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Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

The future of British two-wheelers promises electric enthusiasm: After around two years of development, TRIUMPH announces the successful completion of the TE-1 e-mobility project. The prototype completed its test drives – the fourth and final project phase – with flying colours. The published results underscore the potential of zero emissions bikes - both for the fun of riding and for the future of the UK economy.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1

With the TRIUMPH TE-1, the project partners had set themselves sporting goals that were not only met by the prototype, but exceeded in many areas. Compared to currently available e-motorcycles, the TE-1 masters longer distances, charges faster, weighs less - and still remains unmistakably TRIUMPH everywhere. The TE-1 combines the ergonomics, geometry and weight distribution of a Speed ​​Triple with the dimensions and visual impression of a Street Triple. The prototype offers the brand-typical driving experience and neutral handling and combines this with a throttle response and a torque curve that is very similar to that of a Speed ​​Triple 1200 RS - supplemented by a characterful, new electric soundtrack.

The performance data of the TE-1 prototype at a glance:

  • 161 km (100 miles) range: a significant increase over the real range that can be achieved with electric motorcycles available today (based on live tests and projections)
  • 130 kW (177 hp) peak power: The TE-1 prototype offers impressive acceleration from 3,6 to 0 km/h in 100 seconds and from 6,2 to 0 km/h in 160 seconds
  • 20 minutes charging time (0-80%): a very good result, significantly faster than comparable electric motorcycles available today
  • 220 kg weight: the TE-1 is up to 25 percent lighter than comparable e-motorcycles currently available and thus offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio


The collaboration between TRIUMPH, Williams Advanced Engineering, Integral Powertrain Ltd. and WMG (University of Warwick) started about two years ago. Supported and sponsored by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) via the national innovation authority Innovate UK, the project partners set themselves the goal of defining processes and standards for a practical British-made electric motorcycle. The extensive live testing programme, which included numerous assessments of the bike's on-road and track performance, provided important input for the final tuning of the TE-1 prototype, which has now achieved all project objectives.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

A main focus was on the charging capacity and the performance and thus the actual range of the battery. Now that it has completed all four test phases, the TE-1 is leading the way to an exciting, made in Britain electric future. The final prototype skilfully combines the TRIUMPH brand characteristics in handling, performance and style.

New range benchmark of 161 kilometers

The TRIUMPH TE-1 exceeds the real range of comparable electric motorcycles already available on the market. With a total distance of 161km - based on official tests - the prototype has thus achieved all energy capacity goals set for the battery developed by Williams Advanced Engineering. A recuperative braking function has also been successfully integrated. Nevertheless, there is still further optimization potential here - both in regenerative braking and in the efficiency of the transmission and the motor-generator unit - which would make even longer distances possible with a single battery charge.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

Speed ​​Triple 1200 inspired performance

The performance level of the TE-1 is similar to that of the current Speed ​​Triple 1200: The prototype delivers a peak output of 130kW (177hp) and a peak torque of 109Nm. This ensures immediate response, smooth, controlled performance across the entire rev range and an absolutely exhilarating driving experience. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3,6 seconds and takes just 6,2 seconds from 0 to 160 km/h.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

With further fine-tuning of the electronics, including traction control and wheelie control, the team expect performance can be increased even further. By exploiting the full torque potential, even faster acceleration from a standing start could be achieved. Daytona 200 Champion Brandon Paasch participated in the final phase of testing, both in evaluating engine performance and in the final tuning of the prototype on the track.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

“The responsiveness of the TE-1 is incredible. It has a lot of torque and if you open the throttle just a little bit, you immediately get plenty of power, which of course I appreciate as a racing driver. I love full torque and when the bike pulls away powerfully immediately, so it was a great experience for me,” said Brandon Paasch. “I was able to squeeze the thing full and it's incredibly fast. It pulls like crazy!”

Groundbreaking loading time: from 20 to 0 percent in just 80 minutes

Hardly at the column, ready to go again. Thanks to advances in battery and charging technology, led by Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), the TE-1 charges its battery from 20 to 0 percent in just 80 minutes. This successfully met the ambitious goals of Innovate UK, the government research and innovation agency that supports company-led R&D funding and the growth of UK companies.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

Light on the scales: total weight of just 220 kilograms

The TE-1 shines with its power-to-weight ratio, because at only 220kg it weighs up to 25 percent less than comparable e-motorcycles currently available. In terms of size, the test vehicle is comparable to a Street Triple, but has the ergonomics, geometry and weight distribution of a Speed ​​Triple. The TE-1 brings plenty of power to the asphalt, while remaining agile and compact.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

“I wish I had had the TE-1 at Daytona. This acceleration in this chassis, how it lies in the corners… wow!” says Brandon Paasch. "I think that would also be a really nice bike for the road just because it's so nimble and agile and feels so light."

Typical TRIUMPH: driving experience and handling

The TE-1's throttle response and torque curve are very similar to those of the Speed ​​Triple 1200 RS. This is also evident when driving on the race track. As the test pilots testified: In terms of performance and handling, the prototype is in no way inferior to the current three-cylinder sports models from TRIUMPH. Despite exciting performance and acceleration, the TE-1 remains agile and manoeuvrable. It's great for cornering, offers even power delivery and the TRIUMPH-characteristic riding experience with neutral, safe handling - riding fun guaranteed.

Electrifying sound: A new world of sound for TRIUMPH

An unmistakable and immersive soundtrack that builds to a goose bumps crescendo: the pure, characterful sound of the TRIUMPH TE-1 prototype is more appealing and exciting than any comparable electric motorcycle currently on the market. The reason for the striking resonance is a newly developed primary gear with helical gearing.

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

The noise measurements, which were carried out in the testing laboratories of the development service provider Mira near London, the TE-1 successfully met all applicable standards of the R41 homologation tests for the scenarios full throttle, cruising and city traffic.

100 percent a TRIUMPH, with characteristic design DNA

No question: the TE-1 is immediately recognizable as a TRIUMPH. The design radiates power and performance even when stationary and skilfully combines elements of the brand's history with modern, future-oriented flair. After some final touches to the bodywork and livery in Phase 4, the prototype now has its final appearance. From the aluminum frame to the distinctive twin headlights to the tapered front, the TE-1 is 100 percent unmistakable TRIUMPH: confident, iconic, focused.

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Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

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Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

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Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion of the e-bike!

Prototype TRIUMPH TE-1 – project completion!
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