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Historical find of the first TRIUMPH prototype from 1901

Triumph 1901 Factory Location 9

After TRIUMPH presented the millionth motorcycle since the brand was restarted just a few days ago, the renowned British motorcycle brand now has another reason to celebrate: The first TRIUMPH prototype ever built was discovered a few months ago and can now be presented to the public after the restoration will. Speaking of celebrations: The historic motorcycle from 1901 will have a place of honor in the new exhibition in the company museum for the brand's 120th anniversary next year.

TRIUMPH prototypes from 1901

The 1901 prototype is a remarkable historical vehicle discovery by leading TRIUMPH collector Dick Shepherd, who is also responsible for restoring the ancestor of all of the brand's motorcycles. With this prototype, the Brand history about a new chapter which is before TRIUMPH's official start of sales in 1902. There have been rumors about the existence of the first prototype for a long time, since this vehicle was already in the Advertising and in contemporary reports from 1901 Was referred to. For the construction of the original TRIUMPH, a normal TRIUMPH bicycle from this period was supplemented by a motor provided by the Belgian manufacturer Minerva. The aim was to arouse public interest and test the demand for a motorcycle from the brand.

Dick Shepherd reports: “I was asked by a collector friend who unfortunately passed away recently to examine an old TRIUMPH. When I discovered that his motorcycle had unique details that were not present on the first production motorcycles from TRIUMPH, I was immediately electrified. Together with the motorcycle, the collector had also received a letter from TRIUMPH from 1937, which described the unique origin of the motorcycle and contained important details. "

1901 prototype bike 30

"With an engine number that matches what was stated in the Minerva engine records for a first TRIUMPH from 1901, the historical significance of this motorcycle was clearly confirmed," adds Shepherd. "As a passionate fan of the brand's history and innovations, it is very satisfying for me to have discovered this amazing piece of company history and to have restored it to the state in which it was first presented in 1901."

can be seen at Motorcycle Live

The 1901 prototype is shown for the first time on the British Exhibition Motorcycle Live can be seen publicly from December 4 to 12, 2021. The motorcycle is scheduled to be released on December 14, 2021 in the TRIUMPH Factory Visitor Experience * in Hinckley for for the first time in over 100 years to move appropriately. This very special historical motorcycle will then be combined with the millionth TRIUMPH from the Hinckley era in a new one specially created for this purpose Exhibition for the 120th anniversary of the brand can be seen in the TRIUMPH Factory Visitor Experience.

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TRIUMPH prototype from 1901
Photo credit: triumph motorcycles ltd

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