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The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT - wanderlust redefined!

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Suzuki GSX S1000GT Model 2022 32 The new Suzuki GSX S1000GT - wanderlust redefined!

Designed from the ground up as a grand tourer, the new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT offers the perfect blend of performance, agility, high-speed stability, pillion compatibility, long-distance comfort and breathtaking styling. Concept: The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT is the grand tourer par excellence, which confidently brings both driver and passenger with a powerful drive to their destination, even over long distances. The sensitive, controllable power output of the potent 1000 cubic four-cylinder engine is just as helpful for relaxed touring as it guarantees maximum driving pleasure on sporty trips. The most modern and finely tuned assistance systems support the driver in the sense of a relaxed and safe touring experience with a sporty character.

Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

Thanks to their wide adjustment range, the spring elements can be perfectly adapted to the most varied of load conditions and the wide range of uses of the GT, and they always ensure balanced and safe driving behavior - on winding country roads as well as on high-speed stages on the autobahn. The cast aluminum wheels in a lightweight six-spoke design are equipped with the Dunlop Roadsport 1000 radial tires with a special casing and innovative rubber compound, specially developed for the new GSX-S2GT. Radially mounted monobloc brake calipers from Brembo guarantee excellent deceleration values ​​in combination with floating 310 mm discs.

The fairing, aerodynamically optimized in complex wind tunnel tests, with a newly designed windshield and side winglets, offers the best protection against wind and weather and underlines the sporty appearance. A balanced geometry and the high-quality upholstered seats including ergonomically shaped handles for the pillion passenger guarantee the crew excellent comfort even on long stretches of the motorway. The volume of the side cases * elegantly integrated into the rear of the vehicle is also ideal for long vacation trips for two. The long-distance claim is underlined by the long range, which results from a tank capacity of 19 liters and the excellent fuel efficiency of the engine.

State-of-the-art LED lighting technology and a cockpit with a TFT-LCD multifunctional display as well as the latest connectivity features round off the generous features of the GSX-S1000GT. This new Grand Tourer is the ideal motorcycle for all those who are enthusiastic about extended tours, powerful drive with sporty vehicle characteristics and who value comfort for the driver and pillion passenger, even over long distances.

Styling - Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

The radical design with precisely defined lines gives the Suzuki GSX-S1000GT an aerodynamically efficient front section with an ultra-modern look inspired by aircraft construction. The unmistakable futuristic design serves a high level of comfort on long-distance journeys at high speed. A decor with the newly created GT logo underlines the value of the model and its status as a grand tourer.

Suzuki GSX S1000GT Model 2022 16 The new Suzuki GSX S1000GT - wanderlust redefined!

Powerful four-cylinder - Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

The four-cylinder sports engine with a displacement of 1000 cubic centimeters impresses in the GT with a soft, easily controllable and yet powerful output over a wide speed range. Compared to the unit of the GSX-S1000F, the four-cylinder of the new GT offers a significantly smoother performance curve. Not only did the output at lower and medium speeds improve, the four-in-line engine recorded a torque increase of around two percent across the entire range.

Suzuki GSX S1000GT Model 2022 13 The new Suzuki GSX S1000GT - wanderlust redefined!

The new exhaust system with optimized chamber geometry as well as the electronically controlled throttle valves contribute to the balanced performance characteristics. These also guarantee a better balance between constant idling and spontaneous response. In conjunction with the changed geometry of the airbox and adapted cam profiles, the reduced diameter of the throttle valve body ensures optimized filling and thus maximum efficiency.

Aluminum chassis - Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

The aluminum bridge frame of the new GSX-S1000GT combines agile handling with excellent road holding, which is guaranteed even when driving with a high payload.

Comfortable geometry - Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

Suzuki GSX S1000GT Model 2022 18 The new Suzuki GSX S1000GT - wanderlust redefined!

Extensive investigations into the optimal seating position for touring riders resulted in the handlebar grips being 14 millimeters closer to the rider than on the GSX-S1000F. The new tapered handlebar has also been lengthened to achieve a 23 millimeter wider grip position. The equipment of the GSX-S1000GT includes the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS), which includes the SDMS, a five-stage traction control (STCS), ride-by-wire, a bidirectional quickshifter, cruise control, the Suzuki Easy-Start System, as well as Low-RPM Assist, includes the following further highlights:

  • 6,5 inch full color TFT LCD multi information display
    The GT's instrument cluster is equipped with a 6,5-inch TFT-LCD color screen of the latest generation, which guarantees very good readability even in difficult lighting conditions. The display provides a wide range of information.
  • Smartphone connectivity
    The 6,5-inch TFT-LCD multi-information display is designed to support the connectivity functions of the Suzuki mySPIN app. The app mirrors the smartphone screen on the TFT-LCD screen, creating an intelligent cockpit environment that supplements the speedometer and rev counter with relevant information and content from the driver's smartphone. The Suzuki mySPIN app supports the contacts, phone, maps, music and calendar functions of the smartphone.
  • Lighting system with LED technology
    The newly developed Koito LED headlights are particularly compact and light. They use a monofocus LED light source, which ensures excellent illumination of the road and good visibility. The front and rear indicators also work with LED technology; just like the combined rear light, which integrates the brake light and the license plate light.

Original accessories - Suzuki GSX-S1000GT

The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT can be personalized with the extensive range of original accessories. There is currently a portfolio with 36 items to choose from to achieve an individual look and the desired level of touring comfort, utility, protection and comfort. The volume of the side cases elegantly integrated into the rear of the vehicle is also ideal for vacation trips for two.

Color variants - price - availability

The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT is available in three color variants: Metallic Triton Blue, Metallic Reflective Blue and Glass Sparkle Black. The Grand Tourer will be available from authorized dealers in Germany from December. The RRP of Suzuki Deutschland GmbH is 14.450 euros, plus transfer costs.

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The new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT model 2022!
Photo credit: Suzuki

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