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The all-rounder from Honda - the NC750X model year 2021

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Honda NC750X model year 2021 3 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

One of the most popular all-rounders in Europe has received a comprehensive update: more power, more speed and a revised gear ratio. All of this in combination with Honda's Throttle By Wire Management, 3 selectable driving modes and an improved Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). The much-praised fuel efficiency has been further optimized, thanks in part to a 6 kg reduction in curb weight. The frame and the cladding have been redesigned. The practical storage compartment in the front area has been enlarged and the seat height has been reduced by 30 mm. In addition, a version with Honda's unique dual clutch transmission will be available. A new screen, LED lighting and an LCD display complete the update.

NC750X model year 2021

Honda NC750X model year 2021 70 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

Since its introduction in 2012 *, the NC750X has enjoyed great popularity across Europe. There are several reasons for the success: A pioneering, high-torque and at the same time fuel-saving two-cylinder engine, a relaxed and comfortable seating position with wide handlebars and a comfortable seat, a pleasing chassis and the unmistakable adventure styling play an important role. The storage space (which is usually the place of the fuel tank), with enough space for a full-face helmet and Honda's unique dual clutch transmission (DCT), which more than half of the European buyers opted for in 2019, are further pluses that distinguish the NC750X. In the sum of its properties, the qualities of the NC750X combine to form a machine that works excellently and is equipped for all driving conditions - in rush hour traffic, when traveling or simply for pleasure - the NC750X is a true all-rounder.

The advantages of the NC750X have been further developed

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Honda has made it a point to continuously develop the NC750X's merits over the years. In 2014 the displacement increased by 75 cc to 745 cc. In 2016 the NC750X got its adventure styling, new instruments, upgrades for the DCT and LED lighting. In 2018, the two-stage Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and a 48 PS (35 kW) variant went on sale. In 2021, Honda is fully focused on improving the NC750X's strengths, namely practicality, all-round capabilities and handling. Engine power and torque are sharpened. The red area now begins later and gives the machine extra agility in the upper speed range. The addition of 3 electronic driving modes gives the successful overall package the finishing touch.

Model overview

Honda NC750X model year 2021 16 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

4,1 HP (3 kW) more peak power for the EURO5 compliant motor of the NC750X and an additional 600 rpm up to the red area are the most striking changes to the new model. This increase in performance is primarily achieved by revising the valve control and improving the intake and exhaust efficiency. A shorter gear ratio for the first, second and third gear enables better responsiveness, while an anti-hopping clutch ensures smooth driving when downshifting quickly.

Throttle By Wire (TBW) enables the engine characteristics to be matched using three standard driving modes - RAIN, STANDARD and SPORT - as well as an adjustable USER mode. The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) now has a finer level that can be regulated in 3 stages. With the optionally available dual clutch transmission (DCT), the shift behavior adapts to the selected driving mode. You can also choose from 4 predefined settings for the DCT (USER mode).

Honda NC750X model year 2021 40 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

Thanks to the improvements to the engine and fairing, but above all to the new frame, the new NC750X is an incredible 6 kg lighter than its predecessor. In addition, it pleases with a minimalist, fresh styling and modern LED lighting. The storage space in the front area of ​​the machine is even more practical thanks to its larger volume. The seat height has been reduced by 30 mm, the screen offers more wind protection and the new LCD display is convincing across the board.

The NC750X will be available in the following colors:

  • Grand Prix Red * NEW *
  • Matt Ballistic Black Metallic
  • Pearl Glare White
  • Glint Wave Blue Metallic


Honda NC750X model year 2021 34 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

  • Throttle By Wire and an additional 4 HP (3 kW) peak power, a total of 59 HP (43,1 kW) and 69 Nm torque
  • Sportier driving experience thanks to the shorter 1st – 3rd Gear and 600 rpm more up to the red speed range
  • Smooth downshifts thanks to the new slipper clutch
  • EURO5 compliant, consumption of 3,5 l / 100 km (WMTC mode)
  • 48 HP (35 kW) version available for holders of the A2 driving license

The design of the liquid-cooled, SOHC 8-valve parallel twin motor of the NC750X ensures plenty of power in the lower to medium speed range. The comparatively long-stroke architecture with specially shaped combustion chambers, combined with the crankshaft with high inertia, guarantees high torque even at very low speeds. The slight forward tilt of the motor shifts the center of gravity downwards for optimal stability. In the course of the update for 2021, it is a whopping 1,2 kg lighter than its predecessor.

