The one millionth triumph is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro!

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Triumph 1 Million Tiger 900 Rally Pro 3 The one millionth Triumph is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro!

The timing couldn't be better: just in time for the 120th anniversary of the British motorcycle manufacturer next year, the millionth TRIUMPH motorcycle in the form of a Tiger 900 Rally Pro with an exclusive paint design will roll off the assembly line. It is also the culmination of the last twelve months in which the company has never been more successful in terms of numbers. So there are enough reasons to celebrate in 2022 - TRIUMPH fans all over the world can look forward to numerous promotions and events. It is a historic milestone: Since the “restart” of the traditional brand in 1990, TRIUMPH a million motorcycles built. At the company's headquarters in Hinckley (Leicestershire, UK), CEO Nick Bloor had the honor of presenting the millionth TRIUMPH motorcycle - a individually painted Tiger 900 Rally Pro - To be revealed in front of the team at the factory.

The one millionth triumph!

The model has been on the market since 2019 and has all the typical features of the traditional brand Design, construction and manufacturing quality. The Tiger 900 has its very own character, excellent performance and is of high quality with great attention to detail - attributes that characterize all modern motorcycles from TRIUMPH.

With a special silver paintwork and a “Million” graphic design, this milestone will be an eye-catcher on the TRIUMPH stand at this year's “Motorcycle Live” trade fair in Birmingham. Then the tiger is then in the TRIUMPH Factory Visitor Experience* - the brand experience world in Hinckley - occupy a special place in the new exhibition for the 120th anniversary.

"Each of our employees is proud to have made a contribution to this significant moment in the history of our company," explains TRIUMPH CEO Nick Bloor. “Since we were at the fair in Cologne in 31 1990 years ago new motorcycles in the tradition of their iconic ancestors we were able to share many great moments with our fans all over the world: From the Return to TT racing about our commitment as Moto2 ™ engine partner in MotoGP to the support of the world's largest shared motorcycle ride - the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - to name just a few. The success of TRIUMPH is thanks to the passion and commitment that we share with our fans. "

Triumph 1 Million Tiger 900 Rally Pro 5 The one millionth Triumph is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro!

"Although the last year has been challenging for us too, this passion has driven us further and we were able to successfully start in new classes with the Trident 660 and the Tiger Sport 660," said Bloor. “For the past three decades we have set on sustainable growth and invested in our people, our partners and our in-house design, development and manufacturing capabilities. In this way we have strengthened our brand and further expanded its good reputation. With a focus on in-house talent - in the UK and around the world - and the aspiration to build a perfect motorcycle, we've made TRIUMPH even stronger and so we can do it most successful year in the company's 120-year history celebrate."

Triumph 1 Million Tiger 900 Rally Pro 2 The one millionth Triumph is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro!

"With the upcoming Launch of our brand new Tiger 1200, new MX and Enduro competition bikes as well as ours strategic partnership with Bajaj to develop smaller motorcycles I am sure that the future for TRIUMPH and its fans around the world will be just as exciting as it has been for the last 30 years. "

The most successful British motorcycle brand for 120 years

The time has come in 2022: Together with millions of fans who share the company's passion for motorcycling, TRIUMPH can be 120 years of existence celebrate. The very first production motorcycle was presented to the public in April 1902. This started one of the most interesting brand stories in the world, in the course of which the company countless legendary motorcycles built and thus the Today's two-wheeled world has a major impact hat.

The "Modern Era" from TRIUMPH started in 1990 with new models designed and manufactured in the state-of-the-art, newly built Hinckley facility. For the next three decades the company had an international network of more than 700 dealers in 57 countries built and sold more motorcycles than ever before in the company's history.

Triumph 1 Million Tiger 900 Rally Pro 4 The one millionth Triumph is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro!

Thanks to the passion and commitment of fans and dealers, TRIUMPH was able to do this To continue success despite the challenges of the last year: With more than 75.000 motorcycles registered worldwide and sales of £ 650 million goods the last 12 months the most successful of all time.

This is also thanks to that in the meantime very broad portfolio: If Adventure bike, roadster or modern classic - The company scores in very different categories with motorcycles that offer top-class British design and engineering. With top handling, very high quality workmanship, great attention to detail and their characteristic and authentic design, these bikes are the foundation of the first-class reputation of the TRIUMPH brand.

Today TRIUMPH produces at five locations, all of Headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK, be directed. Every motorcycle is produced there in the brand's development center and is then tested on site in the various prototype stages and developed until it is ready for series production. A new assembly plant on site was only recently completed. It increases the company's manufacturing flexibility and complements the existing multi-million pound paint shop and rapid prototyping facilities.

As a global company TRIUMPH has 13 sales and marketing offices around the world, as well as manufacturing and production sites in Thailand with its own casting, injection molding, machining and assembly facilities, as well as plants in India and Brazil, where motorcycles are built for local markets. TRIUMPH cordially invites all visitors to Hinckley's which opened in 2018 TRIUMPH Factory Visitor Experience* in order to present the traditional company history and the resulting know-how in a motorcycle exhibition with models from the past and the present.

From January 2022, TRIUMPH shared love for motorcycling with fans from all over the world. These are numerous campaigns and events throughout the year planned. More details will be announced in the new year. * The TRIUMPH Factory Visitor Experience can be visited free of charge. It is located at TRIUMPH's headquarters in Hinckley, England and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.

Triumph 1 Million Tiger 900 Rally Pro 3 The one millionth Triumph is a Tiger 900 Rally Pro!

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One million TRIUMPH motorcycles since 1990: traditional brand starts the 120th year of the company's history with an anniversary bike!
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