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Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

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Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 2 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

More displacement for Honda's mini adventure bike. Thanks to the revised air intake, improved intake cam control and new exhaust system, the new model starts with more power and significantly more torque over the entire speed range. The overall shorter gear ratio is complemented by a longer 6th gear, while an anti-hopping clutch allows better control of the rear wheel. The handling is on a new level thanks to the new swing arm and the more flexible frame, more ground clearance and suspension travel as well as the revised riding position on every terrain. The fuel tank with a larger capacity extends the radius, the seat is now rubber-mounted and also lower. In addition, there are now rubber inserts for the footrests. The handlebar is stabilized with additional weights. The indicators are now flexibly mounted so that they are not easily broken in the event of a fall. The round overall package is rounded off by an easy-to-read LC display. The empty weight drops by 4 kg to 153 kg.


Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 6 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

A versatile motorcycle like the CRF300 Rally shines on any terrain: thanks to its slim proportions and in combination with excellent handling, it glides easily through dense city traffic, while suspension, ground clearance and seat height promise a lot of fun and comfort on rough slopes. The CRF opens up completely new possibilities regardless of the driving ability of its owner. The CRF250 RALLY, whose styling DNA was derived directly from the HRC CRF450 RALLY Dakar, was based on the CRF250L. When it was launched in 2017, it defined a completely new segment. The machine gave the impression that it could start the next best stage in the desert and is also the best choice for riders who prefer a light, easy-to-use adventure bike.

In addition to the CRF2021L, the CRF300 RALLY will also make its debut in 300. It is lighter, more powerful and even better equipped. Regardless of whether you want to circle the world with it, or just the next block - the CRF300 RALLY is ready to go.

Model overview

The new 286 cc engine on the CRF300L has 10% more peak power and 18% more peak torque. In total, this means an output of 27,3 PS (20,1 kW) at 8.500 rpm and a maximum torque of 26,6 Nm at 6.500 rpm. The revised intake timing, air intake and exhaust system also contribute to the significant increase in power, especially in the medium engine speed range. Gears 1 to 5 have a shorter gear ratio to improve responsiveness. In contrast, 6th gear has a longer ratio for relaxed cruising at higher speeds. By using an anti-hopping clutch, the rider gains more control over the rear wheel. In addition, the effort required to operate the clutch lever has been reduced by 20%.

cb no thumbnail Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

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The weight reduction of noticeable 4 kg is achieved through a new steel frame including an aluminum swing arm and the new lower fork bridge. This gives the machine a much better balance of rigidity and provides excellent feedback to the driver. The fork of the CRF now has a 10 mm longer travel. The steering geometry is matched to the new chassis.

The CRF pleases with a robust cladding that houses the fuel tank, which has been enlarged to 12,8 l, and a comfortable, wide seat. The striking asymmetrical double LED headlights and the new LC display complete the look. The seating position has been optimized to further refine the handling in the field and in the city.


  • Motor with a larger displacement (286 ccm) for an additional 2,6 HP (1,9 kW) and 4 Nm more torque
  • Better acceleration thanks to the revised gear ratio and more relaxed cruising at higher speeds
  • Anti-hopping clutch with 20% less effort required to operate the clutch lever

The increase in displacement of the liquid-cooled single-cylinder DOHC engine from 250 to 286 ccm is achieved through the larger stroke of 63 instead of 55 mm. The bore of 75 mm remains, as does the compression ratio of 10,7: 1. The peak output of 27,3 PS (20,1 kW) is achieved at 8.500 rpm, the peak torque is 26,6 Nm at 6.500 rpm (previously 24,7 PS (18,2 kW) at 8.500 rpm and 22,6 , 6.750 Nm at 2.000 rpm). The evaluations of the test bench runs speak for themselves: from XNUMX rpm, the new engine is significantly more powerful than its predecessor in all respects.

Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 6 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

Gears 1-5 have a shorter gear ratio in order to use the improved torque of the engine and at the same time optimize response behavior and acceleration. The 6th gear, on the other hand, is designed longer for relaxed cruising at higher speeds. The anti-hopping clutch reduces the effort required on the clutch lever by 20% and ensures that the rear wheel does not lock up when shifting down quickly - for maximum control on and off-road. The top speed increases from 129 to 135 km / h. For the sprint over 400 m, the CRF takes 15,4 s and is therefore 0,9 s faster than its predecessor.

On the intake side, the timing has been revised. This measure promotes the response behavior especially in the lower to medium speed range, the speed range most frequently used in town and off-road. In addition, the air filter, exhaust system (660 g lighter than the previous version) and ignition timing have been optimized. An iridium spark plug and the precise supply of the fuel mixture through the PGM-FI injection system increase combustion efficiency and improve the environmental balance.

Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 3 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

An offset cylinder reduces internal friction losses. The piston is provided with a special surface material and an additional molybdenum coating. The oil pump is designed so that it can take over pressure equalization and housing ventilation. A split, pressed-in metal bearing is used in the area of ​​the crankshaft journal, while the crankshaft bearing has a socket made of cast iron. A primary balance shaft reduces further vibrations.

The cooling system works with a 10,7 kW radiator, which is located on the left side of the motorcycle and is protected by a polypropylene grille with baffles - to improve the air flow. In addition, a fan is used to keep the engine temperature stable at low speeds, both in traffic jams and when driving off-road.

The engine of the CRF300 RALLY complies with the EURO5 standard.

  • Improved handling and more agility in any terrain
  • Considerable weight savings thanks to the new frame and swing arm
  • Improved stiffness balance for more feedback to the driver
  • Chassis components with long front and rear suspension travel

 Overall, the chassis of the CRF300 RALLY saves 4 kg, the wet weight is now 153 kg. The double-loop steel frame is completely new and contributes a whole 2,15 kg to the weight reduction. The frame is designed to have 25% less lateral stiffness. This improves the driving experience and the feedback from the front and rear wheels to the driver. The optimizations are achieved by reducing the width of the main pipe (-30 mm) and the beams (diameter now 25,4 instead of 28,6 mm). In addition, the width of the central stiffening tube is reduced by 20 mm.

Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 4 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

The new one-piece swing arm made of cast aluminum is not only 550 g lighter, it also has 23% less lateral stiffness and 17% less torsional stiffness. In addition, it is made 15 mm narrower directly behind the pivot point. The smooth cross-section of the rocker enables even deflection under load. The chain tensioners are made of pressed aluminum. The lower triple clamp is made of aluminum instead of steel, which saves 730 g in weight. This weight reduction above the center of gravity of the machine leads to more agile steering behavior.

The 43 mm Showa upside-down fork impresses with 10 mm more travel (260 mm) compared to the previous model. In addition, the spring strength and damping have been revised to expand the adjustment range for all possible driving conditions. The Pro-Link rear suspension also has a spring travel of 260 mm. The Showa shock absorber is a single tube construction with a 40 mm cylinder.

The ground clearance has been increased from 255 to 275 mm. The frame and engine are now 20 mm higher, due to the redesign of the lower frame section, the crankcase and the oil drain plug. The steering head angle and caster are now set to 27,5 ° and 109 mm (from 27,6 ° / 113 mm) with a 10 mm longer wheelbase of 1.455 mm.

Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 5 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

The front wheel brakes with a 296 mm single brake disc with a two-piston fixed calliper, the rear wheel with a 220 mm brake disc with a single-piston fixed calliper. As with the CRF competitor machines, the rear brake master cylinder is now integrated into the construction, which also saves weight. Also derived directly from the CRF250R / CRF450R are the brake discs with shaft design, which score with excellent self-cleaning properties under adverse conditions. The 2-channel ABS is standard.

