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TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

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TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 37 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

With the new Trident 660, TRIUMPH is presenting an exciting, completely redesigned motorcycle in the mid-range roadster category that can score with top performance in three dimensions: on the one hand with the performance advantage of its unique three-cylinder engine, on the other hand with state-of-the-art and exciting equipment Handling and - last, but not least - with a very competitive price. In short: The Trident 660 has everything to open up completely new dimensions of motorcycling for a young generation of TRIUMPH fans.

TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 36 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

With the Trident 660, TRIUMPH offers new dimensions in terms of driving fun, performance and stylish design. The new mid-range roadster will be available from dealers of the traditional British brand from the end of January 2021. The brand new TRIUMPH Trident 660 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the TRIUMPH roadster segment and its premiere in one of the most dynamic and exciting categories in the motorcycle market. The clear, reduced lines are combined with pioneering technology and a new 660 cm³ three-cylinder engine. This makes the Trident the perfect combination for a new generation of drivers who want to get into the TRIUMPH world. A motorcycle that combines outstanding driving agility, exhilarating performance and cutting-edge safety features with a distinctive, contemporary British design.


TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 35 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

For the first time, the 660 cubic triple offers all the character and performance advantages of a three-cylinder engine in the middle class. It was specially developed for the new Trident with 67 new components and has a unique set-up that combines the best values ​​for torque and power.

The best of two worlds

The Trident driver will experience the perfect balance between a lot of torque in the lower speed range, the brilliant power development in the medium speed range and high performance in the upper speed range. Combined with the smooth, responsive and linear power output typical of a three-cylinder. The result is a drive that combines the powerful torque of a two-cylinder engine in the lower and middle speed range with the revving power of a four-cylinder engine - in short: the best of both worlds.

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Trident power and torque

With its perfectly balanced character, the new 660 triple engine was designed for maximum performance and everyday practicality. All Trident drivers benefit from a powerful and linear power and torque output, with the peak output of 81 hp at 10.250 rpm. Over 90 percent of the maximum torque is available over most of the engine speed range, with the curve already peaking at 6.250 Nm at 64 rpm.

Optionally also for A2 driver's license holders

An A2-compliant power reduction kit is available as an accessory, including an A2-specific electronic throttle grip and a special engine tuning. The A2-compliant engine configuration limits peak power to 47,8 hp at 8.750 rpm and 51 Nm at 5.250 rpm. Dealers can easily bring the motorcycle back to full performance as soon as the driver has passed his "great" driver's license. Elegant silencer with unmistakable triple sound The new, stylish underfloor silencer was designed in such a way that the Trident 660 is also one of the best-sounding motorcycles in this category. The tailpipe attached to one side emits a deep and robust engine sound and gives the Trident the unmistakable TRIUMPH triple character.

Effortless power delivery

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 3 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

The TRIUMPH Trident has a 6-speed gearbox, the gears and the secondary drive optimally match the all-round dynamic driving behavior of the Trident. These properties are further enhanced by the torque-assisted slipper clutch with a new, optimized clutch lever: it enables very easy operation to reduce driver fatigue, making the Trident ideal for city traffic. For an even smoother and sportier driving style, a TRIUMPH shift assistant is available as an accessory, with which the driver can shift up and down without using the clutch.


With a chassis setup that is designed to set new standards in handling, the Trident 660 offers both confidence-inspiring and extremely agile handling - including easy turning, low seat height and narrow width. With a weight of only 189 kg ready to drive, a completely new tubular steel chassis, ergonomics that satisfy both experienced bikers and newcomers to motorcycles, light 17-inch cast aluminum wheels and a butted aluminum handlebar, the Trident is in a class of its own in terms of both driving and appearance.

Comfortable and accessible ergonomics

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 7 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

The chassis and the seating position of the Trident have been designed so that the rider feels comfortable, but is also perfectly integrated into the motorcycle. With its slim lines, a confidence-inspiring narrow crotch arch and the low seat height of 805 mm, the Trident enables almost everyone to stand with both feet flat on the ground, without feeling cramped while driving. The seat has been tailored to the needs of the rider and passenger and is upholstered to provide comfort for both without compromising the style of the motorcycle. Passenger grab bars are available as accessories to further improve passenger comfort while at the same time emphasizing the ergonomics and style of the Trident.

Premium branded components

Thanks to its first-class Showa chassis, the Trident confidently masters roads of all stripes. At the front, the motorcycle is equipped with a Showa upside-down fork with 120 mm of travel, while the new TRIUMPH at the rear features a Showa monoshock with adjustable spring preload with lever deflection and 133,5 mm of travel. The Trident has been tuned on the rear wheel in such a way that it maintains its excellent handling and exciting driving experience even with a pillion passenger.

