New colors for 2023 for CB1000R, CMX500 Rebel and Monkey!

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Three more models in the Honda motorcycle range will be given new colors for the 2023 model year. A new CB1000R Black Edition joins the Neo Sports Café family in striking blue. The CMX500 Rebel, Europe's most popular model in the custom category for the past two years, has three new colors, and the S variant also has a new finish. Lacquer dress updates that pay homage to the classic 1960s look upgrade the Monkey 125.

CB1000R, CMX500 Rebel, Monkey

  • The CB1000R Black Edition will also be available in Mat Jeans Blue Metallic in the future, along with the standard CB1000R in modified Bordeaux Red Metallic. 
  • The CMX500 Rebel shines in 2023 in the S version in titanium metallic and the standard version with three new colors.
  • The Monkey 125 presents itself in lacquer clothing that is visually closer to the legendary original of the 60s.

A new CB1000R “Black Edition” in Mat Jeans Blue Metallic joins the popular Black Edition version at the top of the Neo Sports Café family for model year 2023. Both tank colors are finished with a shiny silver effect that harmonises perfectly with the elaborately machined aluminum surfaces on the wheel spokes, handlebar clamps, swingarm plates and engine covers. The dynamically slim look of the naked bikes is completed by colour-coordinated pillion seat covers. The standard CB1000R is also presented in a new finish, in a modified, extremely elegant Bordeaux red metallic.

The CMX500 Rebel, Honda's A2 license-capable half-litre parallel-twin cruiser, has been Europe's best-selling model in the custom category for two years. Thanks to its low seat height and easy handling, the Rebel is particularly easy to ride and has attractive standard equipment, which, in addition to the gear indicator and full LED lighting, includes an assist slip clutch that facilitates shifting manoeuvres. For 2023, the CMX500 Rebel comes in three handsome new colors: Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic, Pearl Smoky Gray and Candy Diesel Red.

with titanium metallic paint

Neo Sports Cafe Series 2023 Honda CB1000R 36

The S version of the CMX500 Rebel, which also has a lamp mask, black fork protectors and a seat decorated with diamond stitching, will be enchanting in chic titanium metallic paint in the future. Since its reintroduction, the sympathetically playful Monkey 125 has been cheering up the streets all over Europe. For 2023, this pocket-sized Honda will be available in new Pearl Shining Black, as well as updated Banana Yellow and Pearl Nebula Red. These paint finishes complement color-coordinated frames, forks, swingarms, damper springs and a plaid seat cover, as well as stylish tank decals inspired by the classic Monkey style of the late 1960s.

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New colors for 2023 for CB1000R, CMX500 Rebel and Monkey!
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