New paint for the summer: the Honda SH 350i (2022)!

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Honda SH 350i 2022 New paint for the summer: the Honda SH 350i (2022)!

After the extensive update in model year 2021 with a performance upgrade and more displacement as well as completely new styling, the top model of the SH series remains unchanged in model year 2022. Two new "Sporty Edition" versions with new colors and design accents are added, which expand the range of SH models. Standard equipment includes the SMART Key System, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), LED lighting, LCD display and a USB-C port under the seat.


  1. Introduction
  2. Model overview
  3. Features
  4. Honda genuine accessories
  5. Specifications
  6. Introduction

Honda SH 350i 2023 New paint for the summer: the Honda SH 350i (2022)!

Over the past 37 years, over a million SH scooters have been delivered to satisfied customers in Europe. The SH series is characterized by performance, the best quality and the typical Honda reliability. The SH300i already impressed with its compact design, a practical, flat step-through and 16-inch wheels. With the already powerful motorization and agile handling, it is the perfect all-round scooter - whether for trips in the city, on the country road or on the motorway. In 2015 the SH300i was the first Honda motorcycle to meet the EURO 4 standard. At the same time, a model update provided improved torque and lower consumption. The design has become sportier and the chassis has been changed in order to offer sufficient storage space but at the same time maintain the agile handling. In the 2019 model year, the equipment of the SH300i was expanded to include Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC traction control) and the SMART Key System. The development continued with the 2021 model year: The SH350i gains in displacement and thus in power and torque, the elegant re-styling consolidates its position as the perfect all-round scooter. In the 2022 model year, two "Sporty Edition" versions expand the versatile SH350i range.

  1. Model overview
  • The eSP + motor of the SH350i delivers 29 HP (21,6 kW) and uniform power over the entire speed range, as well as the best acceleration values ​​and meets the EURO5 standard.
  • The design is an elegant evolution of the SH formula - compact, practical and perfect for the city. A USB-C charging port under the seat and an LCD display complete the equipment.
  • The SH350i model year 2022 will be available in the following color options:
    - Pearl Cool White
    - Mat Carnelian Red Metallic
    - Mat Ruthenium Silver Metallic
  • Two "Sporty Edition" versions:
    - Pearl Falcon Gray - **NEW**
    - Mat Blacky Gray Metallic - **NEW**

Both "Sporty Edition" versions have additional premium accents such as rims, fork dip tubes, luggage rack and engine cover in matt gray, red decorative stitching on the seat, red-gray rim stickers and a red Honda logo on the front and a red "SH" logo on the side .

  1. Features

3.1 Styling & equipment

  • Unmistakable SH design with flat access
  • USB-C charging port under the seat
  • SMART Key System, LCD Instruments
  • Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) function warns other road users when braking hard

Elegant but also solid - these are the cornerstones of the design of the SH350i. This combination illustrates the premium claim of the SH and follows the sister models SH125i and SH150i. At first glance, the striking front is impressive: the headlight contains a central high beam that is surrounded by two low beam, while the indicators are located on the top of the handlebars. The rear light with LED technology and the turn signals are located near the pillion passenger grab rails made of aluminum. The seating position is suitable for a large number of drivers and enables a relaxed, upright seating position with the best all-round view. The scooter is 2.160 mm long, 742 mm wide and 1.161 mm high. The ground clearance is 131 mm.

Honda SH 350i 2024 New paint for the summer: the Honda SH 350i (2022)!

Under the bench there is space for a full-face helmet and the seat height of 805 mm (only 5 mm more than the SH125 and SH150) makes it easy to reach the ground safely with your feet at traffic lights or when maneuvering. A USB-C charging port under the seat enables easy charging of smartphones. The flat step-through with a width of 435 mm makes it easy to get on and off and makes it easier to take loads with you. A foldable, practical hook is located on the inside of the front panel and offers even more convenience. A new LCD dashboard includes warning lights - including Honda Selectable Torque Control and ABS - as well as a central digital speedometer / kilometer display. It is operated via A / B buttons on the left end of the handlebar.

The front and rear turn signals of the SH350i have an Emergency Stop Signal function (ESS, emergency brake signal function), which deactivates itself again when the dangerous situation is over. As soon as the ABS controller detects sudden braking, the hazard warning lights light up at a higher frequency to warn other road users. The well-known SMART Key System not only controls the ignition, but also the 35 liter SMART Box and thus offers even more comfort in stressful everyday life. With the SMART Key in the driver's pocket, the SMART Box is unlocked and automatically locked again when the driver leaves the scooter. In addition, it can be locked with a conventional key.

