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KTM presents the EXC models for model year 2021

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KTM 300 EXC TPI 2022 5 KTM presents the EXC models for model year 2021

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With the EXC models for model year 2022, KTM is underlining its position as the market leader in the off-road segment. Regardless of whether you are looking for a motorcycle that shines in any terrain or want to make up a few seconds on the track: There is no good reason not to rely on KTM. The key to the all-encompassing versatility of the new KTM EXC series 2022 lies in its high manufacturing standards and unmatched quality.

EXC models - model year 2021

Above all, however, all models offer two important, performance-enhancing upgrades. On the one hand, there is a new, more tightly tuned WP suspension that offers even better handling even in the most demanding terrain. In addition, all models are equipped with new MAXXIS MaxxEnduro tires. After an extensive test phase, this tire combination showed a longer durability and resistance to material fatigue with a high level of comfort for many hours of driving pleasure on different surfaces.

Thanks to the innovative TPI (Transfer Port Injection) technology, the 2-stroke models in the KTM EXC segment meet the high expectations of modern off-road drivers. Different displacement sizes guarantee that every driver will find the right mix of horsepower and torque for their needs. While the flagship, the KTM 300 EXC TPI, fulfills the wishes of every Hard Enduro rider, the KTM 250 EXC TPI 2022 has been equipped with a new final gear ratio of 13:52 by the research and development department. This modification gives the bike even more traction and makes lifting the front wheel even easier in technical sections.

high-torque 4-stroke

KTM 250 EXC TPI SIX DAYS 2022 2 KTM presents the EXC models for model year 2021

The 4-stroke KTM EXC-F models are as high-torque as ever and shine as reliable, easy-to-use and exciting off-road motorcycles with electronic fuel injection. For many years, the mix of 250cc handling and 450cc power has made the KTM 350 EXC-F one of the most popular off-road bikes, and it continues to wear this crown. The WP fork and the WP shock absorber of the new KTM EXC-F models are now a little tighter and more sporty, which helps the bikes to perform better at high speeds.


  • Revised WP suspension with tighter, more responsive set-up
  • Improved oil flow in the suspension for more constant feedback
  • New MAXXIS MaxxEnduro tires for unrivaled grip on all surfaces
  • New final ratio of 13:52 on the KTM 250 EXC TPI
  • Striking colors, inspired by the factory bikes
  • Exciting design & retro colors for the KTM EXC SIX DAYS models

The KTM motto “READY TO RACE” is based on all development activities of the brand and factory riders like Manuel Lettenbichler and Josep Garcia help perfect the KTM EXC models for all riders in the world. For the 2022 models, KTM has strengthened the visual connection between the bikes and the racing models by making greater use of the color blue and a blue seat. The graphics and racing fairings ensure that a KTM EXC at the head of the field is guaranteed not to be overlooked.

KTM 250 EXC TPI SIX DAYS 2022 KTM presents the EXC models for model year 2021

KTM has been active in top racing for decades and underlines its ongoing support of the "FIM International Six Days Enduro", which is extremely popular among racing drivers, with a wide range of KTM EXC SIX DAYS models that have been revised for 2022. For the 2022 generation, the designers have come up with a special color scheme that combines elements of a modern world map with a striking retro style. Equipped with a long list of KTM PowerParts, the KTM EXC SIX DAYS models of model year 2022 are already ready in series production to compete in this tough one-week racing event.

KTM 350 EXC F 2022 3 KTM presents the EXC models for model year 2021

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