The little one has been made fit - 2021 HONDA CB500F!

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2021 HONDA CB500F 5 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

After a major redesign in 2019, Honda's A2-compatible mini streetfighter will get new designs and two new color schemes in 2020. The CB500F is now also homologated for EURO5. The CB500 Naked - originally launched in 2013 together with the adventure-trimmed CB500X and the fully faired CBR500R - proves that one of Honda's tried and tested formulas for building attractive motorcycles is still cutting-edge. The formula? A fast-revving two-cylinder engine, built into a light, sporty chassis that gives the experienced driver just as much driving fun as a rookie. Although the CB500F is aimed at the A35 class with a peak output of 2 kW, it offers much more than just “entry-level” performance.

CB500F with compact dimensions

2021 HONDA CB500F 6 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

The compact dimensions and the neatly balanced geometry ensure easy handling, which is also very suitable for beginners. In addition, it offers all weekend drivers great driving pleasure - regardless of whether they come from a 125cc or want to downsize from a larger machine. The machine is further enhanced by comparatively manageable operating costs. In 2019 the CB500F was redesigned with uncompromising lines to bring out its technical and mechanical finesse. Since then, additional upgrades have improved the driving experience. 2020 will see updated designs, two new colors and EURO5 homologation for one of Honda's most popular machines.

Model overview

2021 HONDA CB500F 3 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

The 35 kW motor of the CB500F is compatible with the class A2 driver's license and benefits from the 2019 upgrades to inlet and outlet as well as valve timing. Compared to the previous model, this resulted in 4% more power and torque between 3.000 and 7.000 revolutions per minute. In addition, the CB was equipped with an improved exhaust system and an anti-hopping clutch. The LCD instruments have a gearshift indicator and a gear display, the entire lighting consists of LEDs. While both the engine and chassis remained unchanged for the EURO5 homologated 2021 model, two bright, new colors refresh the appearance.

Styling & chassis

  • New, more aggressive design
  • Tapered handlebars for excellent control and feel
  • LCD instrument display, with gear display and gear shift indicator
  • complete LED lighting
  • Two new colors for 2020

The update of the CB500F in 2019 brought a completely new level of aggressiveness to the fore: sharp headlights and the crouching posture symbolize “Ready for Action”. The side panels merge with the tank and at the same time continue the muscular “angularity” of the design in connection with the seat. The tapered handlebar gives an intuitive feel and offers good leverage. The LCD instruments have a gear display and gear shift indicator; this is set to 8.750 rpm by default, but can be readjusted between 5.000 and 8.750 rpm in steps of 250 rpm.

The tubular steel frame with a diameter of 35 mm will remain unchanged for 2020. It is light and stable and gives the driver good feedback on changing road conditions. The shape and position of the engine mounts, as well as the rigidity balance of the frame, reduce vibration. The wheelbase is 1410 mm, the inclination and caster are set to 25,5 ° / 102 mm, which enables direct and confidence-inspiring steering. The mass centralization, in which the engine is in the immediate vicinity of the pivot point, ensures improved maneuverability, while the optimal weight distribution between the front and rear axles ensures stability. The weight (with a full tank) is 189 kg.

The seat height is comparatively low at 785 mm, which makes the CB500F very easy to handle, the neutral seat position suits drivers of all sizes. The overall dimensions are 2080mm x 790mm x 1060mm, with a ground clearance of 145mm. The fuel tank has a capacity of 17,1 l including a reserve. The engine's excellent fuel consumption of 3,5 liters / 100 km results in a range of 480 km.

The 41 mm telescopic front fork (adjustable preload) with 120 mm stroke provides a pleasing and controlled driving behavior and gives a good feeling for the front tire. A monotube rear shock absorber (as found on larger-capacity sports motorcycles) with a large-diameter piston ensures excellent suspension behavior and temperature management. It has a 5-stage spring preload adjustment and works via a rigid steel rocker arm with a box profile, which is equipped with pressed steel chain adjustment end pieces. The final drive is via a sealed 520 chain.

2021 HONDA CB500F 2 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

The CB features lightweight 17-inch cast aluminum wheels with Y-shaped spokes and hollow sections. The front wheel is 3,5 inches wide and has 120/70-ZR17 tires. The rear wheel is 4,5 inches wide and is fitted with 160/60-ZR17 tires. A single 320 mm wave brake disc at the front with a two-piston brake caliper is matched to a 240 mm rear disc with a single-piston brake caliper. ABS is installed as standard.

The CB500F will be available in the following color options:

  • Grand Prix Red
  • Matt Gunpowder Black Metallic
  • Candy Caribbean Blue Sea **NEW**
  • Candy Moon Glow Yellow **NEW**


  • Lively two-cylinder power plant related to the 2019 CBR1000RR Fireblade
  • Power and torque over the entire range
  • Sportier sound thanks to the dual exit silencer
  • Anti-hopping clutch for easy upshifts and downshifts
  • Now EURO5 homologated

The A2-capable CB500F with 8 valves in a liquid-cooled parallel twin offers a balanced ratio between motor size and willing, pleasant power output, with an energetic and willing turning character right to the top. The 2019 engine upgrades improved acceleration by increasing power and torque in the low to medium speed range from 3.000 to 7.000 rpm; an improvement of 4% due to a modified valve control - with valve timing closing 5 ° earlier - and a valve lift that has been increased by 0,3 mm to 7,8 mm.