The optimized valve control in connection with Throttle By Wire (TBW) as well as the improvements to the exhaust system give the engine more power and enable higher speeds. The red speed range now only begins at 7.000 rpm. In addition to the increase in performance, the increased torque can be accessed above 5.000 rpm.

The peak output increases by 4 PS (3 kW) to 59 PS (43,1 kW) at 6.750 rpm, with a maximum torque of 69 Nm at 4.750 rpm. At the same time, shorter gear ratios for first, second and third gears (also for DCT) are being introduced, which improve starting from a standing start. Measured from 30 km / h, the NC750X covers 20 m in 1,7 s and 50 m in 3,2 s. At 60 km / h the engine turns at only 2.500 rpm. Fourth, fifth and sixth gears are now designed a little longer to achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 36 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

A 2 HP (48 kW) version is available for holders of the A35 driving license, which a Honda dealer can easily convert to the full version at any time. It is also possible to throttle the NC750X to 48 HP (35 kW) at a Honda dealer.

Twin balancer shafts counteract the vibrations due to the higher speed inertia. Thanks to the 270 ° cranked shaft and the characteristic ignition interval, the engine shines with an unmistakable sound. Bore and stroke are set to 77 x 80 mm. All components are designed in such a way that they perform several tasks at the same time: the camshaft drives the water pump, while one of the balance shafts drives the oil pump. The minimization of moving engine parts makes the engine light, efficient and reliable.

The use of a slipper clutch is also new for 2021. It reduces the leverage when actuated by 20% and ensures that the rear wheel does not lock up when shifting down quickly. The NC750X has a 6-speed manual transmission as standard.

The light, pentagon-shaped rear silencer has two chambers that are connected to one another by a perforated connecting pipe. In interaction with another resonance chamber, a deep, unmistakable sound is created. The two-layer catalytic converter keeps emissions levels low.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 37 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

The engine of the NC750X is satisfied with just 3,5 liters of fuel per 100 km (WMTC mode). This enables an approximate range of 400 km. The fuel tank is located under the seat and has a capacity of 14,1 l. The engine meets the EURO5 standard.

Engine electronics

  • Throttle By Wire with 3 standard driving modes and USER mode
  • Improved Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with 3 levels

 Thanks to Throttle By Wire, the driver can choose between 3 different driving modes to adapt the engine characteristics to the respective driving conditions. The mode selection works via the switch unit on the left side of the handlebar and is shown on the LC display.

SPORT means the most aggressive engine power development possible and the full engine brake with little intervention by the HSTC as well as the DCT mode 4.

RAIN offers the least aggressive engine power development and engine braking with strong intervention of the HSTC as well as the DCT mode in level 1.

STANDARD is a balanced mean value of engine power output, engine brake and HSTC intervention as well as DCT mode 2.

USER enables individual setup by the driver. The engine power development and engine braking can be set from low to medium to high, as can the HSTC. There are 4 different switching patterns available for the DCT.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 72 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

The Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) is installed as standard in both the NC750X with manual transmission and the DCT version. It now offers much finer tuning, as it controls the rear wheel torque via 3 levels thanks to the TBW:

Level 1 allows the system to intervene to a minimum for intentional spinning of the rear wheel - for example on gravel.

Level 2 is the default setting and offers safe traction for almost all driving conditions.

Level 3 offers maximum control on slippery roads.

The HSTC can also be switched off.

Dual clutch transmission (DCT)

  • Different switching patterns depending on the selected driving mode
  • USER mode with 4 basic settings to choose from
  • Natural driving experience thanks to Aadaptive clutch capability control

Honda's unique DCT technology, which was launched in 2010 with the VFR1200F, is now in its eleventh year of production. Since launch, over 140.000 DCT-equipped motorcycles have been sold in Europe. In 2019, 52% of NC750X buyers chose the DCT.