The handling properties of the Trident are underlined by the performance of the standard Michelin Road 5 tires, which offer excellent grip and instill confidence in both wet and dry conditions. A tire pressure monitoring system is also available as an accessory. To complete the advanced setup of the Trident, the Nissin brake system offers outstanding braking performance through floating double-piston calipers with lightweight 310 mm double discs at the front and a single-piston caliper on the rear disc.

Pioneering technology as standard

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 26 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

To further improve its first-class price-performance ratio and its class-leading safety equipment, the Trident also has a standard-setting, driver-oriented technology package.

Multifunctional instruments with TFT display

The TRIUMPH Trident is equipped with an elegantly styled, completely new instrument panel that provides the driver with all the necessary information in a compact and clear style via a TFT color display with an integrated crystal-clear "white TRIUMPH MOTORRAD DEUTSCHLAND GMBH triumphmotorcycles.de on-black" - LCD display supplies. When connected to the special “My TRIUMPH” connectivity accessory module, the instruments can also offer arrow navigation, GoPro control, as well as telephone and music control, all via a Bluetooth connection and controllable using the handlebar switches.

State-of-the-art technology package in series

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 27 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

Since it was developed to offer maximum driving pleasure and confidence, the new Trident is equipped as standard with three technologies that are groundbreaking in its class: with two driving modes, traction control that can be switched off and a "ride-by-wire" system. The "Road" and "Rain" driving modes improve the driver's confidence, control and safety through electronic adjustment of throttle and traction control. The optimal setting of the throttle valve is made possible by the "ride-by-wire" technology, whereby the Trident scores with crisp and precise throttle response. The power output of the 660 triple is controlled by the traction control, which is active to different degrees in both driving modes and can optionally be switched off via the instrument menu. In addition, the performance of the Nissin braking system is even safer thanks to the standard ABS.

Full LED lighting

The brand new Trident 660 has a new 7-inch full-LED headlamp, which was developed exclusively for this model and features a high-quality TRIUMPH logo. The elegantly integrated LED rear light also has this emblem. The lighting package is rounded off with self-deactivating LED indicators. In addition, matching running light indicators are available as accessories, which enhance the appearance of the Trident with style and modern sophistication.

Accessory technology for further customization

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 20 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

The high level of standard equipment and technology of the TRIUMPH Trident 660 can be further optimized with the special Trident accessories program available from all TRIUMPH dealers. These include, for example, internally wired heated grips for driving in cold weather and a USB charging socket under the seat.


The new Trident 660 combines the unique, modern TRIUMPH roadster style with an elegant appearance and clear lines. These combine the iconic design DNA of TRIUMPH with more than just a reference to the muscular charisma of the cult motorcycle Speed ​​Triple.

Unmistakable Trident features

The unmistakable appearance of the new TRIUMPH Trident 660 is characterized by a multitude of unique features, such as the 14 liter tank with a new, contemporary design style and the knee indentations typical of TRIUMPH. Lightweight cast aluminum five-spoke wheels give the motorcycle a dynamic look thanks to their black, sporty design. The elegant, newly designed rear swing arm of the Trident and the clear and light rear design reinforce the striking styling with a minimalist license plate holder in which the rear indicators are integrated.

Four modern color schemes

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 29 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

The new Trident will be available in four distinctive color schemes.

  1. SILVER ICE & DIABLO RED: probably the most refined scheme in which the bodywork in Silver Ice and Diablo Red is combined with a striking graphic TRIUMPH logo on the tank
  2. MATT JET BLACK & MATT SILVER ICE: the darkest of all color schemes - including a distinctive TRIUMPH logo on the tank
  3. CRYSTAL WHITE: white bodywork contrasted with lines in Diablo Red and stickers in Jet Black
  4. SAPPHIRE BLACK: black bodywork, contrasted with stickers in Diablo Red and Aluminum Silver

Exceptional fit and workmanship

Like all TRIUMPH motorcycles, the Trident sets standards in terms of quality with its elaborately designed details and a perfect finish. For example, the radiator trim and fork guards are painted in the same color as the vehicle. The elaborately shaped aluminum triple clamps, the butted aluminum handlebars and the teardrop-shaped mirrors also show the high quality equipment, quality and workmanship of the Trident.

First class branding

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 33 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

The classic TRIUMPH brand logo and the “Trident” name string have also been elegantly integrated into the design of the motorcycle. High-quality logos can be found on the headlight as well as on the rear light and the instrument panel as well as the fuel cap. In addition, an aluminum Trident badge with diamond-milled details on the side of the tank underlines the style and quality of this completely new model.

