and the air filter are provided with extremely smooth surfaces in order to make the air flow to the engine as optimal as possible. This reduces pressure loss over the entire intake path. A throttle valve housing with a diameter of 44 mm leads the air / fuel mixture into inlet ducts with a large diameter and further into ergonomically shaped combustion chambers. The intake valve lift is set to 8,3 mm, the exhaust lift to 8,1 mm. The pistons are made of forged aluminum. A short gear ratio ensures an exhilarating acceleration between 30-130 km / h. The slipper clutch is super light and simplified, hard, fast downshifts.

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 35 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

The exhaust system of the CB1000R is weight-optimized and gives the machine additional power in the medium speed range. It is a 4 in 2 in 1 system. Exhaust gases are led through 4 short catalytic converters into a main chamber, which then feeds a two-chamber silencer. The exhaust sound is wonderfully sonorous and turns into a deep, raw rumble from 5.500 rpm. In order to meet the EURO5 standard, the 02-Lambda probes replaced by linear air flow sensors (LAF) in the downpipes. This ensures a much more accurate measurement of the exhaust gases. The engine has a fuel consumption of 5,8 l / 100 km.

Engine electronics

  • 3 standard driving modes plus USER mode
  • 3 power levels for engine power development and engine braking as well as Honda Selectable Torque Control

Throttle By Wire (TBW) gives the driver maximum control over the powerful engine of the CB1000R. There are 3 standard driving modes and 1 individually configurable USER mode available to start with. The riding modes are managed via the switch unit on the left side of the handlebar and the TFT display.

There are 3 levels of engine power development (P), engine brake (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) available. HSTC can also be switched off. The driving modes offer different combinations of the individual parameters.

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 52 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

The RAIN Mode throttles to the lowest power setting for a least aggressive power output, medium engine braking effect and high HSTC intervention. The lower power and torque output levels affect the first 3 gears.

The STANDARD Mode uses the middle setting for power delivery, engine braking, and HSTC. Compared to the SPORT mode, the power delivery in first and second gear is limited slightly and the torque is reduced.

The SPORT Modus supports maximum power delivery, lowest engine braking effect and the smallest possible intervention of the HSTC in order to achieve 100% power over all six gears and maximum torque in all throttle valve positions.

The USER Mode allows each parameter within the 3 settings (low / medium / high) to be individually configured and the setting to be saved for future use.


Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 47 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

  • Strong, lightweight mono backbone steel frame, Showa SFF-BP adjustable fork and monoshock rear shock
  • Double disc brake with radially mounted four-piston brake calipers and floating 310 mm brake discs at the front

The chassis of the CB1000R will enter the race unchanged in the 2021 model year. It consists of a mono-backbone steel frame with split aluminum swivel joints to accommodate the characteristic 574,2 mm single-sided swing arm. The steering head angle is set to 25 ° with a caster of 100 mm; the wheelbase is 1.455 mm. The wet weight of the CB1000R is 212 kg. The wheel load distribution (front / rear) is 48,5% to 51,5%.

The seat height of 830 mm and the wide aluminum handlebars result in a naturally relaxed seating position. The broad-shouldered fuel tank is strongly cut out and offers plenty of knee room. The adjustable suspension fork is a Showa Separate Function Fork Big Piston (SFF-BP). All components of the damping function are housed in a spar of the fork. This reduces weight while providing comfort and control for a wide range of driving conditions. The rear Showa strut is adjustable in rebound and spring preload.

At the front, two radially mounted four-piston brake calipers with floating 310 mm brake discs brake. The rear is supported by a two-piston brake caliper with a 256 mm brake disc and 2-channel ABS. The new, lavishly designed 7-spoke cast aluminum wheels exude bold elegance. The 6-inch wide rear wheel rim is fitted with a 190/55 ZR17 tire, the front wheel has a 120/70 ZR17 tire.

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 37 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

Photos: Honda

A full range of genuine Honda accessories are available for the CB1000R, including:

  • Tank pad
  • Fly screen
  • Pillion cover
  • Front fender cover
  • Alcantara seat for driver & pillion
  • Handlebar caps
  • Engine cover
  • radiator grill
  • Rim stickers
  • Heated grips
  • Quickshifter
  • Luggage holder
  • Bag for the back seat
  • Tank bag

Technical data:

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 34 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

Type Liquid-cooled DOHC in-line 4-cylinder
Valves per cylinder 4
capacity 998 cc
Bore and stroke 75 56,5 mm x mm
compression ratio 11,6:1
Maximum power 145 PS (107 kW) at 10.500 RPM
Max. Torque 104 Nm at 8.250 rpm
mixture preparation PGM-FI fuel injection
Tankinhalt 16,2 l
Consumption 5,8 l / 100 km
Starter Electric
battery capacity 12V / 8,6AH
Coupling type Multiple discs in an oil bath
Gear type 6-speed transmission
Final drive Chain
Type Mono backbone steel frame
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.120 mm x 789 mm x 1.090 mm
wheelbase 1.455 mm
Steering head angle 25 °
trailing 100 mm
seat height 830 mm
ground clearance 135 mm
Weight (full tank) 212 kg
your Front Wheel. Showa SFF-BP USD fork
behind Showa Monoshock (stroke 131 mm)
Rim size in front cast aluminum
Rear rim size cast aluminum
Front tire 120 / 70 ZR17
Tire behind 190 / 55 ZR17
ABS type 2 Channel
your Front Wheel. 310 mm double disc
behind 256 mm single disc
Instruments 5 ”TFT display
headlights LED
Taillight LED

Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 Black Edition Tuning 29 Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

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Honda CB1000R Mj. 2021 and CB1000R Black Edition!

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