BURGMAN 400: New motor scooter from Suzuki

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AN400AM2 YUD Diagonal BURGMAN 400: New motor scooter from Suzuki

Photos by Suzuki

The name BURGMAN has always stood for luxury, comfort and dynamism in the world of scooters. For the late summer of 2021, Suzuki presents the new BURGMAN 400, which impresses with more safety and improved efficiency. In addition to the Easy-Start system, the new BURGMAN 400 has a traction control that offers additional safety. A convincing combination of stylish design, high functionality and driving comfort.

Engine, power and features

The BURGMAN 400 not only looks classy, ​​it is also strong and dynamic. The liquid-cooled 400 cc four-stroke DOHC single-cylinder engine with fuel injection has been extensively revised and meets the Euro 5 emissions standard. It generates outstanding torque in the lower to medium speed range and delivers powerful acceleration. The newly introduced Suzuki Dual Spark Technology improves combustion efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and increases top speed.

In addition, the BURGMAN 400 received a newly developed traction control, which reduces spinning of the rear wheel when starting from a standstill with the throttle fully open or when driving on slippery or uneven road surfaces and gives the driver a reassuring feeling at all times.

The design concept: the elegant athlete

The BURGMAN 400 impresses with its refined lines and stylish appearance and impresses with its sporty character. The new scooter is available in gray, black and a new color variant. A matt finish was chosen for the new “Metallic Mat Sword Silver” color of the BURGMAN 400, which also underlines the sporty, elegant look. The iconic blue of the rims can also be found on Suzuki's sport models and gives a smart, sporty impression.

Despite the slim, compact rear design, there is still plenty of storage space under the bench. The spacious 42-liter storage space enables you to store two helmets or a large number of other utensils *, for example. Thanks to the stepped double seat design, the pillion can also be comfortably seated.


The new BURGMAN 400 will be available from authorized Suzuki dealers in Germany in late summer 2021. The recommended retail price will be announced promptly on the company website of Suzuki Deutschland GmbH. *The weight limit for items in the under seat compartment is 10 kg. It cannot be guaranteed that two of all helmet models will fit in the compartment.

AN400AM2 Under seat storage BURGMAN 400: New motor scooter from Suzuki

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