Customization with 45 special accessories

With the help of a selection of special Trident accessories, Trident customers can create their very own individual Trident - with even more performance, utility and style. The Trident range of accessories includes frame protectors, a “Fly Screen” cockpit cover in the vehicle color, aluminum handlebar end mirrors, heated grips, a shift assistant and several luggage options. All 45 available accessories were developed together with the Trident and come with a two-year unlimited mileage guarantee.


The Trident not only offers pioneering technology, outstanding driving characteristics and an inspiring design, but can also boast unbeatably low operating costs, which are among the lowest in the premium motorcycle market.

The lowest service time in its class

For an example period of three years, the Trident workshop services are set to have the shortest time in their vehicle class: TRIUMPH needs 8,3 workshop hours for service visits during this period compared to a time span of 11 to 15,8 hours for competition motorcycles the trident are priced. This makes the service around 25 percent cheaper for a Trident.

This information is based on the official service specifications of the individual manufacturers and includes the first service, the three annual inspections, the assembly of a complete brake pad set and a new chain set, and a brake fluid change.

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 19 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

Leading in its class: 16.000 km maintenance intervals

Frequent drivers also benefit from the long service intervals of the Trident 660, which at 16.000 km are between 25 and 65 percent longer than those of the competitors in the mid-range roadster category. It sets a new standard in terms of customer friendliness and offers a huge cost advantage through significantly lower running costs. TRIUMPH asks vehicles with lower mileage for a small annual inspection once a year.

2 + 2 year guarantee with unlimited mileage

The TRIUMPH 2-year guarantee with unlimited mileage applies to all motorcycles and accessories of the brand worldwide. In Germany and Austria it is supplemented by an additional two-year extension guarantee - another plus in terms of security and customer friendliness.

Steve Sargent, TRIUMPH's Chief Product Officer, says: "With the new Trident 660, we want to offer drivers in the exciting world of mid-range roadsters everything they can expect from a motorcycle: a range of real advantages that set new standards. This ranges from a competitive price, through the power and performance of our three-cylinder, to the advantages of handling leading in this class combined with pioneering technology. We believe that the Trident 660 is a real milestone in this category, bringing the TRIUMPH brand and the benefits of a three-cylinder engine closer to a whole new generation of drivers around the world."

With the Trident 660, TRIUMPH offers new dimensions in terms of driving fun, performance and stylish design. The new mid-range roadster will be available from dealers of the traditional British brand from the end of January 2021.

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 34 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

The new TRIUMPH Trident 660 at a glance

  • The youngest member of the award-winning roadster series from TRIUMPH, which is known among other things for the groundbreaking Street Triple RS and Speed ​​Triple RS motorcycles and the Moto2 ™ racing engine program
  • the Trident 660 combines robust triple power, elegant, sporty lines and pioneering technology for pure driving pleasure. The performance advantage of the three-cylinder engine
  • perfect combination of powerful, linear power and powerful torque - from low speeds to the end of the speed range
  • 81 HP peak power at 10.250 rpm and 64 Nm peak torque at 6.250 rpm.
  • Powerful torque: 90 percent of the peak torque is available over most of the speed range
  • torque-assisted slipper clutch
  • unique triple sound
  • Power reduction for A2 driving license available As standard with state-of-the-art technology that sets standards in this class
  • "Road" and "Rain" driving modes
  • Disengageable traction control (matched to the driving modes)
  • "Ride-by-Wire" control of the throttle valves
  • completely new TFT color multifunctional display, prepared for the "My TRIUMPH" connectivity system (with Bluetooth ™ connection as an accessory module)
  • Full LED lighting
  • ABS

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 21 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

Including high-quality attachments and components

  • Showa upside-down fork and Showa shock absorber with adjustable preload
  • Nissin 310mm double disc brakes
  • Michelin Road5 tires Groundbreaking handling in this class
  • sporty, agile and dynamic, very confidence-inspiring driving experience
  • completely new chassis with comfortable ergonomics and a low seat height of 805 mm
  • low weight: only 189 kg ready to drive. Unique character and unmistakable style
  • British design "at its best"
  • clear, reduced design language with a distinctive silhouette and harmonious lines - including the unmistakable design DNA of TRIUMPH
  • four stylish and extremely attractive paint options
  • large selection: 45 accessories specially developed for the Trident First-class price-performance ratio and unbeatable low operating costs
  • Very competitive price: from 7.343 euros in Germany * (plus delivery costs) and from 8.795 euros in Austria (including additional costs and NOVA)
  • extremely low maintenance costs
  • long service intervals of 16.000 km
  • Global 2-year guarantee with unlimited mileage + 2-year connection guarantee for all TRIUMPH models purchased in Germany and Austria.

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 39 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

Photo / s: Triumph

TRIUMPH Trident 660 model year 2021 38 TRIUMPH presents the Trident 660 model year 2021

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