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The possibilities of scooter tuning!

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The possibilities of scooter tuning!

Despite their lower performance and speed, scooters are mainly popular with young people as an alternative to motorbikes or cars. Compared to motorcycles or cars, they are among the featherweights, but their maneuverability, the low purchase price, low fuel costs and the possibility of use from the age of 16 speak for their use as a practical, flexible means of transport. On the one hand, the power throttling offers safety on the road, but on the other hand, many are not satisfied with the factory speed limit. The question is which tuning is allowed. Especially with regard to the extremely popular ones performance improvements. How can you increase the performance of a 2 and 4-stroke scooter without breaking the law? In the following, it is explained which legal options exist for increasing performance by tuning the 50 or 125 ccm speedster and which technical changes should be avoided.

Possibilities of scooter tuning

Modifications to the scooter that affect performance are generally permitted Don `t change respectively erhöhen. At the replacement of complete original components or others technical Changes, which increase performance, the measure will almost always require a permit. This also applies if a Teilegutachten is supplied. It must be approved by the test center and noted in the vehicle documents. Anyone who violates these rules risks a fine of between 10,00 and 100,00 euros. And if the environment is damaged or people are endangered, there are points in Flensburg on top.

The possibilities of scooter tuning!

Different ways of tuning the scooter and legal regulations!

There are various options when tuning scooters, various specifications and parts can be changed in order to to increase performance. The scooter can about unthrottled will. Then the design-related limitation to a maximum speed of 25 or 45 km/h is replaced by technical changes aufgehoben. The de-throttling of the scooter is like that in various areas exhaust system, the carburettor and the Motor possible. The Exhaust System can also be changed on the scooter. This allows higher speeds to be achieved. That's enough from injection, on the Sports exhaust, change in air flow in the pipe system of the plant up to changing the entire exhaust gas system. There are a number of ways, some of which can result in criminal prosecution.

The possibilities of scooter tuning!

The change of optics, Sounds and above all the Performance is possible by changing the exhaust system, but this is not without risk. The exhaust system is matched by the manufacturer to the rest of the engine parts, so it often makes little sense to have one Racing exhaust system to be fitted to a normal engine. And basically is the distance from the catalyst. This should reduce air resistance. Changing the exhaust system can change the basis for calculating the vehicle tax due to the change in pollutant emissions and the changed higher exhaust gas values.

Injection system on the scooter: remove the electronic throttle!

The so-called high voltage capacitor ignition (CDI) regulates the ignition, from a certain speed the engine then no longer ignites. If the CDI is removed or modified, the speed increases, the throttling via the ignition is eliminated. Next is the Optimization of the air supply into the combustion chamber. In addition, the one sitting at the carburetor can often do the same throttle slider be expanded and then you can accelerate indefinitely. Tip: A well-adjusted carburettor is a simpler variant, this also brings a little more speed, without any tuning the moped will be faster if all components are optimally matched to each other. Dirt on the carburetor caused by long periods of inactivity can cause problems, but these can be eliminated by overhauling and cleaning the carburetor. Regular checking of wearing parts is also always recommended.

The possibilities of scooter tuning!

The optimal one Roller variator is not easy to figure out, but is of significant importance for performance. A Gearbox tuning is also possible. The variator can be adjusted in such a way that it translates the circuit faster. And at Chiptuning Similar to cars, changes can also occur on scooters system software be made. Here they can injection quantity, the speed ratio, the ignition control and other processes are changed.

Be careful when chipping: Basically, the software is optimally matched to the hardware ex works. Manipulation of the data does not always make sense. Especially not when special components not be upgraded. As a layman, you should leave the chip tuning direct. It's easier that optics via tuning about in the form of Foils, cultivation of new mirrors, wider wheels etc. to change. Even amateurs can do that.

changes subject to registration

When tuning, attention must be paid to the conformity of the changes with the legal regulations. One general type approval for vehicle parts (ABE) is often sufficient, it is included with the vehicle component and provides information about the appropriate makes. A Partial report is required for certain parts. The TÜV checks the partial reports and accepts the changes. Manipulations of safety-relevant components, chip tuning or throttling are not permitted unless they have been approved by the TÜV and the corresponding changes are made after the scooter tuning also be entered in the vehicle documents.

Scooter Tuning - What is Legal?

In principle, in the event of structural changes, the Exhaust, the Air Filter, Lighting or on carburettor the operating license of the scooter. One de-throttling of the scooter is in compliance with the law when the technical changes are approved by TÜV, DEKRA or another recognized inspection body. But there is one obligation to register in the vehicle documents and these may only be carried out by professional appraisers. In any case, it is advisable to contact a reputable, competent workshop with questions about scooter tuning, which should also be familiar with the legal topic. If the speed of the scooter after tuning is higher than that specified in the vehicle documents and that matches the driver's license, then the driver is liable to prosecution. It is about not just an offence, but about one criminal offense (Keyword: Driving without a license), which with a Fine or even with one imprisonment can be prosecuted. Caution again when making changes to the exhaust system: The removal of the cat or the installation of a dummy is generally not permitted. A Criminal proceedings for tax evasion can then threaten.

Table of fines for scooter tuning

facts Strafe Points
Increased noise and/or exhaust emissions 10 €
Driving without a valid operating license 50 €
... affecting the environment 90 €
... with impairment of road safety 90 € 1
Non-compliance with the permissible vehicle dimensions 60 € 1
Driving without a valid driver's license imprisonment or a fine 3

The possibilities of scooter tuning!

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The possibilities of scooter tuning!

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The possibilities of scooter tuning!

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The possibilities of scooter tuning!

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