3.2 Engine

  • The 330 cm3 The engine delivers 29 HP (21,6 kW) peak power and 32 Nm torque
  • eSP + (enhanced Smart Power +) technology enables fuel consumption of 3,3 l / 100 km (WMTC)
  • The engine meets the EURO5 standard

The eSP + (enhanced Smart Power +) motor of the SH350i is environmentally friendly and has impressive performance characteristics that can be achieved using various technologies to reduce friction. The peak power of the liquid-cooled SOHC four-valve injection engine delivers 29 HP (21,6 kW) at 7.500 rpm, the peak torque 32 Nm at 5.250 rpm. From a standing start, the SH350i cracks the 200 m mark after 10,2 seconds. The bore is 77 mm and the stroke is 70,7 mm. The compression ratio is 10,5: 1.

Honda SH 350i 2025 New paint for the summer: the Honda SH 350i (2022)!

Roller rocker arms, crank pins with slide bearings and a sealed crankcase offer long-term reliability with consistent performance. To improve piston cooling, an oil spray nozzle is also used to cool the piston crown (like the CRF450R). Therefore, the ignition timing can be advanced and the combustion performance can be improved. The oil volume is 1,85 liters. The air is supplied via a 5,5 liter airbox. The throttle body measures 36mm and the inlet valves 28mm for maximum efficiency. The intake port now draws in air more efficiently, using a stronger downdraft within the cylinder for more even fuel combustion. The exhaust gases are expelled through a straight exhaust duct.

In order to reduce the exhaust gas resistance, the silencer consists of two separate chambers. Changes to the expansion chamber as well as the optimized size and position of the catalytic converter improve the gas flow and exhaust gas cleaning. Internal friction is reduced by a cylinder offset by 5 mm, the introduction of a hydraulic chain tensioner and the use of an oil suction pump. As with its use in high-performance machines, the pump lowers the internal pressure in the engine, reduces oil movement and reduces pumping losses and internal rotational friction. A balance shaft also reduces vibrations and contributes to a smooth, pleasant ride. The automatic centrifugal clutch and the V-Matic belt drive transfer the power cleanly and smoothly to the rear wheel. The gear ratio is designed for quick reactions at low speeds and smart acceleration.

The SH350i is equipped with the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC traction control). The system optimizes driving safety by comparing the wheel revolutions at the front and rear, calculating the slip rate and, if necessary, reducing the engine torque accordingly via the petrol injection. This prevents a loss of grip on the rear wheel when accelerating too quickly. If desired, the HSTC can be deactivated using a switch on the handlebar. If the traction control intervenes while driving, this is also indicated to the driver via a yellow warning lamp in the cockpit. Consumption is economical at 3,3 l / 100 km (WMTC) - the 9,1 L tank enables a range of 270 kilometers and more.

3.3 chassis

  • Lightweight tubular steel frame
  • 35 mm telescopic fork and double shock absorbers at the rear
  • 16-inch wheels provide a safe driving experience

The chassis of the SH350i is characterized by agility and calm in all driving situations. In the 2021 model year, the tube diameter, strength and component materials have been redesigned to improve stability at high speed and comfort. In total, it was possible to save 1 kg in weight. The tubular steel support frame, the 35 mm telescopic fork, the rear stereo shock absorbers, the aluminum swing arm and an Oleo Link system under the engine support handling and damping. The steering head angle is 27,5 ° and the caster 99 mm. The wheelbase measures 1.452 mm and the handlebar is bent 45 °. The SH350i weighs 174 kg with a full tank. The front wheel has a dimension of 110 / 70-16 and the rear wheel 130 / 70-16. The 2-channel ABS controls the 256 mm single-disc brakes at the front and rear.

  1. Honda genuine accessories

The following Honda Genuine Accessories are available for the SH350i model year 2022:

  • Windshield & hand wind deflector
  • Heated grips
  • leg protection
  1. Specifications
TypeLiquid-cooled SOHC single-cylinder four-stroke engine
Capacity330 cm3
Bore x stroke77 70,7 mm x mm
Maximum power29 PS (21,6 kW) at 7.500 RPM
Max. Torque32 Nm at 5.250 rpm
Engine oil quantity1,85 liter
mixture preparationPGM-FI fuel injection
Tankinhalt9,1 liter
CO2 Emissions (WMTC)77,8 g / km
Consumption3,3 l / 100 km (WMTC)
Battery12V 11,6 AH
ClutchAutomatic centrifugal clutch
Final drivebelt drive
TypeTubular steel support frame
Dimensions (L x W x H)2.160 mm x 742 mm x 1.161 mm
wheelbase1.452 mm
Steering head angle27,5 °
trailing99 mm
seat height805 mm
ground clearance157,8 mm
Weight with a full tank174 kg
turning circle2,2 m
your Front Wheel.35 mm telescopic fork
behindDrive train swing arm, stereo shock absorber
Front and rear rimsCast aluminum rim, 6 spokes
Front tire size110/70-16
Tire size rear130/70-16
ABS type2 Channel
Front brake256 mm single disc brake with double piston brake caliper
rear brake256 mm single disc brake with single piston brake caliper
InstrumentsLCD display with speedometer, fuel gauge, cooling temperature display, clock, two odometer, consumption display, Honda SMART key system
Headlights and taillightsLED

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New paint for the summer: the Honda SH 350i (2022)!
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