The lightweight aluminum rims also reduce the unsprung mass. The Alumite surface of the 2021 model has been polished to create an easy-to-clean, shiny surface. Enduro tires with a block profile (front, 80 / 100-21 51P and rear 120 / 80-18 62P) offer traction in almost every driving situation. The 21-inch front wheel and the 18-inch rear wheel increase stability on uneven terrain and, if necessary, enable specific off-road tires to be fitted.

Styling & equipment

  • Lighter, slimmer fairing with a larger 12,8 liter fuel tank
  • Wider seat for more comfort, now rubber-coated and 5 mm lower
  • LC display even easier to read

 The CRF300 RALLY was developed to withstand all odds. Your styling is an expression of function. Derived from the CRF450 RALLY, the flyscreen, the upper and lower panels and the side panels effectively protect the driver from the elements. Handguards offer additional protection, both for the hands and for the brake and clutch levers. A skid plate secures the underside of the machine; the shift lever has a foldable pin.

The new CRF shows off its motocross elements, especially in the rear. The license plate holder is significantly smaller, which saves a whopping 300 g in weight. The aggressive, new front fender brings a further 110 g reduction. The volume of the fuel tank increases by 2,7 l to 12,8 l. With a consumption of 3,1 l / 100 km in WMTC mode, a potential range of over 410 km is possible.

Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 3 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

For reasons of comfort, the seat has a rubber bearing and the footrests are now also provided with rubber inserts. The seat height is 890 mm, which is 10 mm higher than the CRF300L but 5 mm lower than the predecessor. The seat has the same narrow profile in the front area as that of the CRF300L, but is 20 mm wider over the entire seat surface for more comfort on longer stages.

The slightly different driving position provides more control: the handlebars have been moved a little further back and the footrests are lowered and also moved backwards. This makes shifting easier even in heavy off-road boots. In addition, the handlebars of the CRF300 RALLY are stabilized with weights to minimize vibrations. The side stand is also new. It now has a 10% larger and now foldable contact area.

A newly designed, 70 g lighter LC display with large black digits on a razor-sharp white display impresses with its excellent readability. At 23 mm, the numbers on the speedometer are 6 mm larger than those of the predecessor. The display includes a gear indicator and shows the mileage, fuel consumption and average speed. It also shows a stopwatch and a tachometer. The compact, asymmetrical double LED headlight is matched to an LED rear light. The turn signals also light up with LEDs and are now flexibly mounted.


The tailor-made accessories for the CRF300 RALLY include a 38 liter top case and rear rack mounts.

Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 6 Honda CRF300 Rally model year 2021 with more displacement!

Photos: Honda

Technical data:

Type Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder DOHC engine
capacity 286 cc
Valves per cylinder 4
Bore & stroke 76 63 mm x mm
compression ratio 10,7:1
Maximum power 27,3 PS (20,1kW) / 8.500 rpm
Max. Torque 26,6 Nm / 6.750 rpm
Engine oil quantity 1,8 l
mixture preparation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Tankinhalt 12,8 l
Consumption 3,1 l / 100 km
battery capacity 12V-7AH
Coupling type Multi-disc in an oil bath, slipper clutch
Gear type 6-course
Final drive Chain
Type Double loop steel frame
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.230 mm x 920 mm x 1.415 mm
wheelbase 1.455 mm
Steering head angle 27.5 °
trailing 109 mm
seat height 890 mm
ground clearance 275 mm
Weight (full tank) 153 kg
turning circle 2,2 m
your Front Wheel. 43 mm USD fork
behind Pro-Link
your Front Wheel. Aluminum spoked wheel
behind Aluminum spoked wheel
Front tire 80 / 100-21M / C 51P
Tire behind 120 / 80-18M / C 62P
ABS system type 2-channel ABS
Brakes in front 296 mm x 3,5 mm disc with 2-piston fixed caliper
Brakes behind 220 mm x 4.5 mm disc with 1-piston fixed caliper
Instruments LCD
headlights LED
Taillight LED

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