The simple and direct DCT technology ensures consistent, seamless up and down gear changes and is considered essential by many drivers. The transmission uses two clutches: one for starting and first, third, fifth and seventh gears, and the other for second, fourth and sixth gears. The main shafts of the two clutches are guided into one another to save space in order to enable a compact design.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 36 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

Each clutch is independently controlled by its own electro-hydraulic circuit. When a gear change occurs, the system preselects the target gear using the clutch not currently in use. The first clutch is then electronically disengaged while the second clutch is simultaneously engaged.

The result is a smoother, faster, and seamless gear change. Since the double clutch transfers the drive from one gear to the next with minimal drive interruption to the rear wheel, the jerking and pitching movements of the machine are minimized so that the change feels direct and smooth. Additional advantages are e.g. B. the longevity (since the gears cannot be damaged by incorrect shifting), preventing stalling, stress-free driving in the city and less driver fatigue. This allows the rider to concentrate more on all other aspects of motorcycling.

With the DCT transmission, the driver can either select the manual mode and use the paddles on the left side of the handlebars to change gear, or the automatic mode. In the automatic mode of the NC750X there are 4 different switching patterns with 3 standard settings: Level 1 is the most relaxed and is used in combination with the RAIN mode. Levels 2 and 4 only shift to the next gear at higher engine speeds and are linked to the STANDARD and SPORT driving modes.

A fourth DCT switching pattern can be selected using the USER mode. With regard to the engine characteristics, this can be classified between the STANDARD and SPORT driving modes.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 53 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

The Adaptive Clutch Capability Control is a feature of the DCT on the NC750X for controlling the transmitted clutch torque. This results in a natural response when opening or closing the throttle, which promises smoother driving.

Styling & equipment

  • More aggressive and at the same time more minimalistic styling
  • New LED headlights, LED taillights and LED turn signals as well as LC display
  • New screen improves wind and weather protection
  • Extended, 23 l storage space offers space for a full-face helmet

The redesigned upper and lower fairing of the NC750X is accentuated by the muscular fuel tank. The modern LED headlights provide an unmistakable front signature.

The wind and weather protection have also been improved thanks to the new screen. The side panels are slimmer and, together with the equally slender bench seat and the new rear silencer, ensure a successful appearance. The modern LED rear light harmonises with the LED indicators.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 51 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

Unique to the NC750X is the storage compartment, which is located where a motorcycle's fuel tank normally sits. The volume of the compartment was increased by 2021 l to 1 l with model year 23 and saves 1kg. The lid has sturdy rails that can be used to attach a tank bag. There are four hooks on the underside of the lid for attaching rubber bands to stow other utensils. In this way, the entire space can be optimally used and organized. New for the 2021 model year is the option of ordering a USB-C socket.

Another new feature is the LC display, which enables the driving modes to be controlled in conjunction with the switch unit on the left side of the handlebar. When suddenly braking at more than 50 km / h, the hazard warning lights flash to warn other road users of an emergency stop.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 38 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

In contrast to a simple timer, the system compares the speed difference between the front and rear wheels and, depending on the situation, calculates the point in time at which the hazard warning lights are deactivated again.

Another feature is the Honda Ignition Security System (HISS). If the ID chip in the key and the ID of the engine control unit (ECU) do not match, the engine will not start.


  • Revised tubular steel frame saves weight and creates space
  • Weight reduced by 6 kg
  • Seat height 30 mm lower
  • 41 mm Showa dual bending valve fork and Pro-Link monoshock at the rear, adjustable spring preload

 A barely visible but significant change in the chassis of the NC750X lies in the further development of the diamond steel tube frame. A careful redesign (using different tube thicknesses and weights) not only saved 1,8 kg compared to the previous model, but also relocated the battery and redesigned the airbox. In addition, the new frame concept allows more usable space for the storage compartment in the front area. Detail improvements in all areas of the chassis contribute to a total weight saving of 1,2 kg.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 43 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

The steering angle remains at 27 ° with a caster of 110 mm and a wheelbase of 1.525 mm (1.535 mm with DCT). The weight distribution (front / rear) corresponds to a ratio of 48 to 52. The wet weight is 214kg (224kg with DCT) and is therefore 6kg less than the previous model. The seat height is also 800 mm lower at 30 mm.