The PGM-FI fuel injection is fed almost in a straight line by the flow of air through the airbox and throttle bodies. During the 2019 upgrade, the battery was repositioned to allow for greater airflow. The muffler has double outlet pipes, which give every impulse a sporty sounding note. The peak power of 35 kW is achieved at 8.600 rpm, the torque of 43 Nm is available at 6.500 rpm.

2021 HONDA CB500F 7 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

Bore and stroke are 67 mm x 66,8 mm, the compression ratio is 10,7: 1; the crankshaft journals are offset by 180 °, and a primary balancer shaft sits behind the cylinders, near the center of gravity of the motorcycle. The primary drive and the drive of the balance shaft use scissor gears, which reduces noise. The crankshaft balance weight is specially shaped for torque balancing and its low weight allows the engine to rotate freely and with reduced inertia.

As a loaded element, the engine contributes to the rigidity of the frame through four frame suspensions on the cylinder head. Roller rocker arms are used inside the cylinder head; which can be particularly light due to the valve clearance adjustment via shims, which in turn reduces the valve spring load and reduces friction.

The smooth-running timing chain (SV Chain) is made with vanadium-treated pins, which reduces friction and increases wear protection. The inlet valve diameter is 26,0 mm and the outlet valve diameter is 21,5 mm.

The piston shape is based on the pistons used in the 2019 CBR1000RR Fireblade to reduce “piston noise” at high RPM. The friction is reduced by grooves on the piston skirt (a finish that increases the surface area and optimizes oil lubrication). As with the CBR1000RR, an AB1 salt bath process, which is used after isonite nitration, forms a protective oxidation membrane.

2021 HONDA CB500F 8 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

The "triangular" relationship between the crankshaft, main shaft and countershaft is very similar to that of the four-cylinder RR engines from Honda, with much of the internal structure and technology being taken directly from the 2019 CBR1000RR.

The crankcase uses thin-walled centrifugally cast bushings whose internal construction reduces the pumping losses that can occur with a 180 ° firing order. The oil pump is characterized by an improved ventilation performance with reduced friction; a deep sump reduces oil movement when cornering hard and when braking. The oil capacity is 3,2 L.

The six-speed transmission on the CB500F is very similar to that of its RR cousin and uses the same shift arm structure and linkage mechanism. An anti-hopping clutch introduced in 2019 enables easier upshifts and smooths hard downshifts.

Like its 500 cc stable companion, the CB500F is homologated for the EURO5 standard. This came into force on January 1, 2020 and - compared to the EURO4 standard - stipulates significantly stricter emissions values ​​for engines. These requirements include a significant reduction in allowable carbon monoxide emissions, a reduction in total hydrocarbon emissions of more than 40%, more stringent misfire detection and the introduction of a limit value for particulate matter.

2021 HONDA CB500F 4 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

Photos: Honda

A range of genuine Honda accessories are available for the CB500F. it includes:

  • Top case 35 liters
  • Luggage racks
  • Tank bag
  • Rear pannier
  • High windshield (clear)
  • Heated grips
  • 12 V socket
  • Pillion cover
  • main stand
  • Rim tapes
  • Tank pad


TypeLiquid-cooled parallel twin
Bore x stroke67mm x 66.8mm
compression10.7: 1
Maximum power35kW at 8600 rpm
Max. Torque43Nm at 6500 RPM
Engine oil quantity3.2 liter
mixture preparationPGM FI fuel injection
Tankinhalt17.1 liters (including reserve)
Consumption 3,5 liters / 100 km
battery capacity12V 7.4AH
ACG output23.4A / 2000 rpm
Coupling typeMultiple discs in an oil bath
Gear type6 transition
Final driveChain
TypeTubular steel frame
Dimensions (L x W x H)2080mm x 790mm x 1060mm
wheelbase1410 mm
Steering head angle25.5 °
trailing102 mm
seat height785 mm
ground clearance145 mm
Weight (full tank)189kg
your Front Wheel.41 mm telescopic fork, adjustable spring preload
behindBox swingarm with Pro-Link suspension, spring preload adjustable in 5 positions
your Front Wheel.Aluminum spoked wheels
behindAluminum spoked wheels
Rim size in front17 x MT3,5
Rear rim size17 x MT4,5
Front tire size120 / 70ZR-17M / C
Tire size rear160 / 60ZR-17M / C
ABS type2-channel
Front brake320 mm wave brake disc with 2-piston brake caliper
rear brake240 mm wave brake disc with single-piston brake caliper
InstrumentsDigital rev counter, digital bar tachometer, two trip meters, digital fuel and consumption display, digital clock, gear display
BurglarHISS (Honda Intelligent Security System)
headlightsLow beam 4,8W, high beam 12W (LED)

2021 HONDA CB500F 5 The small one has been made fit 2021 HONDA CB500F!

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The little one has been made fit - 2021 HONDA CB500F!

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