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Tuning on the motorcycle lighting: Observe the guidelines!

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Tuning on the motorcycle lighting: Observe the guidelines!

If you want to spice up your motorcycle, you can also change the lighting exclusively reach for tested components. Caution applies primarily to products that are often offered online from the Far East but do not comply with European regulations. The assembly of such components may lead to Expiry of the operating license, as well as lead to difficulties with the insurance company in the event of an accident. Vehicle parts without ABE or E number can only get a permit through a parts respectively Individual reports obtain. And although you can buy a lot of LED technology for motorcycles from various suppliers, underbody lights, for example, are not permitted in European traffic and are therefore always illegal.

LED lighting on the motorcycle?

Tuning on the motorcycle lighting: Observe the guidelines!

In principle, lighting using LED technology may also be used on the motorcycle. The prerequisite for this, however, is that the legal regulations regarding the luminosity and beam angle are strictly observed and correspond to the original in order not to risk the operating permit. If the LED lighting is sold with an ABE or ECE test seal, you can use the component according to the approved area of ​​use easy to use. who one type approval but does not have the tuning part, must visit a testing organization (TÜV, DEKRA). There, the accessories are checked and, if necessary, approved. However, if the conversions were not permitted, improvements must be made or the component must generally be removed again. So better previously Contact an inspection body and clarify the situation.

These lights are allowed on the motorcycle

The European directives and the national legislation of the StVZO specify the precise properties of motorcycle lighting. Basically always has to White light forward and Red light shine backwards. On the sides may yellow light be used. Only approved lights with a EC or ECE test number. For other lights you need a separate acceptance by a testing institute. It may only Lights must be attached to the motorcycle, which are mandatory or additionally permitted. A certain lighting technology that is not mentioned in the law cannot be used legally.

Exceptions to this rule are only permitted if they affect general road safety erhöhen be able. So can additional yellow reflectors be allowed on the sides of the motorcycle if they improve the visibility of the side of the vehicle. Also yellow reflective strips on the flank can be affected by this exception, provided that they do not form lettering but a horizontal line. Also white reflective rim stickers can increase lateral visibility at night - the decisive factor here is that the signal image remains unchanged.

Tuning on the motorcycle lighting: Observe the guidelines!

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Tuning on the motorcycle lighting: Observe the guidelines!

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Tuning on the motorcycle lighting: Observe the guidelines!

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