The driving position is upright and neutral. It offers a good overview of the traffic situation. The driving geometry is more like that of an adventure bike. This allows a lot of control at low speeds and, in combination with the low center of gravity and the generous steering angle, gives the NC750X exceptionally good handling.

The lower seat height is achieved by slightly reducing the spring travel. The 41 mm telescopic fork now has a spring travel of 120 mm (compared to 153,5 mm) and features Showa's double-bending valve technology. The fork has been optimized in both compression and rebound damping. This results in damping at low speeds in an exact ratio to the piston speed, which improves ride quality and comfort.

The rear monoshock damper has 120 mm of travel (compared to 150 mm) and the spring preload can be adjusted. The damper is connected to the swingarm via Pro-Link and offers both comfort and control.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 30 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

At the front, the 320 mm wave brake disc with two-piston brake caliper delivers a lot of well-controllable braking power. It is supported by a 240 mm wave brake disc with a single-piston brake caliper at the rear. The standard two-channel ABS ensures powerful and safe braking even on slippery or wet roads. Front and rear wheels made of cast aluminum in the sizes 17 x 3,50 inches at the front and 17 x 4,50 inches at the rear are fitted with tires in the dimensions 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 160/60 ZR17 at the rear. Forged aluminum L-shaped valves make it easy to control and adjust the air pressure.

Honda NC750X model year 2021 31 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

Photos: Honda

A full range of genuine Honda accessories are available for the NC750X, including:

  • USB-C charging station for the storage compartment
  • Rear rack
  • 38 l / 50 l top case with aluminum bezels and color-matched inserts
  • Suitcase holder
  • Case - right 26 l / 32 l, left 33 l with aluminum surrounds and color-matched inserts
  • High flyscreen
  • Foot deflector
  • Crash bars in metallic silver
  • fog lights
  • Heated grips


Honda NC750X model year 2021 50 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

Type Liquid-cooled 4-stroke-8-valve, SOHC-Parallel-Twin, EURO5 compliant
capacity 745 cc
Bore x stroke 77 80 mm x mm
compression ratio 10,7:1
Maximum power 59 PS (43,1 kW) at 6.750 RPM
Max. Torque 69 Nm at 4.750 rpm
Engine oil quantity 4 l
mixture preparation Electronic fuel injection PGM-FI
Tankinhalt 14,1 l
Consumption Manual: 3,5 l / 100 km (WMTC mode)

DCT: 3,5 l / 100 km (WMTC mode - in level D)

Starter Electric
battery capacity 12V / 11AH
ACG output Manual: 420W / 5000 rpm

DCT: 450W / 5000 rpm

Coupling type Manual: multiple discs in an oil bath

DCT: 2 multi-plate clutch packages

Gear type Manual: 6-speed

DCT: 6-speed dual clutch transmission

Final drive Chain
Type Tubular steel frame
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.210 mm x 846 mm x 1.330 mm
wheelbase 1.525 mm (1.535 mm with DCT)
Steering head angle 27 °
trailing 110 mm
seat height 800 mm
ground clearance 145 mm
Weight (full tank) Manual: 214 kg

DCT: 224 kg

your Front Wheel. 41 mm telescopic fork, 120 mm stroke
behind Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 120 mm travel
your Front Wheel. Multi-spoke, cast aluminum
behind Multi-spoke, cast aluminum
Rim size in front 17M / C x MT 3,50
Rear rim size 17M / C x MT 4,50
Front tire 120/70-ZR17M / C (58W)
Tire behind 160/60-ZR17M / C (69W)
ABS type 2-channel ABS
Front brake 320 mm single disc (Wave) with 2-piston brake caliper and sintered metal linings
rear brake 240 mm single disc (Wave) with single piston brake caliper
Instruments Digital speedometer, digital tachometer, clock, fuel gauge, two trip meters, gear indicator

Display for current and average consumption, warning light for coolant temperature

Back-up system for medifa XNUMX HISS
headlights LED
Taillight LED

Honda NC750X model year 2021 52 The all-rounder from Honda, the NC750X model year 2021

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